my husband my maid

tales of men as maids and the women they serve

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It's every woman's dream to have their very own maid at their beck and call, taking care of the chores as well as waiting on them hand and foot. The ladies in these stories are no exception, but rather than hiring help, they've trained their husbands to do the housework! Whether they wear frilly French maid's uniforms or just an apron while they work, these men have learnt how to wash, cook and clean as expected of a maid - all so their wives don't have to!

No matter how exacting these mistresses may be when it comes to their maids' domestic duties, there's no denying the love they have for their submissive husbands - even when they're dishing out discipline! Cleaning the bathroom, doing the laundry and entertaining guests are all in a day's work for these men, knowing that their place is to serve the lady of the house with the duty and devotion that befits a feminized maid. my husband my maid shows how a man can be both spouse and servant, making his mistress proud in the process!

Each of these exciting stories explores what it really means to serve as a submissive male maid, following four husbands who do the housework in loving relationships led by their wives. While a pretty uniform is no excuse for not getting the chores done, it certainly makes life a lot more interesting for these men, expected to dress the part as they do as they are told. Whether in the kitchen, the bathroom or the bedroom, each of them soon learns that a humble maid must obey his mistress in all matters domestic - especially when she's his wife! Follow their adventures yourself in my husband my maid.

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