punished for her pleasure

this maid's mistress is impossible to please!

It's not easy being the maid of a demanding mistress - especially when a man is expected to wear an emasculating uniform to show his submission to his superior. For one sissy maid, however, a frilly apron and dress are only the start of his troubles, with even the simplest of chores being fraught with difficulty. Is it because the woman he works for is impossible to please, or because his mistress takes a wicked delight in disciplining him? Either way, it seems that this sissy can do nothing right, forever finding himself in trouble no matter how hard he tries! If only his mistress weren't so cruelly inventive!

In these erotic stories about a male maid struggling to satisfy his mistress, the lady of the house wastes no opportunity to oppress her domestic servant, making his already menial work all the more demeaning for him. It doesn't take much to put a man in his place when he's dressed as a maid, but he'll feel humbled and humiliated when he's punished for her pleasure.

There are many ways that a mistress can chastise her maid, but the dominant woman who dishes out discipline in these erotically charged stories always makes sure that her submissive sissy pays a high price for the slightest mistake. It sometimes seems that this male maid suffers through no fault of his own, but that's the lot of a man who knows he must always obey the lady of the house, however humiliating that may be! Surrendering to her wicked whims will see him having to endure both physical and psychological indignities, but that's par for the course when he's punished for her pleasure.

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