sewing for sissy maids


You now know everything you need in order to make whatever kind of maid's uniform your mistress might want you to wear, be that short and skimpy or prim and proper. You could even put together something special to surprise her, or else find yourself sewing simply for the satisfaction of making another outfit. Your sewing adventures needn't stop at maid's dresses, aprons and petticoats, however, with many women sewing skirts and blouses - some even going so far as to make their own wedding dresses and lingerie! There's nothing so complicated that you can't develop the necessary skills with practice, the only limit being your imagination - or perhaps the size of your wardrobe!

Regardless of what you might make, you must never forget your duties as a maid. Sitting at the sewing machine may be a pleasing diversion, but it doesn't get the washing done, the corners dusted or the toilet cleaned. Indeed, when you've got the perfect uniform for such chores, there's no excuse not to take care of such things - so you'd better get sewing right now, so as to be suitably dressed when mistress calls!

No matter what kind of maid's uniform you make, you still wear it to serve!

Share your creation!

Whether you've finished your first maid's uniform, or sewn something really special, I'd love to see your work! Why not send me a photograph of yourself wearing your dress and apron, or share your experiences at the sewing machine? I'd also welcome suggestions about how this book can be improved, so if there are sections that you feel would benefit from being clearer, or you've got a technique that makes something simpler, do let me know!

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