training him to please

men put through their paces in sports bras and leggings

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Sports bras give the girls welcome support when working out, but they also control any man who must wear one - a fact that the women in these stories take full advantage of when they use female fitness gear to get their way. The sight of seductively stretched fabric won't be all that holds a husband helpless when his wife insists he wears the same, with women's leggings and shorts serving to stress his submission as she has him get sweaty in the most shameful of ways.

Whether he's being wrestled to the bed by his wife, performing emasculating exercises for her entertainment, or slaving away in the hot summer sun, a man can't forget who's in charge when he has to wear women's workout clothing - simple, yet impossibly strict as it imposes sharp lines upon his skin. Taunted about being trapped in a tight band and straps even as she teases him with her own barely covered body, a man in a sports bra is weak - exactly the way his wife wants him when she's training him to please.

Bras don't need ribbons or lace to put a man in his place, with a functional style more than enough to ensure a husband's submission. Whether on his wife's chest or his own, the sharp lines of a sports bra will certainly command his attention, leaving no doubt about who leads their marriage regardless of how much she makes him sweat. In these stories about men wearing sports bras, femininely cut fabric imposes firm control in more ways than one, leaving any husband trapped in its tight embrace at the mercy of the woman training him to please.

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