a weakness for satin

and other stories of men enfeebled by silky sleekness

Satin is the most feminine of fabrics! Simply seeing a woman wearing such silky material is enough to mesmerise any man, but the dominant wives in these sexy satin stories want their husbands to do more than helplessly stare at their blouses and skirts. Sissies who have a weakness for sleekness must wear satin themselves - whether rustling masses of silky petticoats beneath dreamy dresses, or satin lingerie that traps them in its tight embrace. Satin panties will beg to be fondled when these submissive men surrender to the likes of satin girdles and satin bras, satin gloves and satin gowns, but wearing satin will be strictly on her terms, with such rewards requiring complete obedience.

These stories about men wearing satin see sissy husbands getting all dolled up in deliciously silky outfits. Some don't get any say about what they wear, whereas others must buy or even make the clothes that sap them of their strength, but all find themselves overpowered by a weakness for satin.

From the figure-hugging curves of a tight satin bra and girdle to the feminine heaven that is a full satin dress flared out by equally sleek petticoats, there's something about satin that makes it uniquely compelling. In these erotic stories about sissies wearing satin, the wives turn the power of this supremely sensual fabric to their advantage, reducing their submissive husbands to the most helpless of states! There's excitement aplenty when these men get all dressed up in deliciously sublime sleekness, but absolutely no doubt about who's in charge when all have a weakness for satin.

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