his wife his mistress

tales of men as maids and the women they serve

There are few things more satisfying for a woman than knowing she needn't trouble herself with the chores, having a maid on hand to take care of all the jobs she hates. When the maid in question is also her man, serving his mistress dressed in the most feminine of uniforms, things get very interesting indeed - as the stories in his wife his mistress show. From a husband who takes on the role of a housewife to a boyfriend crossdressed for a costume party, these men know their place is to love, honour and obey the lady of the house in a way that only a maid can - much to the delight of the women they serve!

There's no doubt that the mistresses in these tales are demanding, expecting nothing short of absolute obedience from their submissive spouses, but that doesn't mean they love them any the less. Whether serving tea, scrubbing floors or satisfying more intimate needs, you can be sure these male maids will be doing exactly as they're told, surrendering to service in satin and lace!

Doing the ironing, washing dirty dishes and helping the lady of the house dress are all tasks appropriate for an accomplished male maid, with a feminine uniform only enhancing his sense of submission as he slaves away in the service of his mistress. Delving into the delights of such domestic duties, each of these erotic stories about male maids demonstrates what happens when, with the right training, a man recognises that the woman he loves has two roles in their relationship to complement his own - husband and wife, maid and mistress. If you're searching for stories about feminized men turned into maids for the pleasure of all concerned, you need look no further than his wife his mistress.

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