taming the caged beast

Chapter 1: What are the benefits of male chastity?

The river of life

Let's be honest - men are driven by sex. It's a natural, fundamental urge that's impossible for them to ignore, programmed in from the dawn of time. The irresistible force of their libido is like a raging river, washing away everything that stands in the way of its quest to reach the sea. One way or another, the furious waters of their sexual drive must release their energy en route, not caring whether that's achieved by washing away entire villages or forming spectacular waterfalls to the delight of those around.

Some women are lucky enough to have a partner who devotes his erotic energies exclusively to her, fulfilling her desires as completely as she requires, but others are less fortunate. Some have partners who overindulge when it comes to pleasuring themselves, reducing the once raging torrent to a trickling stream of no use to anyone. Other men quickly lose interest as soon as their own needs are met, caring little about whether their partner is satisfied once their energy is spent. For men with a wandering eye, the waters of life can easily be diverted from their intended course, leaving a parched and thirsty desert where once there would have been fertile soils and lush greenery.

Imagine if you could dam that river, and harness its power more constructively. Just think of what could be achieved if you were able to channel the flow where you needed it most - a husband who took pains to ensure you were never left unsatisfied, putting your needs and desires above his own as he sought to woo you with renewed vigour. A man who was prepared to rekindle the romance in your relationship, no longer wasting his energy on selfish sexual gratification but aflame with a burning passion that served only to strengthen the most intimate of bonds between you. Picture his world revolving around you in a way you've never known before, knowing that he would do whatever it took to make you happy, instinctively and without any need to be nagged.

It sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Don't dismiss the idea just yet - a growing number of women are already living that dream, and you can too! All it takes is something called male chastity, and this book will tell you everything you need to know in order to get started, with tips and tricks along the way.

Doing without

How long could your husband go without sex? Not just your regular lovemaking, but all the other ways he might satisfy his desires - with or without your knowledge! If he's like most men he might manage a few days, if that, before the frustration really began to bite. Like the waters of a mighty river building up behind the impenetrable concrete of a dam, his body's innate need for release would become ever greater, eventually reaching a stage where it was impossible for even the least driven of men to ignore.

Of course, merely withholding sex from your husband is unlikely to achieve positive results. Resisting such a powerful drive requires more willpower than most men have, and so sooner or later he'd simply seek satisfaction elsewhere. It's mostly likely that he'd just masturbate in private to make up for your denied attentions, but one way or another he'd find a way to fulfil this most primordial urge, albeit in a manner that's far from good for your relationship.

Suppose, however, you could take that ability away from him, such that his orgasms were entirely at your discretion. If you and you alone could choose exactly how and when he was allowed to come, how long would it take before he became so desperate for release that he'd do whatever it took to win your favour? As the sole arbiter of his sexual needs, he'd be entirely at your mercy when it came to being relieved of such burning frustration. No longer able to pleasure himself whenever he felt like it, his entire attitude would change - sexual satisfaction would become a much rarer treat, a hard won reward that had to be earned rather than simply taken for granted. However selfish his need for relief might be, he'd be sure to start putting your satisfaction first if he wanted to slake his own desires. His aching balls would allow nothing less!

Moreover, imagine if every time he became aroused he was reminded of your control over him. The sight of a pretty girl would no longer be cause for a salacious daydream on his part, instead serving to emphasise his utter reliance on you in such matters. A sensuous touch, however slight, would be imbued with a significance far beyond what it might ordinarily warrant, let alone one that was wickedly intended to tease. Regardless of how hot and bothered he became, there would be nothing he could do to end such torment until you decided the time was right, ensuring that he took the trouble to do things properly rather hurrying or leaving them neglected - whether in the bedroom, or elsewhere.

Now suppose that instead of begrudging being denied, such treatment actually turned him on, fuelling his frustrations in a way that made him even more eager to please. Rather than being something to grumble about to his mates, as might be the case if he'd been ejected from your bed to spend a night on the couch, what if it made him horny, as though you had been sexually teasing him all the while? What if, as a result, he was so charged with erotic energy that when you finally allowed him what he so desperately wanted, he was rewarded with an earth-shattering orgasm, the likes of which he'd never enjoyed before? A mind-blowing experience that would more than justify the wait, his pent-up anticipation finally released in a far cry from the mundane pleasures of his hand - but only once he had satisfied you to your heart's content?

In a nutshell, that's what male chastity is all about. By taming the beast that is a man's sexual desire, you can have him eating out of the palm of your hand - and more! Like a restless tiger that paces its cage, always eager to play with its trainer, he'll lose none of his erotic energy as a result of being denied - indeed, his heightened state of arousal will actually serve to strengthen your relationship, his sexual power available on demand, how and when you want it.

A wealth of options

So how does it work in practice? How can you stop a man from masturbating or otherwise pleasuring himself without your permission? Surely it's impossible to keep him from doing whatever he wants with his body, whether you like it or not? Touching themselves is something that comes so naturally to most men that they take it pretty much for granted - so much so that your husband is unlikely to have ever considered being unable to rub out a quick one on the sly. Then there's getting down to business in the bedroom - it's all too easy for a man to let his cock set the pace, following his impulsive instincts however much you might prefer a little more foreplay first. All that's about to change, however.

Believe it or not, denying a man access to his very own penis is far from being just a pipe-dream - it's easily achieved with something called a male chastity device. As we'll see in the next chapter, they're nothing like the chastity belts of medieval legend, being lightweight and practical enough to allow the wearer to go about his daily business unimpeded - so long as that business isn't sexual! They provide a helping hand for those times when simply relying on his good intentions might not be enough, ensuring he doesn't succumb to any selfish urges, not to mention being a lot of fun! When your husband's cock is safely locked beyond reach, you can be sure it won't be coming out until you're well and truly ready for it, let alone going anywhere you wouldn't approve of.

You can have him wear a chastity device as a prelude to some action in the bedroom, guaranteeing you his full attention as he strives to satisfy your needs before being able to fulfil his own. Donning it an hour or two beforehand will give him plenty of time to anticipate any action that may be forthcoming, allowing you to work his passions up into a frenzy should you so desire. As well as getting your husband all fired up, teasing him sexually during this time serves to strengthen this most intimate of bonds between you, and is all the more effective thanks to him being helpless to resist!

Spending a day at work locked in such a device is a great way of getting him in the mood for an evening in, providing a constant, unforgettable reminder of just what he's coming home to. It's a sexy secret you'll share however far apart you might be, even when he's in the most humdrum of meetings or up to his ears in paperwork. If you prefer, you can prolong his chastity further - a few days at a time works well as a means of making things up to you, or simply to get him all hot and bothered over the course of a weekend. Male chastity is fantastic as an occasional way of spicing up your sex life, or you can make such games a more regular part of your erotic repertoire - it's up to you.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider longer term chastity for your husband. Once his body's become used to this new kind of underwear, there's no reason why he can't wear a chastity device all the time. Aside from the occasional break for hygiene purposes, he can be kept in it for as long as you desire, allowed release only when you see fit. As we'll see shortly, not only does this place you firmly at the centre of his sexual world where you belong, it also helps focus his attention on your other needs too. It can even encourage the development of more submissive aspects of his personality if that's what you want, whether that's in the bedroom or throughout the rest of your marriage.

The great thing about male chastity is that you can use it however works best in your own relationship. There's no fixed formula that you have to stick to, merely a novel approach that's easy to adapt to your own situation, one that you can enjoy as often or as rarely as you please. Whether you use it as an occasional way of spicing up your sex life, or a more regular means to keep your husband on his toes, you're sure to find that male chastity has much to offer. We'll look at a variety of ideas in more detail over the course of this book, as well as offering suggestions for how you too can reap the rich rewards that come from having his testicles on your side for a change!

The effects of denial

It's difficult to fully appreciate the effects of sexual denial on a man until you've witnessed them for yourself. Sublimating his erotic energies has a host of repercussions that go well beyond simply stopping him playing with himself or taking too much of a lead in the bedroom. Knowing that he has voluntarily surrendered control of such an important aspect of his life is something that has profound psychological implications. Not only does such intimate submission encourage him to do all manner of things he might not ordinarily consider, it does so subconsciously, without the need for any kind of nagging on your part. In effect, male chastity provides your husband with a subtle, unspoken motivation to do the right thing for you and your relationship.

For instance, thanks to his new-found awareness that sexual relief is no longer something that can taken for granted, he may choose to woo you as though you were first going out together, rekindling the romance in your relationship in the hope of winning your favour. Such renewed affection is a perfectly natural, instinctive reaction to such circumstances, just as it was when you were first getting to know one another. Moreover, knowing that displeasing you is unlikely to improve his chances of release, your husband will become more attentive to your needs, considering them as a matter of course where once he might have been tempted to dismiss or disregard them, however guiltily. In the bedroom, your satisfaction becomes as important to him as his own, now that the two are so obviously dependent. He'll even be more enthusiastic about helping around the house - all without any further pressure on your part, beyond keeping his privates safely under lock and key.

Now, you may ask why a loving husband shouldn't be doing all of these things already, without any need for the motivation that a chastity device provides. Such idealistic expectations are sadly all too often left unfulfilled - alas, many men are far from being the perfect princes of which romantic dreams are made! It's fair to say that most are inherently lazy creatures, for whom it's far too easy to get stuck in a rut. The familiarity of marriage can take its toll, however much your husband still loves you. Where once he would have gone out of his way to earn your respect and admiration, now he might take liberties unconsciously - not intentionally meaning any kind of disrespect, but simply as a result of feeling comfortable and at ease around you.

Having him wear a male chastity device helps steer him out of that rut, providing a subtle but unforgettable reminder that you're not to be taken for granted. The testosterone coursing through his system will do the rest, giving him all the motivation he needs to make more of an effort - just as things were when he was a budding young suitor, seeking to impress in order to win your affection, knowing that your intimate attentions were by no means guaranteed.

What's in it for him?

From a woman's perspective, the case for male chastity is clear - but why would any man voluntarily surrender control of such an intimate part of his body, let alone enthusiastically offer to do so? If you're reading this book at the suggestion of your husband, you may well be wondering why he's so keen on an idea that on the face of it sounds rather unlikely, whereas if you're exploring the subject by yourself, you'd be forgiven for questioning how you might persuade a doubtful man to give it a try. What possible benefits could he hope to gain from giving up his ability to climax on his terms, rather than yours?

Actually, there are several, so let's start with the most immediate. When it comes to masturbation, many men find themselves secretly racked by an inner conflict between the fleeting pleasure that such selfish indulgence offers and the sense of guilt that inevitably follows. It's all too easy for them to succumb to the temptation of rubbing out a quick one wherever and whenever the urge takes them, without any regard for the longer term consequences. However conscious a man may be in advance about his subsequent regrets, the immediate desire for relief can often prove overwhelming - even if he has vowed not to, it's hard to resist doing so “just this once”, particularly when surrounded by the suggestive stimuli that are all too common in today's sexualised world.

By relinquishing control over such matters, such inner turmoil ceases - his chastity device helps him resists the temptation to masturbate far more effectively than willpower alone ever could. The same is true for other, less obvious aspects of his life - your husband may be all too aware about how he takes liberties with you and your relationship, feeling somewhat guilty about letting you down, but lacking the discipline to do anything about it. Secretly many men would welcome a helping hand that provides them with the self-control they find themselves so desperately missing, allowing them to relax safe in the knowledge that such difficult decisions have essentially been made for them.

Not only does a chastity device provide the willpower than so many men lack, its subtle encouragement to do the right thing by their partner brings rewards that would otherwise go unnoticed. It's difficult for a man to quantify, but directing his sexual energies purposely rather than aimlessly frittering them away is something that can easily be appreciated once he discovers what he's been missing all these years. It's not just the female partner that benefits from a stronger, healthier relationship, nor the sense of intimacy that male chastity engenders between man and wife. An improved understanding of your needs and desires, together with a revolutionary change for the better in your mutual sex life, are advantages your husband is sure to welcome too!

Rather than feeling drained and weak, as can be the result of satisfying his urges as and when they arise, male chastity leaves a man constantly charged with erotic energy. The anticipation of what may be in store for him later, coupled with the frustration of being unable to release his building sexual tension until then, come together to make his eventual release a far more memorable affair than it otherwise would be. It's like being offered the choice between ten small treats scattered through the week, or one really big one at the weekend. Although it might be very hard to turn down the smaller treats one by one, the prize at the end is certainly worth the trouble. A chastity device helps its wearer make a rational choice, rather than being swayed by fleeting urges that he may later regret succumbing to.

Even a few hours can be enough to build up his enthusiasm, let alone several days, but regardless of how long he's been frustrated for the end result is the same - a powerful, intense orgasm that's well worth the wait. Such climaxes may be rather less frequent than he's used to, but they're far more satisfying than the prosaic pleasures of his hand, which more than makes up for their scarcity. Moreover, the tantalising arousal that precedes them is something that can prove very sensual and invigorating for a man, however tormenting he may find being constantly on edge. Being teased sexually has a wicked delight of its very own, whereas the sense of accomplishment when he finally achieves what he's been longing for is akin to winning any other hard won battle in terms of satisfaction - a far cry from being simply handed victory on a plate.

Sex and submission

Some men are, by their nature, sexually submissive. That doesn't necessarily mean they're limp-wristed pansies who wouldn't say boo to a goose - quite the reverse. Many outwardly dominant individuals are secretly submissive in the bedroom - indeed, the desire to cede control to a lover often goes hand in hand with being an alpha male, for whom such an intimate setting is often the only opportunity to do so. The popular stereotype of the high-powered politician who must be spanked by a dominatrix in order to get off is not without a degree of truth, however luridly such stories are often portrayed in the media. Provided such activity takes place in a consensual, loving relationship where both parties are happy with the arrangement, there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, regardless of what less open-minded observers might think if they knew.

Wearing a male chastity device is an inherently submissive act for a man, one that is made all the more so by allowing himself to be locked in such a device of his own free will. In doing so, he relinquishes control over a very intimate aspect of his life, albeit temporarily, no longer able to choose how and when he may orgasm. For men who delight in sexual submission, such a predicament is an intensely erotic experience, however difficult it may be to fulfil that arousal. The resulting sense of frustration often forms a large part of the pleasure they derive from such treatment, as does any additional submission imposed on them as a condition for their eventual release. As well as being exciting in and of itself, a chastity device provides a means by which a man can surrender further, knowing full well the control it holds over him.

That doesn't mean you have to be a dominatrix, particularly not of the stereotypical leather-clad variety, in order to enjoy the benefits of a submissive husband. Nor will locking his penis up turn him into a simpering pantywaist, unable to think for himself - the beauty of male chastity is that it allows you, not your husband, to choose precisely how submissive he is - or isn't! Nevertheless, if your husband seems unexpectedly enthusiastic about the idea, perhaps even suggesting it himself, the chances are that he simply has sexually submissive tendencies - which, as we'll see later, is far more of a blessing than you might initially think.

But what about me?

As many women are sadly all too aware, the romantic image of a couple climaxing simultaneously in the throes of passion is something that occurs far less often than popular fiction might lead you to expect. If you've ever been left feeling disappointed by a man whose interest waned as soon as his own desires were met, you'll know there's nothing that says lovemaking has to satisfy both parties equally, however desirable that might be in the make-believe world of Hollywood romance. Indeed, despite the understandable assumption that doing otherwise must somehow be selfish, unfair or wrong, there are distinct benefits to be had from keeping things asymmetrical - so long as it works in your favour!

You might naïvely think that denying your husband means that you must also go without, but that's far from the case. However much he might occasionally give the impression otherwise, a man is far more than just a penis - he has hands and a tongue with which to pleasure you, not to mention additional toys if you prefer, all of which he'll soon become adept at using once his own orgasms depend on it! Moreover, while a man who rolled over and went to sleep leaving his wife unsatisfied would be considered selfish and inconsiderate, a woman who keeps her husband similarly frustrated serves only to make him hungry for more, particularly when his chastity device prevents him from satisfying himself in any other way!

After all, the male and female orgasms are fundamentally different in nature. Women are blessed with the ability to experience multiple climaxes without adversely affecting their enjoyment of them - quite the reverse, in fact! Men, on the other hand, are limited to just one at a time, one that leaves them drained and becomes weaker if indulged in too frequently. In restricting how often he is allowed such pleasures, male chastity ensures the orgasms he is permitted are out of this world - each an unforgettable experience that makes his more commonplace climaxes pale by comparison. Conversely, since you're not restricted by the same physiological limitations as him, you're free to enjoy such delights on tap - sex the way you want it, wherever and whenever you wish.

Advantages all round

With a male chastity device, you too can go about taming the caged beast of your husband's penis, just as a lion tamer harnesses the power of a ferocious circus animal, earning its respect as the once wild creature learns to turn its energies to more constructive ends, yet retaining all of its fearsome might. Some of the benefits of doing so include:

As for your husband, he'll appreciate:

The above lists are by no means exhaustive, but hopefully clearly illustrate that how benefits of male chastity are far from one sided. By introducing it into your own relationship, you and your husband can also reap such rewards. All it takes is a male chastity device, and we'll look at how these work in the next chapter.