sissy English test

words that will make a submissive man weak

If your not paying appropriate attention, its easy to overlook grammatical errors - there are two in this first sentence alone! That doesn't make such elementary mistakes any more excusable, however, with incorrect use of words requiring the necessary correction! A sissy sitting an examination certainly can't afford to slip up if he wants to be spared a punishment, but when the clock's counting down, he'll have a tough task on his hands to get everything right - especially when distracted with thoughts of panties and brassières!

Our sissy English test provides an opportunity to put a submissive man through his paces, presenting a seemingly endless series of sentences to sort out - whether in a web browser, with subsequent marking, or printable for even more realistic roleplay. There's also an essay writing mode, in which a misbehaving sissy can be challenged to write about a choice of emasculating subjects, requiring only a few moments of your time to keep him occupied for hours.

A simple choice of words can leave a man's mind blank when choosing the wrong one will have consequences, but that doesn't mean you can't set a short time limit to keep him on his toes! Alternatively, you can require sentences to be corrected, with the option to introduce multiple mistakes making it almost certain that he'll miss at least one. If you'd rather he write his own, the essay option allows you to select categories or specify custom subjects, whether you leave him the choice of which to pick, or expect him to submit the required number of words about each. It's up to you whether you allow a realistic amount of time, or set your sissy essay writer up to fail!

The sissy English test features themes of lingerie discipline, male chastity and men as maids. It should go without saying that, like everything else at brassièred, it is intended for adults only.