Chapter 1: What is brassière discipline?

Brassière discipline, also known as brassière training, involves a wife having her husband wear a bra1 in order to encourage the development of more submissive aspects of his personality. A man who wears a brassière for his wife when he would not otherwise do so is said to be brassièred, and may be referred to as a brassièred husband.

Bra discipline takes place in the context of a loving relationship such as a marriage. Its purpose is not to unnecessarily humiliate or abuse a man, but rather to gently guide him towards becoming a better husband, one who is thoughtful and considerate rather than selfish and ungrateful. It may be used to help a man be more attentive to his wife, to encourage him to be more in tune with her needs and desires, and to assist him in putting a stop to bad habits whilst acquiring good ones, as well as keeping him faithful by helping him overcome the temptation of unfaithfulness and adultery.

Bra discipline should not be confused with lingerie fetishism or crossdressing, in which a man also wears feminine underwear, nor should it be mistaken for any kind of sadomasochistic practice intended to punish or degrade its subject. In bra discipline, the wearing of a brassière is used merely as a means to an end, rather than the end itself. Unlike the transvestite, a brassièred husband is unlikely to find himself aroused by his attire - he and his wife find its benefits lie at a much deeper level.

[1] We will use the terms “bra” and “brassière” interchangeably throughout this guide, despite the former being in more common use these days. Sadly, it would be unusual for someone of a younger generation to be heard using the unabbreviated form of the word, which seems to have acquired connotations of being somewhat old-fashioned - this distinction will be touched on again later in this guide.

What are the advantages of bra discipline?

Like many women who have just been introduced to the idea of brassière discipline, you may find it difficult to believe that any woman would want to make her husband wear a bra, let alone yourself. You may be more than a little sceptical about there being any possible benefit to be had from doing something quite so strange! You might even be about to dismiss this guide as little more than an elaborate joke that has nothing to offer any relationship in the real world, least of all your own marriage. Permit me, dear reader, to urge you not to discard this book just yet - your doubts were once shared by many of the countless women who now successfully practice brassière discipline as part of a loving relationship, and yet would never dream of looking back. All I ask is that you continue to read on with an open mind, however silly you may initially find the notion to be.

Why are such women, the author included, so enthusiastic about a practice that, quite frankly, might appear a little bizarre at first glance? Let us look in more detail at some of the myriad ways in which brassière discipline can be so beneficial for you, your husband and your relationship. Imagine, for a moment, if the man you married were:

You may not believe that something as simple as a bra, an item of clothing that most women take for granted, can have such a huge effect on a man, let alone your husband, but women around the world can attest to the remarkable power of this most feminine of garments. We'll be exploring the reasons behind this shortly, but one thing is certain - once you've seen for yourself the change that having your husband wear a bra brings about in both his attitude and his behaviour, you too will wonder why you ever had doubts about it!

What are some common misconceptions about bra discipline?

Despite the numerous advantages just outlined, you may still be harbouring doubts regarding the practicality of employing brassière discipline in your own relationship. Although you may be intrigued by the notion of using something as simple as a bra to keep your man in line, not to mention the many benefits that could result from so doing, you may be worried about some of the more practical aspects of implementing such ideas and their implications. You may wonder, for instance, why any self-respecting man, let alone your husband, would allow himself to be treated in such a fashion, and whether wearing a brassière might somehow corrupt or pervert him. You may have concerns that other people might discover your husband's secret and think badly of him or you as a result, or that your husband might resent being brassièred and come to hate you for it. You may even question whether you are capable of asking him to wear a bra for you, let alone insisting that he does so should he reject the idea, believing yourself to be merely a weak and feeble woman, powerless against his superior masculine strength.

Rest assured that such doubts are quite common among women who have only just been introduced to the idea of brassière discipline, and have yet to experience the many tangible benefits it can bring to their marriage. Nevertheless, these misconceptions are easily dismissed - let us tackle them immediately so as to reassure you that your doubts are quite unfounded:

We shall be exploring many of the issues raised here in greater depth throughout the course of this guide, taking a step-by-step approach to explain in detail why you need not let them keep you from enjoying the manifold benefits that brassière discipline has to offer. Any lingering doubts you may still have will hopefully have evaporated by the time you reach the end of this book, but there is no real substitute for experience - the sooner you put your husband in a bra, the sooner you'll understand for yourself just why brassière discipline has no equal!

Why is the brassière so powerful?

At this stage, you may well be wondering what you are missing. After all, the chances are that you've been wearing a bra since you were a teenager, and have grown so accustomed to putting one on every day when you get dressed in the morning that you no longer give it a second thought. Like the majority of women, you probably regard the brassière as just another garment - one that can be a little uncomfortable from time to time, perhaps, or that you might use to feel sexy by choosing to wear an especially nice one, but fundamentally no different from anything else in your wardrobe. Just what have you been missing all these years that makes it so special? What warrants an entire book to extol its virtues?

To understand the power of the brassière, it is necessary to take a step backwards and approach it from a male perspective. It would be easy to assume that the average man on the street might also regard it as just another garment, but this is a dangerous assumption to make - for starters, he has not been wearing one every day of his adult life, because quite simply, men don't wear bras. Indeed, for many men, the brassière is a mystery that holds a particular fascination - by their very nature, most men are instinctively drawn to the breasts of women, breasts that are ordinarily kept hidden by the barrier of a bra. It is not only the coveted breasts that are shielded from view, but even the bra itself, deemed by society to be an intimate garment that should only be hinted at, surrounded with an aura of mystery about what might lie beneath. Small wonder, then, that a man should regard it as something more than just another of his wife's clothes. Perhaps the closest a woman can come to understanding this is to think back to when she was younger and try to remember the significance that her first bra held for her - it symbolized the beginning of her transition into womanhood.

Moreover, a man has no need for a brassière himself. Designed to support a woman's breasts, it is a uniquely feminine garment, for with the exception of certain medical conditions such as gynecomastia and morbid obesity, most men simply do not have breasts large enough to warrant having to wear a bra for support purposes. Whereas society dictates that men should not wear other items of female clothing such as skirts, there is nothing fundamental about a skirt that prevents a man from wearing one - indeed, in other times and other cultures, it would be perfectly normal for men to do so. A man might choose to defy societal norms and wear ladies stockings or tights2 tokeep his legs warm, as many long distance runners or cyclists will testify, or he might wear ladies knickers3 because he prefers a snug fit (admittedly, he might be stretching our credibility a little), but the brassière is different - its very purpose means a man has absolutely no need for it.

One need only consider why the feminists of the sixties burned their bras in order to understand the wealth of connotations that surrounds them. For the feminists, the bra symbolized a hateful oppression of the female form in the pursuit of beauty, and yet, paradoxically, the brassière is one of the most potent icons of all that is feminine. Such is the perceived stigma associated with male bra wear that many men who would genuinely benefit from wearing one for support would rather suffer in silence than even consider the relief a brassière might offer, out of fear of the ridicule and humiliation they believe doing so would bring. Whilst there are “male support vests” available for such men, which serve to compress the breast tissue in a similar manner to minimizer bras, there are no “male bras” as such, because no-one would buy them.

Combining all these factors, it is clear that unlikely any other garment, the brassière is in a unique position to humble a man. Consider the predicament of a man who has been made to wear a bra. How can he explain his situation if his intimate attire is discovered? He cannot say that he is wearing it for support purposes, for the very shape of his body will give lie to such a notion. Nor will he wish to say that he finds wearing such a garment sexually arousing, for to do so is to court ridicule. To admit the truth, however, that he has been made to wear a bra by his wife, would prove just as humiliating, and thus faced with such a dilemma, knowing that there is no way he can retain respect after explaining his situation, he will do anything to avoid being discovered.

It would be possible to philosophize at length regarding the significance the brassière has for men, and why, unlike any other garment, it is ideally suited to keeping them in line, but in practice, bra discipline is effective for a number of reasons:

It should hopefully now be clear that the effects of wearing a brassière for a man are radically different than those for a woman wearing the same garment. Despite being functionally pointless as far as the male body is concerned, the psychological effects of being made to wear a bra are immense. It may be difficult to immediately comprehend just how powerful brassière discipline can be, but it should soon become apparent should you employ it in your own relationship. In the next chapter, we'll look at the ease with which you can start doing so.

[2] Americans may be more familiar with the term “pantyhose”.

[3] Americans may be more familiar with the term “panties”.