making mistress proud

male maids putting the lady of the house first

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Dressing the part is only the start of a man's domestic duties when he serves as his wife's maid. It takes much more to show his submission than just wearing satin and lace, however frilly his maid's uniform may be! Housework is by far the best way to make his mistress happy, taking care of the chores so that she doesn't have to trouble herself with mundane matters. Whether that's washing her lingerie, sweeping the floor or cleaning the toilet, he'll need to know his place if he's to please, embracing his role as a servant.

In these stories about male maids, it's not enough for a submissive man to merely go through the motions. The dominant women who delight in having their every whim catered for want to see a singular demonstration of devotion, one which will show that their husbands truly understand whose needs come first. Each may have to put his masculine pride on the line in the process, but that's a price a maid must pay if he wants to stand a chance of making mistress proud.

No matter whether she wants to savour him slaving away or would rather he kept himself out of sight while attending to matters that shouldn't concern her, a submissive man must do what it takes to please his mistress. In these stories about men as maids, the husbands learn that selfless service is the order of the day, seeking to satisfy their wives with their tireless work around the house. Despite being deliciously dressed for duty, each of these sissies knows that it's chores rather than clothing that really make a man a maid, however emasculating their outfits may be as they set about making mistress proud.

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