humbled at her hands

demanding women giving sissies a hard time

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It's not easy being a sissy - especially when faced with women who delight in making things difficult! The men in these stories about crossdressing and submission find that feminization isn't all fun and games, suffering for the amusement of their female superiors. There's plenty of punishment in store for them, but no chance of relief as they struggle their way through shameful situations, locked in chastity devices that deny them any hope of pleasure.

Whether he's having to work dressed as women, or submitting to secret disgrace, a bra and panties puts a man at the very bottom of the pecking order - a fact that his tormentresses are quick to take advantage of! Unable to assert his manhood, he can only do as he is told, having to obey even when that means further humiliation. In the office or at the doctor's, as a waitress or a girl, these sissies soon learn that women can be wonderfully cruel, their dominant wives and girlfriends happy to see them humbled at her hands.

These sissies must wear women's clothes to show their submission, but they'll never be able to compete with those who do so by virtue of their sex, conscious of their inadequacy as they desperately seek to please. In these stories about men being reminded of their position both in private and in public, there's no question of who has the upper hand, with even the lowliest of women lording it over those condemned to chastity and crossdressing. Sometimes playthings to be toyed with for their superiors' amusement, sometimes dogsbodies who must slave away so that women don't have to, but never able to fully enjoy such embarrassing emasculation - no matter how aroused being humiliated might make them! It's a hard life for a sissy when he finds himself humbled at her hands.

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