bimbo, secretary, ballerina, bride

sissy husbands taking on the most feminine of roles

You can be sure that a man's attitude will match his attire when he wears women's clothing for his wife - especially when it's one of the very special outfits featured in these stories about sissy husbands getting girly. Forced to adopt supremely feminine roles as a result of their clothes, these crossdressing men are stripped of every last trace of manliness, developing a submission that their dominant wives are only too keen to take advantage of!

Whether he's working as a secretary for a female boss or walking down the aisle in a big, white bridal gown, dressing the part leaves a submissive husband in no doubt about his place - one that's ordinarily just for girls! From being transformed into a busty bimbo to performing as a pretty ballerina, each of these sissies finds himself learning womanly secrets along the way. Bimbo, secretary, ballerina, bride - whichever their wives choose to dress them up as, these feminized men are sure to fall under the spell of the clothes they wear!

Bimbo, secretary, ballerina, bride - each of these archetypal roles embodies an aspect of submissive femininity that's sure to affect any man made to adopt it. Powerless to prevent themselves from playing the parts that their wives have picked out for them, the sissies in these stories have no choice but to submit to their clothes, finding themselves growing into their girly outfits as part of loving relationships where the real women take the lead. If you're turned on by the thought of men forsaking their manliness in favour of behaviour that matches their feminine wardrobe, then you'll want to read these exciting tales!

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