better to be busy

housemaid husbands bound for bad behaviour

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When a woman employs her husband as a housemaid, she expects him to serve her to the best of his abilities, not stand around and slack off. A sissy maid who doesn't take his domestic duties seriously deserves to be disciplined, whether he's reluctant to do all the chores his mistress has asked or simply fails to show his wife and her friends the respect a submissive man should. You can be sure he'll be sorry for such slapdash efforts after suffering the discomfort and disgrace of strict bondage, soon learning that it's better to be busy.

Whether forced to work on his hands and knees or being taught the error of his ways while tied up, a misbehaving maid has no choice but to be contrite when his mistress puts him in a punishing position, using physical restraints and psychological shame to ensure her servant understands just who's in charge. Caged, chained and cuffed, these feminized men swiftly fall into line, finding out first-hand why a male maid is meant to do more!

Submissive husbands make great maids, but sometimes a man needs reminding of who rules the relationship - and what better way for a dominant woman to do that than to render him helpless with restraints? There's no question of the sissies in these sexy stories doing anything they shouldn't once they're bound for bad behaviour, these disgraced domestics soon discovering that there are worse things than working when their wives can effortlessly exert complete control over their movements. better to be busy is an arousing read for anyone who loves the thought of submission and service, featuring four erotic tales of feminized maids utterly unable to escape their thoroughly deserved punishment.

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