put him in panties

Chapter 8: Panties and Thongs

When it comes to feminizing a man, having him wear women's panties or knickers1 may be one of the first things that comes to mind - and not without good reason! The difference between male and female underwear becomes readily apparent when one contrasts the stereotypical images of each - on the one hand, the mundanity of men's briefs or shorts, invariably a rough cotton or polyester affair with little in the way of adornment beyond the occasional pattern or logo, versus the lacy little numbers that some women wear on the other, embellished with bows and frills and so very, very sexy. From a male perspective, men's underwear is overwhelmingly functional and boring, its design primarily driven by comfort and practicality, whereas that of ladies is anything but.

However much you might regard your own underwear as ordinary and everyday, indeed, no matter how much you appreciate the sight of a strapping man bulging out of his shorts, that's not how must men see things. For them, the situation is reversed - the proximity of a woman's panties to the part of her body that they're instinctively most attracted to imbues them with a magic that can be hard to immediately appreciate from a female perspective. Despite their delicate nature, panties act as the final and often insurmountable obstacle before a man can satisfy his animal urges with their wearer - getting into a pair, albeit in a rather different sense, is a problem that has perplexed most men ever since puberty. As such, it's unlikely that your husband will think of them as just underwear, as he might do his own - of all lingerie, panties are most likely to have a special meaning for him. Even the word is cute and feminine - hardly something that can be said for pants or shorts!

The idea that sexy underwear must consist solely of skimpy thongs is, of course, another stereotype - there's no reason why women shouldn't wear plain briefs, and many look none the worse for choosing to do so. Even the plainest of panties still contains something very special, after all, and their style is irrelevant once they're on the bedroom floor, quite apart from the more practical purposes of wearing underwear when not intimately engaged! Moreover, many men are well and truly fascinated by all kinds of women's underwear, even of the big knicker variety - a peek of gusset or an exposed waistband can prove quite titillating for those with a penchant for panties, not to mention the intoxicating scent of a pair that's been worn by a woman.

When it comes to putting your husband in panties, however, it's best to look towards the more feminine end of the spectrum. Although even a pair of plain white cotton panties can be used to discipline your husband, merely a little lace will go a long way towards emphasising their feminine nature. It's hard for a man to be too masculine when he's wearing pretty pink panties for his wife, whereas a sultry black lace affair, revealingly cut in a sexy style, is sure to make its presence known to him. By accentuating the difference between his regular male underwear and the panties you'll be putting him in, you can be sure that they'll achieve the desired effect - both in or out of the bedroom!

[1] Panties are to Americans what knickers are to the British. We'll be predominantly using the former here because of its sexier connotations, although you can refer to your husband's underwear by whatever term feels more appropriate - or amusing! A man might wear panties while his wife wears knickers, or the reverse, simply to emphasise their significance. Even using such terms to refer to his regular male underwear can prove entertaining.

What is it like for a man to wear panties?

From a physical perspective, men find wearing women's panties to be rather different from the underwear they're used to. Men's boxer shorts and briefs are designed with their physique in mind, accommodating the appendage between their legs in a way that women's underwear simply doesn't. As such, the first thing that a man notices about wearing panties is the effect they have on his manhood, restraining and constraining it to an extent that depends on how much stretch there is in their fabric. Even when he's completely flaccid, this effect can be quite pronounced, but the more aroused a man gets, the greater the impact becomes. The design of the garment in question determines what tends to occur as a result.

For panties that are generously cut, the lack of accommodation around the groin pulls the wearer's package closer to his body, unable to adopt its usual position thanks to the snug fit. The extent to which this impinges upon the wearer's comfort depends on how tight and unyielding the fabric used is - he may simply feel a little unusual down below, right through to feeling as though his bits are being squashed against him. Any erection must struggle against the snug embrace of the panties, the effect of which enhances the stronger it grows. Depending on how restrictive his underwear is, the sense of being contained can act as additional arousal or alternatively make it much more challenging for a man to achieve his full potential, discouraging unwanted erections.

More skimpy panties have quite a different effect - the problem now is not how to get out of them but rather how to stay in them. With minimal material to keep everything in place, the penis is liable to pop out at the slightest provocation, making a tiny triangular thong great fun in the bedroom but quite impossible anywhere else. Less extreme styles nevertheless exhibit a similar effect, allowing you to play games such as peekaboo with your man's member or simply manhandle it back into place. In less erotic circumstances, such a style requires more regular adjustment on the part of its wearer, especially after inadvertent arousal, serving to remind him of what he's wearing every time he has to put himself back into place as a result. Again, depending on the exact cut of the panties in question, this may occur to a greater or lesser extent.

The physical effects of panties aren't limited to the front of a man's body, however - they can make their presence felt just as much at the rear. Again, the way in which they manifest themselves depends on the particular style chosen. With full cut panties, the sharp contrast between their soft, delicate fabric and the rougher material of his trousers will draw them to his attention whenever he sits down, especially with satin and silk. So long as least part of his buttocks are covered by them, he'll be able to feel the clear distinction along his panty line between covered and uncovered skin. Moreover, tighter full cut panties will help shape his cheeks into a more pleasing form, especially those of the control variety - you may find that your husband's pantied posterior looks positively peachy as a result!

Figure 8.1: The smooth touch of shiny satin makes such panties an ideal choice for erotic feminization, caressing your husband's rear even when you're not!

Conversely, thong style panties bisect the buttocks with a thin strip of material, sometimes merely a string. As uncomfortable as these can be for a woman to wear, for a man the issue is compounded by the presence of his package pulling everything forward, causing the thong to invariably end up deep in his crack, however much he might try to arrange them so he doesn't. Requiring frequent adjustment if he's not prepared to accept such an intimate intruder, the problem is worse the thinner and tighter the thong in question becomes. In addition, his buttocks are left almost completely exposed, leaving him feeling naked and vulnerable no matter what he wears on top. He'll feel his trousers rubbing against them as he moves, whereas his cheeks will be openly on show in the bedroom - quite a delight if your husband has a delicious behind!

Unlike most men's underwear, panties lack any kind of fly, forcing your husband to adapt his toilet habits to their presence. Fuller styles must be physically pulled down before he can begin to pee, which often necessitates dropping his trousers too. Although it's possible for him to still answer the call of nature standing up, panties bunched around his ankles, you may wish to encourage him to sit on the toilet just like a woman does, no matter what business he has to attend to. Not only does this reinforce his lingerie discipline, it also has the welcome side effect of ensuring the toilet seat remains in the position you want it - a man who sits down without looking only to discover cold porcelain beneath him soon learns the importance of such matters! Moreover, a pantied husband who must sit to pee leaves no unwelcome splashes around the bowl - indeed, he rapidly comes to value its cleanliness.

The psychological aspects of wearing women's panties remain similar regardless of the style your husband wears. Of all the lingerie he can wear, panties are the only garment that remains in constant contact with his most intimate of areas, with the possible exception of pantyhose that's usually worn on top. Furthermore, they're strongly associated with the most intimate parts of a woman's body, presenting the man wearing panties with a double reinforcement of their significance - not only are they close to his bits, but they remind him of yours too. The impact of such intimate attire can be significantly stronger than a similarly snug pair of men's briefs as a result - even the slightest reminder of their presence brings to mind a whole host of connotations that more masculine underwear simply lacks. Although panties may not be as physically imposing as, say, a bra, they nevertheless work a treat for both erotic feminization and lingerie discipline thanks to what they mean.

What kind of panties can he wear?

The distinctions between various styles of panties are less hard and fast than other kinds of lingerie - although it's easy to tell the difference between a G-string and full cut briefs, there's no precise dividing line that separates regular panties on one side from thongs on the other. Unlike the obvious distinction between pantyhose and stockings, panties come in a practically endless variety of styles, offering all manner of compromises between the two extremes, as well as ranging from high waist to low rise. Such a multiplicity of options lets you choose your husband's panties to match the circumstances, or simply vary things to keep him on his toes. Because panties are generally cheaper than other items of intimate attire, you can easily experiment with them, so if you're unsure where to start, simply pick up something that catches your eye and see where it takes you. You may wish to consider:

Figure 8.2: Despite being comfortable for your husband to wear, plain cotton panties are surprisingly effective for lingerie discipline, especially in pastel pink.

From a physical perspective, ladies briefs are not that different from their male equivalent. Whilst they may fit rather more snugly than your husband is used to, and make going to the toilet slightly more inconvenient, their power is predominantly psychological. Beneath his trousers, a pair of pretty pink panties is much the same to wear as a pair of black men's briefs, albeit a little softer on the skin and tighter around the groin. As such, they're an ideal introduction to lingerie discipline, comfortable enough to be worn in place of a man's regular underwear on a daily basis without undue issues.

Briefs are generally not quite as sexy as other styles - indeed, they can verge on being rather boring at times. While this can have its merits when it comes to lingerie discipline, it's best to opt for something other than plain cotton panties for erotic feminization. In the bedroom, satin combines well with a full cut style, allowing you to caress your husband's body through the shiny, smooth fabric without it abruptly coming to an end. Keeping his manhood under wraps until you're really ready for it, the conservative style actually works in your favour, allowing you to play with your husband's penis through his panties without it ever escaping.

Figure 8.3: The back of a thong has a natural tendency to slip between the buttocks, no matter how much your husband may try to keep it from doing so.

Thongs tend to be far sexier than regular briefs, being skimpier not just at the back but in other aspects of their design too. As such, a man wearing them feels rather more vulnerable and exposed than he might in more substantial panties, especially at the rear where he may as well not be wearing anything as far as his buttocks are concerned. The material of a thong has a natural tendency to work its way between the wearer's cheeks, something that most men find rather disconcerting, but no amount of adjustment will keep it out for very long. Tight thongs are thus ideal for lingerie punishment, as well as simply emphasising your husband's submission to you - there's simply no way he can forget what he's wearing. An insubstantial material like lace or mesh serves to enhance his vulnerability still further, not only feeling different to the touch but allowing his manhood to show through what little fabric covers it.

Figure 8.4: It's impossible for your husband to ignore the intimate intrusion of a G-string, making one great fun in the bedroom but a nightmare as a punishment.

The G-string takes scanty underwear to the extreme, using the bare minimum amount of material necessary to preserve the wearer's modesty. Consisting of a tiny triangle of fabric held in place by the narrowest of elastic, no other item of underwear is as impractical for a man to wear, thanks to its sheer inability to keep anything in place. No sooner has a man tucked his penis away, precariously positioning it behind the handful of square inches it has to hide behind, than it pops out again, leaving him resigned to let it dangle freely. Then there's the elastic cleaving his cheeks, often burrowing so deeply up his crack that it can't be seen between them. As such, the G-string is a nightmare to have to wear as a punishment, utterly unsuited to wearing all the time, yet endless fun in the bedroom.

Some of these styles are rather more obscure than others, but there's no reason to resort to a specialist supplier unless they particularly appeal. Many women choose to feminize their husbands with perfectly ordinary panties, the kind that can be picked up from any lingerie shop or department store, even from many supermarkets. As ever, whether you're putting him in panties for erotic feminization, lingerie discipline or lingerie punishment, it's about what works for you that counts, but always feel free to experiment - sometimes the most effective garments can be found in the most unlikely of places!

No matter what style you opt for, you'll want to ensure that your husband's panties are the right size for him. As with any other item of lingerie, a trial and error approach will soon give you an innate understanding of what works for your husband, but when starting from scratch, it's helpful to know his hip measurement as well as that of his waist. The ratio between the two differs significantly between men and women, with men having proportionately narrower hips and wider waists when compared to women of a similar size. Because women's underwear, especially the more skimpy kind, tends to rest on the hips, this is the measurement you should use in preference, comparing it with the ones given on the garments or a size guide for the store or supplier in question. If you can't find your husband's hip measurement from any of his clothing and don't fancy getting your tape measure out, you may be able to obtain a rough approximation by visually comparing his waist and hips and adjusting his waist measurement accordingly.

How do I introduce my husband to wearing panties?

Of all the items of lingerie you might have your husband wear, panties are by far the easiest to introduce him to, no matter whether for erotic feminization or lingerie discipline. Their functional similarity to men's underwear, however passing, makes them easier to encourage him into than attire more alien to him such as a bra or stockings. Panties are simple to step into, don't require any awkward adjustment or intricate fastening, and aren't easily damaged. Both in the bedroom and out and about, their proximity to his most intimate of regions emphasises their purpose, whilst remaining easily hidden under other clothing.

Panties make an ideal introduction to erotic feminization. Even before you put your husband in them, their soft, silky fabric and lack of fasteners, wires or other parts that could catch makes them perfectly suited to stimulating him. No matter how much you may differ in size from your husband, a pair of regular panties still makes a handful of smooth material with which you can masturbate him, whether bunched up or simply laid out on top of his member. You needn't take him to completion if you don't want to, simply use them to get him nice and hard before moving onto the next stage of your lovemaking. Doing so is sure to leave your husband with a positive impression about having women's underwear so close to his manhood, even if he has no idea where that might ultimately lead, but that doesn't mean you can't reinforce your message by reminding him how good they feel as you stroke him through them.

If your husband comes on rather amorous one evening, you can ask him coyly whether he's trying to get into your panties - something that's sure to be the case, albeit not in the same way you have in mind for him. Once he's answered in the affirmative, you can use his agreement as an introduction to taking things further. “You said you wanted to get into my panties”, you can tease him lightheartedly as you present him with his very first pair, blurring the literal and metaphorical meanings to encourage him to regard wearing panties for you as an erotic activity. Conversely, should he exhibit reluctance about wearing women's underwear for him, you can turn the phrase on its head. “I guess you don't want to get into my panties after all”, making it clear that you mean far more than just wearing them for you. Coupled with further sexual encouragement, your husband can be left in no doubt what you'd really like him to do for you - however much he might initially protest, he'll soon find himself enjoying the sensuous feel of feminine lingerie from the inside.

Panties are equally well suited to introducing your husband to lingerie discipline too. Thanks to their practical function and the ease with which they may be worn in public, they're an ideal choice when it comes to extending his lingerie wearing outside of the bedroom. Because the same pair can be worn in both situations without compromising either, you can have him step into his panties well in advance of any nocturnal entertainment, or encourage him to remain in them afterwards. Moreover, even if you're making your husband wear panties solely for the purposes of discipline, they're by far the easiest item of feminine attire to wear from the male perspective, whilst still retaining all the power of lingerie discipline. The right pair of panties need not cause your husband any undue discomfort or risk of exposure, being something that he can wear as often as his male underwear if you so choose without impinging on his everyday business beyond its subtle reminder of his submission to you.

How can he keep his panties hidden?

Although in the bedroom you'll want your husband's panties openly displayed, if he's to wear them outside of the house, it's vital that no-one else should ever know what he's got on under his trousers. The last thing you or your husband want is for anyone else to discover what he's wearing, but fortunately it's perfectly possible for a man to wear panties in public without any risk of exposure so long as he follows a few simple rules. While the thought of having to explain to anyone he knows why his wife makes him wear panties is sure to provide ample motivation for a man to keep his lingerie discipline a secret, there's slightly more to doing so than merely avoiding dropping his trousers in front of other people. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the ways in which women inadvertently display their underwear, and what a pantied husband can do to ensure he doesn't do likewise.

Nevertheless, there's no reason why your husband can't wear panties with practically anything in his wardrobe, so long as he takes a little care about doing so and avoids egregious combinations - outrageous panties call for more restrained outerwear, whereas more revealing trousers require more sensible women's underwear. Coupled with greater attention to detail, wearing panties on a regular basis will give him a greater insight as to some of the problems that women face, as well as improving his appearance in subtle but advantageous ways. Although we've dwelt here on how a man's panties might become visible, actually it's remarkably easy to keep them hidden - after all, countless women do so all the time. It's only the ones who don't that you notice, but your husband needn't be among them - however often you choose to have him wear women's underwear, it can remain a secret strictly between the two of you.

Dealing with damp spots

It's not just submissive crossdressers who can become sexually excited whilst wearing women's underwear - even men who lack any desire to dress as women can find the anticipation of what might be in store later enough to arouse them. As we saw when discussing erotic feminization, the sexual connotations of such intimate attire can extend far beyond the bedroom, turning the wearer on even when he's in more mundane circumstances - putting your husband in panties is a great way of getting him all hot and bothered in advance of the main event. Moreover, men who have a sexually submissive streak may find the thought of being made to wear lingerie arousing quite apart from any specific reaction to particular garments - merely having to submit in a sexual context is sufficient to do it for them, let alone doing so with such erotically charged clothing.

Regardless of the reasons why, if your husband finds himself continually aroused as a result of what he's wearing, there is a danger that his excitement will manifest itself in the form of dampness. The different design of women's panties means that excess pre-cum may not be absorbed in the same way as it would be with traditional men's underwear - the gusset is simply placed too far down to accommodate the male anatomy, however appropriate it may be for a woman. Under most circumstances, moist panties may prove little more than mildly inconvenient for the man who must remain in them, a further reminder of what he's wearing and how his body reacts to it. It's something he can be teased about in the intimacy of the bedroom. “You must be excited, just look how wet you are!”, you can say, rubbing your husband's manhood through the damp patch. “Is it your panties that turn you on, or is it wearing them for me?”.

Should your husband's emissions become excessive, there's the risk that they may seep through his trousers too, something that's especially embarrassing with lighter, thinner material where the damp spot can be all too apparent. Although less likely to occur when your husband is wearing women's underwear for lingerie discipline or punishment than for erotic feminization, it can still pose a problem - one that's exacerbated by the fact that your husband may become aroused by all manner of unexpected or unrelated things. A wad of toilet paper is often sufficient to keep this at bay, or alternatively you may wish to have your husband wear a pantyliner in his panties to absorb any stray moisture. Not only does this solve the problem at hand, it can also be used to extend his lingerie discipline, not to mention as a punishment, by having him buy his own pantyliners in addition to using them.

How can I develop my husband's panty wearing?

No matter whether your husband is pantied as a punishment or simply for play, there are all manner of ways to add variety to having him wear panties for you, keeping him on his toes as far as discipline is concerned as well as ensuring that your bedroom activities will never become boring. Having a range of styles for him to wear is one way of achieving this, allowing you to dress him however takes your fancy, or simply leave the decision down to him to surprise you.

Whether you're snuggling together on the sofa or walking arm in arm around the town, it's easy to remind your husband of his feminine underwear by tracing his panty line through his trousers with your fingers - a subtle gesture that will go completely unnoticed by those around you, yet serve to reinforce his panty discipline. A little more daringly, you can run your hand inside the waistband of his trousers, caressing his cheeks through the soft fabric of his panties or play with their elastic. If he's wearing a thong, you can gently pull its waistband up to reinforce the message, or do so more vigorously to send him a short, sharp shock - the sudden pull between his buttocks will be sure to get his attention, whether as a chastisement or simply a way of teasing him.

There's something very intimate about helping your husband into his underwear, having him stand completely still as you pull his panties up his legs before gently easing them into position. You can have him turn around so you can admire your work before patting him on the bottom and leaving him to get ready to go out, or take advantage of your newly pantied husband by keeping him naked save for his underwear. Conversely, it can be just as much fun to slowly strip him of his panties, letting them rest around his ankles as you play with him. Although he could easily step out of the silky bundle, psychologically it will serve to restrain him, especially if he's admonished for any movement, keeping him rooted to the spot as you set about administering whatever combination of pleasure or punishment you have in mind for him. Standing with his panties around his ankles allows him to fully focus on your ministrations - whether that be going down on him, spanking him, or simply going about other business while he stands in the corner.

If you like your lovemaking to be messy, you can bring your husband to climax through his panties, letting his sticky semen ooze through them as you tell him how naughty he is to have made such a mess. You can have him keep his saturated underwear on for a while, something that's sure to yield novel sensations for him, or send him away to clean up - either way, his sodden panties needn't be your problem unless you want them to be. He doesn't have to shoot his entire load into his panties if you're not keen on quite so much mess - simply having him put them back on to absorb any residual juices after your lovemaking can work just as well. You can make out that that's what it's like for a woman after a “quickie”, perhaps even roleplaying a scenario where he remains fully dressed and is expected to get back to work afterwards.

When it comes to lingerie discipline, there's no easy way to prevent your husband removing his panties - after all, he needs to do so in order to answer the call of nature. Only by tying his legs together is it possible to stop a man from taking his panties off - an entertaining idea if you enjoy bondage, but hardly practical in everyday life! Fortunately, the physical function they serve means that, in the absence of alternative underwear, a pantied husband must remain in such feminine attire if he does not wish to go commando - an option that has its own drawbacks, especially under rougher trousers or those that are thin enough to show the slightest moisture. So long as his regular boxers or briefs are kept beyond reach, you can be reasonably sure that a man who returns home in his panties has been wearing them all day, but a brief inspection, so to speak, will reveal the truth of the matter - like any other underwear, worn panties look and smell quite different to freshly washed ones.

Although some styles of panties may allow their wearer to answer the call of nature while still standing up, perhaps being skimpy enough to be pulled out of the way rather than having to be removed completely, it's nevertheless worth fostering the notion that wearing panties means sitting down to pee as far as your husband is concerned - as discussed earlier, not only does this stop him from leaving the toilet seat up, it also works wonders as far as bathroom hygiene is concerned. Having your husband wear fuller cut panties until he's appropriately trained in this regard can help avoid any initial tendency for him to cheat, with an uncomfortable panty punishment being a great way to discourage him from doing so more than once. When out and about, he'll need little reminding to use a stall rather than the urinals, although you may wish to tease him by suggesting he doesn't let his panties fall too far around his ankles, just in case someone looks under the door! While the chances of anyone doing so are slim, such a suggestion serves to reinforce the power of panties over him, ensuring that he's acutely aware of them as he does his business.

How can I make him wear panties as a punishment?

We've already mentioned a number of ways in which the particular style of panties you have your husband wear affects how uncomfortable and imposing they are, something which is easily adapted for punishment purposes. You can make him wear tighter panties than he is used to, or opt for a more severe style - perhaps putting him in a thong or control panties in place of his regular ones whenever he warrants being punished. The narrower the back of a thong is, the more uncomfortable it is for its wearer - especially if he's already having to cram himself in at the front. A style that holds his package firmly in place whilst inexorably pulling between his buttocks is sure to keep his attention, punishing him from all sides - particularly if it has an unyielding waistband too! Its elastic can be snapped to get his attention, or simply pulled up sharply to emphasise your control over the situation.

It's not just overly tight panties that can prove awkward for their wearer - loose ones can be just as problematic. At first glance, you might think that making your husband wear panties that are a size larger than normal wouldn't have that much of an impact, but underwear with a tendency to slip down can prove just as infuriating for the man wearing it. Forever having to pull his panties up, he'll find the feeling of them slowly falling down surprisingly disconcerting, even under other clothing. With nothing else to protect his modesty, otherwise naked around the house or in the bedroom, he'll have to work hard to keep the tops of his buttocks from peeping out above his perilously positioned panties - offering ample opportunity for additional chastisement if you so desire. A wicked wife might encourage her husband to engage in activities that amplified this effect, perhaps having him bend over to pick something up then playfully slapping the resulting exposed behind.

Figure 8.5: To discourage your husband from fiddling with his panties, make him wear pantyhose on top - a most disconcerting combination with a tight thong!

To discourage your husband from fiddling with his panties, make him wear pantyhose on top of them. Especially with thongs that have a tendency to slip between the wearer's buttocks, the additional layer of nylon makes it more difficult for a pantied husband to adjust his underwear, particularly when out and about. Having to discreetly separate trousers, pantyhose and panties often proves too much trouble to be worth the temporary relief gained, encouraging your husband to submit to the thong nestling deep between his cheeks rather than endlessly attempting to escape the inevitable. Quite apart from the additional discipline imposed by having to wear hosiery, putting your husband in pantyhose serves to reinforce the power of his panties, whether he's wearing them as a punishment or otherwise.

It isn't necessary for your husband's punishment panties to be physically uncomfortable, however effective that may be - as with any lingerie, there's also the psychological component of wearing women's underwear, especially in front of other people. By making it harder for your husband to keep his panties hidden, you increase the challenge of wearing them for him, forcing a greater focus on what he is wearing if he doesn't want to reveal his embarrassing attire to the world. In truth, you don't have to put him at any greater risk of discovery - your husband merely needs to be left with the impression that he's more exposed for his punishment panties to work their magic. A racier choice is enough to do the trick if he's used to wearing more mundane styles for lingerie discipline - hot pink satin rather than plain white cotton, for instance, the former being far too sexy to be possibly explained away as being merely worn for comfort, even though no explanation will ever be called for.

Your husband's panties can be made harder to wear in public by turning the advice presented earlier about keeping them hidden on its head - for instance, by insisting that he wears a shirt that loves to come untucked or trousers that require constant attention if he's to avoid displaying an unmistakable pink lace waistband. Knowing that he's showing an ambiguous panty line is another way to keep your husband on edge, however much scrutiny is actually required to determine what he's wearing underneath - although it's unlikely that anyone will study his behind for long enough to consider the possibility, let alone come to the most unlikely conclusion that he's wearing women's underwear, your husband will be convinced that everyone is staring at him as he walks by. Having to wear panties covered with cute little hearts under thin white trousers leaves far less to the imagination, let alone beneath tight shorts that offer no escape from the shame and humiliation of being seen in such attire - a combination best kept for around the house, when you want to ensure your husband won't be going anywhere else in a hurry.

Around the house, you can emphasise his panty punishment by not allowing your husband to wear anything on top of them for the duration of his chastisement. Simply depriving him of his trousers is quite enough to put a pantied husband in his place - the combination of having such embarrassing underwear openly on display with bare, exposed legs will leave him feeling very vulnerable, a state that's perfect for submitting to your wishes. You can up the ante by denying him other clothing, or make him wear further feminine garments that serve to emphasise his punishment. A cute cropped T-shirt that clings closely to his body will do nothing to hide his panties, whereas a pleated miniskirt will highlight them whenever he bends over, not to mention giving you easy access to his behind. Alternatively, you can extend his punishment attire to include a matching bra, stockings or heels - all things we'll be discussing in more detail later in this book.

Finally, it's worth noting that punishment panties need not necessarily punish in their own right - they can merely be attire that your husband comes to associate with being punished in other ways. For instance, if you practise domestic discipline in the form of punishment spankings or corner time, you may wish to have your husband don a particular pair of panties prior to receiving his chastisement. It's perfectly possible to spank your husband when he's wearing panties, whether through them or around them, or to have him drop them first and pull them up afterwards. Similarly, snug panties enhance the presence of a male chastity device by pulling it closer to the wearer's body, making such a contraption far more of a burden than it would be under looser underwear. Although there may not be anything particularly uncomfortable about the panties on their own, the combination of wearing them whilst subject to other punishment serves to reinforce your husband's submission, making whatever discipline you choose to impose upon him even more effective.

Figure 8.6: The outline of my husband's male chastity device shows plainly through these thin panties, right down to the padlock! Their feminine cut pulls his package closer to his body, emphasising their presence even under trousers.

Don't let all this talk of punishment put you off if all you want to do is have some fun in the bedroom, however. As with all the other items of lingerie we look at in this book, panties are very versatile - they lend themselves to the task at hand, no matter whether that's erotic feminization, lingerie discipline or lingerie punishment. You can put your husband in panties in whatever way works best for you, mixing and matching the techniques we've been discussing here to your heart's content. Punishment or play, you'll find panties make the perfect introduction to having your husband wear lingerie, but you needn't stop there - as we'll see in the next chapter!