pretty maids put to work

housemaid husbands all dressed up and doing the cleaning

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Sissy maids dream of domestic duty all dressed up in satin and lace, but what a mistress really wants is a submissive servant who'll scrub her floors and sort out her laundry while she sits back and relaxes. A frilly French maid's uniform may be fine for fantasies, but when a man has to take care of the chores wearing such an outfit in reality, he soon discovers how difficult it is to stay looking his best without compromising on the cleaning!

Sheer stockings, bulging bras and puffed out petticoats are just some of the challenges that these male maids have to contend with as they set about their duties around the house, knowing they mustn't let mistress down when it comes to their domestic service. The husbands and boyfriends in these stories about men as maids have more on their minds than merely mincing about in the most delicious of dresses, expected to look as immaculate as the houses they clean for their wives and girlfriends - after all, they're pretty maids put to work!

If you're going to have your man work as your maid, it's important that he dresses the part - nothing puts a housemaid husband more firmly in his place than an exquisitely feminine uniform, complete with frilly apron and high heels. A submissive crossdresser is sure to give his domestic duties the devotion they deserve when he's all dolled up as a dainty sissy maid, naturally finding himself seeking to please in a pretty little outfit. This collection of exciting erotic fiction about male maids features the best of both worlds, with men getting dressed up and doing the cleaning as part of loving female led relationships - they're pretty maids put to work!

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