disobedience, discipline and duty

male maids making up for misbehaviour

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Punishment is the lot of a male maid who misbehaves, as the submissive husbands in these stories discover to their cost when they disappoint their mistresses. Faced with a disobedient domestic, their dominant wives know there's only one way to keep a housemaid husband from falling into bad habits - discipline, and plenty of it! Knowing exactly how to teach a man his place, these women won't stop until they receive the devotion they deserve, employing psychological humiliation along with physical chastisement to make sure he learns his lesson.

Cleaning and chores should stay at the forefront of every male maid's mind, sparing no effort when it comes to domestic service no matter how distracted he may be by a sexy uniform. When a feminized husband is caught fooling around in frillies, he has no choice but to face the consequences of his crimes - however humiliating that may be! Follow the misadventures of four sissy maids as they find out all about disobedience, discipline and duty.

The ladies in these female led relationships are firm but fair when it comes to delivering discipline, with these mistresses making the punishment fit the crime as they ensure their housemaid husbands won't be tempted to let them down again. Indeed, however much the men in question might hate such humiliation at the time, you can be sure they'll have learnt their lesson when they've finally made up for their misbehaviour. If you're looking for stories about sissy maids suffering creative chastisement to spur them to do the chores with the effort a mistress expects, you'll love disobedience, discipline and duty.

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