put him in panties

Chapter 12: Dressing the Part

Throughout this book, we've stressed that there's no need to completely dress your husband as a woman in order to benefit from erotic feminization, lingerie discipline or lingerie punishment. Simply having him wear one or two items of lingerie under his regular attire can achieve amazing results, not to mention being far more practical than changing his entire wardrobe. We've already seen how a man can wear panties, stockings and a bra in public without anyone ever knowing, perhaps even going to work in women's underwear whilst his colleagues remain blissfully unaware, but the idea of him doing so in a blouse and skirt as well is ludicrous enough to be laughable. Openly crossdressing to such an extent is the preserve of dedicated transvestites and transsexuals and is as unnecessary for the purposes of arousal, discipline and punishment as it is impractical. It certainly isn't something we'll be advocating here!

Nevertheless, there are occasions where having your husband wear rather more in the way of women's clothing can work a treat. If you're already fooling around in lingerie together, playfully encouraging him into some sexy outerwear can be great fun - a slinky dress, skirt or top serving to enhance the experience of wearing women's underwear. Simply modelling feminine fashions for each other can prove immensely entertaining, let alone trying out make-up together - safe in the privacy of your own home, it doesn't matter how unlikely your husband looks so long as you both have a great time. In doing so, you can teach him a little about what it's like to be a woman without really trying. Similarly, you might want to make your husband wear additional feminine attire in order to enhance his lingerie discipline or punishment - we've already seen how a tight T-shirt or strappy top emphasises the presence of a man's bra, how a short skirt exposes his panties and how heels put nylon clad feet on display.

Figure 12.1: Wearing all the lingerie a woman would works a treat, whether in the bedroom or beyond, but there are times when additional clothing is called for.

To cover the entire gamut of a woman's wardrobe is beyond the scope of this book - an entire volume would be required to do justice to the possibilities contained within. We've looked at lingerie because it is supremely effective for the purposes of erotic feminization, discipline and punishment - not only is women's underwear powerfully and undeniably feminine, it is both easily hidden under men's clothing and yet can be worn in even the most intimate of moments. No item of outerwear can match that, but individual garments may excel in certain circumstances - especially if your husband has a particular penchant for them. The most unlikely of items can sometimes have a surprising effect on a man - capped sleeve T-shirts, angora sweaters and even fluffy slippers are just some of the things correspondents to the author have remarked upon, none of which might immediately spring to mind. Keep an open mind if you're playing dress-up together, and don't be afraid to be a bit daft.

Beyond simply dressing your husband up in random women's clothing, there are a number of stylised uniforms that are especially effective for the purposes of erotic feminization and lingerie discipline, drawing on the connotations of popular stereotypes to wield incomparable influence over any man wearing them. Whilst few real women would want to adopt the attire and corresponding persona of such clichéd caricatures, many submissive crossdressers fantasise about doing so, finding such exaggerated distillations of femininity particularly attractive, however unrealistic they may be. Even men without crossdressing tendencies can't help but be affected by being put in such clothing, such is the power of an outfit intentionally chosen to emphasise a particular role.

Each of the archetypes we're about to look at focuses on just one aspect of the feminine experience and takes it to extremes. Such exaggerated emphasis creates a ludicrous caricature that bears little resemblance to any real, well rounded woman, but is nevertheless highly effective at affecting a man's state of mind. The maid, with her petticoats and apron, is the embodiment of submission and obedience, readily set to work on even the most menial of chores - as is the secretary in her smart blouse and skirt, albeit in a different context. The skimpily clad bimbo, with her overinflated bust forever in danger of bursting out of her tight top, is feminine sexuality personified, seeking only to satisfy without care for any other concerns. Conversely, the schoolgirl in her regulation uniform exemplifies youthful innocence and naïvety, cute and adorable but requiring direction from a more experienced guide.

Maid to serve

Of all the roles that can be adopted by a submissive crossdresser, that of the maid is surely the most rewarding - not just for the crossdresser himself, but for his wife as well. Faced with having to do the domestic chores on top of everything else in life, most women would greatly appreciate a little help around the house - some going so far as to employ a clearer to take some of the weight off their shoulders. In terms of practical benefits, therefore, making your husband serve as your maid comes second to none - whereas having him play the part of a schoolgirl or a bimbo can be as profoundly effective for erotic feminization and lingerie discipline, turning him into a male maid has the added advantage of taking care of the cleaning for you too.

If your husband hasn't shown any inclination to help out around the house before, you may wonder whether simply putting him in a maid's uniform is enough to ensure that he does a sufficiently good job, especially if you're something of a perfectionist when it comes to cleanliness. After all, the last thing you want is to have to spend twice as long sorting out the mess he's made of things as it would have taken to do it yourself in the first place! Nevertheless, with appropriate training, even the most clueless and clumsy of men can soon become quite adept at what are essentially easily mastered tasks. Although you may need to expend a little effort in getting your husband up to speed, that time will be repaid many times over once you're able to sit back and relax thereafter, enjoying a sparkling bathroom and spotless kitchen without having to lift a finger. Best of all, such a personal maid service won't cost you a penny!

Figure 12.2: “How may I serve you, Miss?”. The archetypal French maid's uniform may not be the most practical of workwear, but its submissively saucy connotations are sure to liven up even the dullest of chores for your husband.

That's not to say that such an arrangement is entirely one sided - far from it. Many submissive crossdressers find the role of the maid perfect for satisfying their own desires, simultaneously allowing them to serve a woman in the most humble of ways whilst dressed up in outrageously feminine attire. Although in practice doing the chores may not completely fulfil all of their fantasies, as unrealistic and unlikely as these may be, it nevertheless leaves the male maid with a sense that his alter ego is valued in its own right rather than merely humoured or tolerated. Again, a little management of expectations may be required, but once you've come to an acceptable compromise regarding what being your maid really means, a crossdressing husband is sure to be more than enthusiastic about taking care of the chores for you - so much so that you may find him actively volunteering for such work. That's hardly something that can be said for most men, making the wife of such a maid truly blessed.

Even men who don't have natural crossdressing tendencies can nevertheless appreciate the sense of satisfaction that comes from having done a job well, even chores as menial as sweeping a floor or scrubbing a bath. The uniform of a maid imposes a state of mind upon its wearer which is especially well suited to getting on with the task at hand dutifully and without complaint. A man who might ordinarily balk at the thought of doing anything that might remotely resemble cleaning will find it far harder to resist once he's appropriately dressed for such work, allowing him to appreciate the rewards of his labours afterwards in a way that he would never have done had he refused outright. His uniform acts as a form of lingerie discipline, providing the attitude and motivation required to get down to business and do his share of the work, rather than unreasonably expecting his wife to take care of it all.

When it comes to maids uniforms, it is unlikely that any professional cleaner would choose to wear the overtly erotic, exaggerated outfits that invariably appeal to submissive crossdressers - at least, not unless her job involved rather more than just cleaning! Nevertheless, when men think of maids, they more often than not picture the archetypal French maid, saucily clad in a skimpy little outfit that emphasises her feminine charms, however impractical that might be for actually doing the chores in. Typically, such an outfit might involve a skimpy black satin dress and frilly white apron, cut low enough to reveal the wearer's ample cleavage, perhaps flared out by petticoats that do nothing to hide the tops of her stockings and suspenders, let alone stop her panties showing whenever she bends over. Implausibly high heels and a feather duster complete the ensemble, coming together to give the impression of a sexy, submissive servant - one that often features in pornography as a result.

Despite the obvious drawbacks of such an impractical outfit, there's actually something to be said for having your husband wear such stylised attire rather than a more utilitarian uniform. While his petticoats may get in the way and his stockings aren't best suited to spending a lot of time on his knees, their erotic connotations are sure to liven up to what would otherwise be a rather mundane activity. As with any kind of erotic feminization, a man wearing a naughty maid's uniform can't help but be affected by its associations, practically unparallelled in terms of sexual nuances. Even the swish of his flared skirt as he walks is sure to remind him of what he's wearing, and in turn, why he's wearing it, making cleaning a far more exciting exercise - not just for him, but for you as well. There's something surprisingly arousing about having a man at your beck and call, wearing an outfit that does little to hide his masculine physique, however much it might feminize him.

Because of their appeal in the bedroom, maids outfits of the less practical variety are available from a wide range of online lingerie suppliers and adult shops - the same kind of places that sell sexy nurses uniforms and other naughty attire for couples wanting to spice up their love life. Intended as playwear for women, such outfits are invariably very short and skimpy, doing little to hide any lingerie worn underneath, let alone preserve the wearer's modesty! As such, they are ideally suited for combining lingerie discipline with erotic feminization, perhaps taking advantage of your maid on the job or suitably rewarding him for his efforts afterwards. Needless to say, you'll want to ensure that your house is warm enough for your husband to serve you in such skimpy attire, as well as ensuring his work won't require additional protection from spills, dirt or cleaning chemicals - vacuuming and dusting is fine, but cleaning toilets or cookers requires something rather more robust.

If you're prepared to spend a little more on outfitting your husband as your maid, there are a surprisingly number of online retailers from which one can purchase more substantial uniforms, often custom tailored to fit even the most unlikely figures. The breadth of such offerings is testament to the popularity of dressing up as a maid as a pastime among submissive women and crossdressers alike. Consequently, many of these uniforms retain a distinctly erotic aspect despite being better suited for working in than their skimpier cousins. Whilst a man expecting a real cleaner to wear such an stylised outfit would be in for a rude awakening, there's no reason why your husband can't do almost all of the chores in one. Although not as practical as strictly functional attire, they're far more fun, giving you and your husband the best of both worlds.

Finally, you can have your maid wear purely practical attire while he's working for you - even a regular women's apron on top of his male clothing is more than sufficient to remind your husband of his place. Some submissive men have a particular fascination for aprons, especially of the overly frilly and flouncy variety, such that choosing one that's exceptionally gaudy can work a treat, but even a plain one will do. You can emphasise its presence by making your husband wear a padded bra underneath, thereby giving him a feminine bust to fill out the apron's bosom as befits a well proportioned maid or simply a stockily built charwoman. Alternatively, you can have him serve you in nothing but such an apron - indeed, putting him in a skimpy satin affair is ideal for bedroom duties. If you'd like to dress your husband up a little more without going to the trouble of getting him a formal uniform, a simple black dress works wonders as a backdrop to any kind of apron - add modest heels and appropriate lingerie and he's all set to go!

Figure 12.3: Even a cotton apron will put your husband in the right frame of mind for cleaning, cooking and doing the chores, especially one with a cute design.
Figure 12.4: A skimpy satin apron is ideal for intimate service!

Properly attiring your husband is only half the story, of course. In order for you to fully benefit from having your own personal maid, your husband will need to understand what his new role entails, requiring clear expectations for him to live up to. That's especially the case if he's a submissive crossdresser who has long fantasised about serving as a lady's maid - too often, such fantasies have a habit of revolving around erotic punishment and other sexual activities rather than the more mundane practicalities of doing the cleaning. Admittedly, such diversions can be a lot of fun for both parties, but sometimes you just want a maid to be a maid without endlessly having to motivate him to do a good job - particularly if he's of the mistaken belief that making a meal of things will somehow earn him a reward in the form of an arousing “punishment”. Even a regular man can find the combination of unfamiliar attire and unaccustomed activities a little disconcerting to start with, with nerves and inexperience limiting his results, however much he might want to please.

Although it would be great to be able to ask your husband to take care of all the chores from the very beginning, it's simply unrealistic to expect him to do so without appropriate instruction. Indeed, it's better to start off slowly and ensure that he's reasonably proficient with one task before giving him another. Even having the load of something simple such as washing the dishes taken off your shoulders can be quite a relief, and rather like other aspects of lingerie discipline, the extent to which your husband helps out around the home can be gradually increased over time. A man who starts out not knowing one end of a vacuum cleaner from the other can soon become an accomplished maid, capable of doing a far better job than you might ordinarily bother with, thanks to the motivation and mindset his uniform provides him. He merely needs the time and training necessary in order to develop his abilities to their fullest.

To begin with, therefore, you'll want to inspect your husband's efforts, providing him with constructive criticism as appropriate in order to encourage him to do his very best for you. If his work isn't up to scratch, whether as a result of negligence on his part or simply from him not knowing any better, let him know that you expect more from your maid, pointing out where more effort is warranted before having him do it again, and again and again if needed, until everything is perfect. Particularly when he's starting out, it's helpful to reward him for a good job well done, but punishment should be reserved only for those occasions when he has deliberately disappointed you. In the case of a male maid whose fantasies revolve around erotic punishment, a poor job should never be rewarded with something enjoyable - any punishment should act as a suitable deterrent, as discussed earlier in this book. That doesn't mean you can't pretend to punish your maid in other circumstances, of course - either as a reward for working hard, or simply to help him get deeper into his role.

A professional cleaner often works fixed hours and is expected to arrive for work appropriately attired at the correct time. It can be useful to impose such discipline upon your husband, perhaps designating one evening per week as his night for cleaning. Getting him into such a routine makes it difficult for your husband to find excuses to avoid doing the chores, especially if not being ready for work by the agreed time results in unwelcome consequences for him - perhaps in the form of more uncomfortable lingerie being added to his uniform. Of course, once he's donned his maid's outfit, he'll find it even harder to resist living up to the expectations that such clothing asks of him. Moreover, unlike a regular cleaner, a male maid works until his chores are completed - it's payment by results rather than payment by the hour for your husband!

Of course, setting down such a systematic cleaning regime for your husband doesn't mean that he can't serve you on other occasions too - whether decided on in advance or simply on a whim. Once he's become accustomed to serving as your maid, you may like to have him treat you to breakfast in bed occasionally, or perhaps have him pamper you in other ways. A male maid can be trained to prepare a luxurious bubble bath for you, to give you a manicure and pedicure or to cook your favourite meal as a prelude to a romantic evening in together. Once your husband dons his maid's uniform, the symbolism of his outfit leaves him in no doubt that his role is to serve you and your needs absolutely, as befits a lady's maid, for as long as he remains so attired.

Being a bimbo

Many submissive crossdressers fantasise about being a bimbo, that is to say, a woman who is physically attractive and sexually promiscuous but quite lacking in intellectual abilities. The archetypal bimbo invariably has a curvaceous figure that she draws attention to by wearing tight, revealing clothing, not to mention heavily exaggerated make-up and a rampant sex drive to match. Often this caricature is stylised to the point of absurdity, with the bimbo being imagined as nothing more than a vacuous sex object having no other purpose in life than to sexually satisfy others as she struggles to keep her infeasibly inflated bust and butt from bursting out of her outrageously skimpy attire.

It's easy to see why such a fantasy might appeal to a submissive crossdresser seeking escape from the struggles of the real world. Beyond ensuring that she looks pretty and pleases others, the stereotypical bimbo is otherwise free from any responsibilities and expectations. She doesn't have to worry about more practical concerns because all the difficult decisions in life are made for her by others who don't expect her to be able to think for herself anyway. Her exaggerated feminine charms make her sexually desirable and she doesn't have to feel guilty about expressing her sexuality because submissively satisfying her lovers is a mutually pleasurable experience. Moreover, her sexual availability means that she's free to enjoy such pleasures without restraint or censure, revelling in her submissive feminine nature rather than repressing it. It's the very opposite of a closet crossdresser who feels guilty succumbing to his urges and is unable to express his desires even in the privacy of his own home.

Figure 12.5: Featuring a tight top and skirt, the stereotypical attire of a bimbo is dripping with sexuality. Your husband will be eager to please in such an outfit.

The concept of the bimbo can be a difficult one to come to terms with for many women, knowing as they do just how much reality differs from such an unlikely depiction of what it's like to be female. It needs no saying that the lot of the modern woman is far from the carefree lifestyle of sexual abandon that the bimbo is assumed to have - not least the difficulties of juggling the pressures of work with a busy family or love life, alongside uniquely feminine problems that men simply have no understanding of. Moreover, many women pride themselves on their intellectual and spiritual attributes in addition to their physical ones, regarding the portrayal of their gender as nothing more than giggling sex objects to be offensive and demeaning - as it would be if we were actually suggesting that all women should be considered that way.

Fortunately, it's possible for the submissive crossdresser to adopt the role of an air-headed bimbo without casting any such aspersions against women as a whole. Indeed, in the context of erotic feminization and lingerie discipline, allowing your husband to play the part of the bimbo once in a while can prove mutually beneficial, offering him a welcome respite from his everyday troubles whilst providing you with a willing partner who's guaranteed to go along with whatever you suggest so long as you don't take him out of character. Dressing your husband as a bimbo is ideal for introducing him to feminine matters that his masculine side might be more reluctant to consider, whether sexual or otherwise. Your husband will naturally find himself going along with whatever you propose once he's donned the clothing and consequently the attitude of a silly, giggly airhead. Spending a night in watching a romantic movie together makes the perfect prelude to taking your bimbo to bed afterwards, whereas having him relate to the heroine of the film from the point of view of such an unlikely persona is a great way of broadening his perspective on life.

When it comes to sex, the stereotypical bimbo is always eager to please, being as open to new ideas as she is submissive - something that's bound to rub off on your husband should he be playing the part. Dressing him up as a bimbo is sure to put him in the right frame of mind for trying something different - whether that means playing with toys together or having him satisfy you in ways he wouldn't ordinarily consider. He can remain fully dressed throughout, in so far as proceedings allow, and you can take advantage of his availability wherever you fancy - even in the most unorthodox of places! After all, a bimbo is ready for action at any time, more than happy to go along with whatever's suggested - whether that means hiking up his skirt over the kitchen table or sitting back in an armchair while he goes down on his knees to please you.

While the uniform of a bimbo varies far more than that of a maid, it still has a distinct character of its very own - you'll know it when you see it. If your husband fantasises about being turned into a bimbo, he's sure to have his own ideas about what such a stereotype should wear, which at the very least can provide suggestions for an outfit or two. Bimbos wear tight, figure hugging clothing that's invariable short and skimpy - boob tubes and miniskirts are the order of the day, along with micro dresses and similar party wear short enough to show their stocking tops. A male bimbo requires a bra, even though his role model might not bother with one, preferably overflowing out of the largest cup size available. Panties, however, are optional - where a bimbo does wear them, they're generally miniscule thongs or G-strings.

Stiletto heels of the highest height are costume de rigueur for a bimbo, and well worth taking the trouble to source even if your husband has particularly large feet - having him totter around on such infeasibly high footwear really will complete his outfit. If you really want to go to town with dressing him up as a bimbo, add a long platinum blonde wig such that he's feminized from head to toe, along with exaggerated makeup - bright red lipstick and polish, excessive eyeshadow and mascara, perhaps even ludicrously long false nails. Experimenting with such cosmetics on your man can be a great laugh, especially when taken to extremes that you would never normally consider for yourself. Alternatively, you can present him with a cosmetic bag once he's all dolled up and have him do his worst - however trashy the results, they won't look out of place when he's already dressed in the ludicrous attire of the common bimbo.

The bimbo is not the only stereotype that involves exaggerated sexual aspects, with the slut and the tart carrying similar connotations, albeit with more of an emphasis on sexual promiscuity rather than intellectual deficit. The whore, prostitute or hooker takes this one stage further, sexually available to anyone who can pay what she charges. Of course, such financial considerations are of little concern to the submissive crossdresser who fantasises about being rented out to all and sundry - his interest in emulating such a role is likely to lie more along the lines of the bimbo as a means of not having to bear the guilt or the responsibility for his secret desires. Although you may find the thought a little unpalatable initially, such roleplay is not that dissimilar from that involving a bimbo, allowing you to shape it in a more constructive direction.

Success as a secretary

Midway between the maid and the bimbo lies the sexy submissive secretary, an unlikely figure whose existence outside of men's fantasies and pornography is rather questionable. Nevertheless, the role has an undeniable appeal to many submissive crossdressers, especially those in high powered managerial or executive positions for whom the stereotypical secretary offers an attractive antithesis to the ruthless cut and thrust world of business. It's doubtful that many such men have much of an inkling as to how far office politics extends down the staff hierarchy, with secretaries having to deal with just as much infighting and territorial battles as those further up the food chain. Nor is having to deal with recalcitrant suppliers, equipment and bureaucratic systems likely to prove part of the picture - as with all the other roles discussed in this chapter, that of the sexy secretary is stylised to the point of absurdity.

Figure 12.6: You're the boss! A smart skirt and blouse will leave your husband in no doubt who's charge for when he's working for you while dressed as a secretary.

That doesn't make the archetype of the obedient secretary any less effective for the purposes of erotic feminization and lingerie discipline, however. The appeal of a role whose main responsibilities are to look pretty and to do as one is told is similar to that of the maid, not just from the perspective of the submissive crossdresser, but that of his wife too. Admittedly, it may be something of a stretch to go from serving in the office to doing so at home, but your secretary husband can still help around the house as part of his duties to his new boss - you! While scrubbing floors and cleaning toilets may not be in his job description, there are lots of other things a secretary can be employed to do - paying bills, managing correspondence, even helping your husband to find motivation to finish off his tax returns. Moreover, unlike an expensive personal assistant, a husband who is his wife's secretary works for the love of it, learning on the job until he rivals the best.

Regardless of what might be suitable for his female counterpart, the uniform of a male secretary is likely to consist of a smart skirt and tight white blouse, neither doing much to hide whatever lingerie he has on underneath - whether he wears a white or a black bra, it's sure to show through his blouse, and his panty line is bound to be similarly apparent. Nude hosiery is just as appropriate as the black or tan varieties, whether in the form of pantyhose or stockings - the tops of the latter always in danger of making themselves known whenever he bends over thanks to the shortness of his skirt. Black patent leather stilettos complete a look that retains a hint of professionalism, yet would be deemed practically inappropriate for all but the most daring of real personal assistants. Its sexual overtones are as unmistakable as its submissive ones, both combining to appeal to the man who longs to adopt such a role.

That doesn't mean that all male secretaries must don such caricatured clothing. There's no reason why your husband can't be dressed in more modest attire should you prefer - the kind of clothing that a real secretary might wear, rather than one plucked straight from the lewd imagination of her boss. A long flowing skirt and smart blouse, perhaps adorned with a necklace and clip-on earrings can work just as well as more sexualised attire. All that's needed is that your husband's uniform leaves him in no doubt that he's working as your assistant for as long as he's wearing it, and the power of women's clothing will do the rest - rendering your new secretary docile, obedient, but above all, useful.

Giddy as a schoolgirl

At the opposite end of the spectrum from the bimbo lies the schoolgirl, the latter's virginal innocence in sharp contrast to the former's overt sexuality. It's a stereotype that many submissive crossdressers are innately attracted to, the carefree femininity of such girls appealing to men who long to escape the responsibilities of adulthood. Their innocence and naïvety can be attractive on many levels, pandering not only to a submissive crossdresser's desire to relinquish control of matters to a more experienced partner, but also to throw off the twin burdens of guilt and knowledge that grow with age, especially where their sexuality is concerned. That can be a complicated, contradictory area, not helped by other, overly eroticised images of the naughty schoolgirl, conveniently just turned eighteen, targeting men who seek to take away others' virginity rather than recapture it themselves.

Again, that's something that can leave many women feeling uneasy, but approached carefully, the role of a schoolgirl can be a useful one to have a man adopt. If your husband has been arrogant or dismissive of your opinions and would benefit from showing a little more respect, putting him in a more junior position than normal is a great way of reminding him of his place. You don't have to dress your husband in a school uniform in order to benefit from such age regression - merely having him don the casual attire of a teenager is more than sufficient a contrast to his adult attire. It's hard for a man not to fall into line when his very clothing makes it clear that he is expected to take a subordinate place to the adult in the room, and dressing your husband up in girl's clothes has the added advantage of feminizing him too, with all the attendant effects that that has on his state of mind.

Figure 12.7: Not all schoolgirls wear school uniform. Here a cute T-shirt, pleated skirt and thigh high socks makes my husband's junior position perfectly clear.

For the purposes of feminizing your husband, the uniform of a schoolgirl can be as simple as a plain white blouse and dark pleated skirt, with knee high socks or stockings and white cotton underwear, although this can be embellished as you see fit. Some submissive crossdressers have quite elaborate schoolgirl outfits, often sourced from specialist suppliers, featuring matching school ties and blazers, not to mention oversized shoes, but it's not necessary to go to such lengths in order to create an appropriate impression on your husband - all of the basic clothes you need to turn him into a pastiche of a schoolgirl are readily available simply by mixing and matching from regular women's shops. It's only when they're brought together into one outfit that the combination shows for what it really is - individually, there's nothing special about a blouse or skirt that could be worn for work, sensible underwear and long socks. Put a man in them and tell him he's going back to school, however, and it's suddenly a different matter - he'll be sure to learn his lesson!

Alternatively, you can opt for the kind of clothing that younger women might wear, perhaps a strappy top and flared skirt or a pretty party dress - attire that would look out of place on a woman of your husband's age, let alone a man! You can have him wear more innocent clothing, where any sexual connotations are entirely accidentally, or choose that of a girl who is beginning to explore her sexuality, maybe self-consciously flirting with those around her, perhaps even flaunting her feminine charms. Either way, so long as his attire makes it clear that he's the junior partner in the relationship, it's sure to have the desired effect, allowing you to adopt the role of an authority figure and instruct him accordingly. Although a real teenager might be rather more rebellious, your husband will find it difficult to speak out of turn when he's wearing their kind of clothes - an especially effective punishment if his wandering eye has a tendency to rest on similarly attired young ladies.

Of course, dressing your husband up as a girl opens the door to giving him a greater insight into what it's like to be one in other ways too. A girls' night in together provides an opportunity for him to learn a feminine thing or two, quite apart from correcting his behaviour as a man. Whether you're painting each other's nails, styling his hair, reading women's magazines for the latest fashion tips or simply watching something slushy on the television, having your husband dress the part is sure to put him in a receptive frame of mind. No matter what you do together, having him wear such attire allows you to set the pace, clearly emphasising his submission whilst remaining kind and gentle.

Other outfits

The outfits that we've looked at so far have been those that are suitable for the purposes of lingerie discipline as well as those of erotic feminization - putting a submissive crossdresser in any of them has practical benefits far beyond simply turning him on, imposing a particular state of mind as a consequence of the connotations of the clothing concerned. Because of their inherent appeal to those with a penchant for feminine clothing, the deeper psychological implications of such outfits tend to be accepted without question, regardless of whether they are consciously recognised by the wearer. This serves to satisfy the needs not only of the crossdresser, but more importantly, his wife as well, allowing both parties to benefit from such an arrangement. A male maid may regard himself as the lucky one for being allowed to dress up and serve, whereas his wife may feel she has the better deal now that she no longer needs to clean - truly a match made in heaven!

Figure 12.8: Some outfits are less practical than others - however adorable! While looking downright daft has its moments, a man is generally more useful as a maid!

There are a number of other roles that submissive crossdressers sometimes fantasise about which we haven't touched on here, primarily because they lack the additional benefits offered by more practical roles. However erotically appealing dressing up as a bride or a cheerleader may be to some transvestites, parading around in a wedding dress or a pleated skirt and a pair of pom-poms is unlikely to do as much for his wife as a uniform that encourages him to consider her needs in preference to his own. That's not to say that these other roles can't be made to work at a push - it may well be worth occasionally indulging your husband if he has a particular fascination for bridal gowns or bridesmaids dresses, for instance, as a special treat, but in general, it's better to direct his crossdressing towards areas of more mutual benefit.

A submissive crossdresser with no particular preference for outfits so long as they have a certain feminine quality is unlikely to complain about adopting any of the roles outlined in this chapter - all have a distinct appeal beyond more generic women's clothing, allowing the wearer to express his submission as well as his feminine side. A frilly satin maid's uniform may not differ much from a sophisticated satin ballgown in terms of physical sensations, especially if both are worn with petticoats, lingerie and heels, but the psychological effects are completely different - the former strongly suggesting that the wearer should help out around the house in a way that's simply not the case with a ballgown. The same is true for the stereotypical attire of the bimbo, the secretary and the schoolgirl, in their own way - each carries a wealth of connotations particularly suited for putting a man in a particular frame of mind.

We've discussed submissive crossdressers at length in this chapter because such men are most receptive to such outfits - perhaps even going so far as to beg to be allowed to adopt a particular role, something which can prove perturbing to an unprepared partner. Nevertheless, even men who wouldn't ordinarily choose to wear such attire of their own volition are sure to be affected by the powerful stereotypes we've been looking at. The benefits of having a male maid, bimbo, secretary or schoolgirl around the house certainly aren't restricted to just the wives of crossdressers, so if your husband is already wearing women's underwear for the purposes of erotic feminization and lingerie discipline, why not try dressing him up further and see where that takes you?