becoming her maid

you'll do her cleaning so she doesn't have to

My friend is tired of cleaning her apartment, but I have just the answer for her! There's no need for any woman to trouble herself with tedious chores when there are men like you who long to take care of everything, desperate for the chance to serve. We'll sit back and relax while you do all the work, but don't think that we'll go easy on you just because you're keen to wear an apron! It will take more than dressing the part to please your new mistress, as you'll discover from the very start.

In these four stories about serving as a maid, you're the maid, and you'll learn that you need to do everything the right way. There can be no cutting corners, nor considering your own comfort, not when you work for a woman whose needs you must always put first. Whether you're doing her ironing while we keep an eye on you, or sent away to scrub the bathtub all by yourself, you'll have to forget about your own desires, thinking only of what she wants if you're serious about becoming her maid.

Forget far-fetched fantasies and impractical punishments, because you won't find any of those here. In these stories about being a maid, you're going to make yourself useful, which means chores, chores and more chores! That's the reality of working for a woman who wants her apartment cleaned without having to lift a finger herself, your own desires of no interest to her save for how they encourage you to make an effort! With your maid's uniform stressing your submission as you scurry about on Katie's behalf, accepting your place will still prove provocative - especially when I choose to humiliate you! Even though you'll be doing nothing more than humdrum housework, you're in for an exciting, emasculating adventure as you work towards becoming her maid.

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