when mistress knows best

four male maids put in their place

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Every woman deserves to have the housework done for her, but maids, especially male maids, can be all too unreliable sometimes. It's easy for a submissive crossdresser to get lost in the satin and lace of his maid's uniform and forget that the foremost duty of a domestic servant is to attend to his mistress's needs - not pleasure himself or otherwise let her down. Sometimes sissy maids get above their station and need to be reminded of their position, which is where an appropriate correction is called for - when mistress knows best.

Whether they impose discipline by means of physical discomfort or prefer more psychological punishment, the ladies in these stories know exactly how to put a man in his place, leaving him in no doubt as to who's the maid and who's the mistress! With tools such as chastity belts, corsets, buttplugs and strap-ons at their wives' disposal, these housemaid husbands are about to learn a lesson in submission they'll never forget!

Sometimes a mistress has to be cruel to be kind, knowing that a maid must be appropriately trained if he is to serve his best. In the loving relationships depicted in this book, both parties understand that a harsh punishment is occasionally necessary to ensure a submissive husband doesn't fall into bad habits, however reluctant he may be about suffering such indignities at the time! Whether you read these punishment stories as cautionary tales of what might happen to you should you disappoint your mistress or as a source of inspiration for when you next need to chastise your maid, you're sure to find when mistress knows best an erotic read!

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