peeing his panties and other predicaments

humiliated husbands wetting themselves in women's underwear

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Having to wear women's underwear can be humiliating enough for a man, but that's only the start of the shame for the husbands in these stories, who soon regret being punished when their wives deny them a basic bodily need! Not allowed to use the toilet, their desperation is matched only by their disgrace when they finally succumb to the inevitable, having no choice but to endure the most embarrassing of fates as they soak the lingerie they're locked inside.

Whether frantically trying to finish chores before disaster strikes or forced to watch the seconds tick by while stuck in the most dreadful of dilemmas, there's only so long a man can hold back a bursting bladder - especially when he's being mocked by his wife and her friends, his soon to be wet panties exposed for their entertainment. Giving in to the growing demands of his body can only come at the cost of giving up what little is left of his dignity, as he suffers the humiliation of peeing his panties and other predicaments.

When a woman forbids her husband from going to the toilet, it's only a matter of time before his body betrays him, with the prospect of peeing himself soon becoming as unavoidable as it is unthinkable! Wearing panties won't prevent him from passing water, but they will ensure he suffers excruciating embarrassment should he surrender to the siren call of his bladder - something the dominant women in these stories about erotic wetting avail themselves of as they employ peeing punishments in the most mortifying of ways! Disgrace is a powerful deterrent, as each of these humiliated husbands learns when he's unable to avoid peeing his panties and other predicaments.

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