Help! I think I'm a sissy!

Chapter 2: What do sissies do?

Fact and fantasy

Given the Internet age in which we live, it would be very surprising if you haven't looked online for material relating to sissies - whether seeking support and information about your needs and desires or, more likely, simply surfing for arousing thrills. Indeed, the chances are that you're more than familiar with what's out there in terms of pornographic and community sites alike. There are forums for sissy maids and chat rooms for sissy babies, blogs about sissies and sites with titillating sissy stories and pictures, to name but a few. Some are dedicated to particular aspects of being a sissy, whereas others are more general, perhaps including submission and crossdressing among many other fetishes. Then there are those that are only tangentially related, but nevertheless appealing to many sissies - forums discussing male chastity, for instance, or those intended for submissive men or crossdressers. Can one can pull it all together and get a feeling for what it is that sissies do?

While the Internet can be an invaluable source of help and support, not to mention offering an apparently endless supply of visual stimulation, it's dangerous to build a mental model based solely on what one finds online without applying a copious amount of critical thinking and common sense - in layman's terms, a healthy pinch of salt. That's true for even the most benign or boring of interests, let alone one as sexually and emotionally charged as being a sissy. Pretty much anyone can get online and say whatever they like without anyone needing to know who they really are, with the anonymous safety of the Internet presenting a far lower barrier to entry than real life. Because of this, the web is replete with cranks and fantasists, not to mention trolls who delight in stirring trouble. Some of them are more aware than others about the extent to which they exaggerate or distort the truth, but some are blissfully unaware of just how out of kilter they are, buoyed up by the attention they receive from those around them regardless of how daft or disturbing they might appear.

While you wouldn't stick around in a bar next to some raving madman propounding a ludicrous conspiracy theory, things are rather different on the Internet. Rather than being escorted from the establishment by security or shunned by other patrons to a dark corner where nobody listens to them, such individuals tend to seek out like-minded folk online, no matter how bizarre or unlikely their ideas. Whether it's the belief that humanity is being secretly controlled by alien overlords or that Elvis was the second coming, there's a nook and cranny for pretty much anything you can imagine if you care to go looking for it - places where true believers reinforce one another's preconceptions no matter what articles of faith they might hold. The people who frequent any forum, chat room or blog are self-selecting - those who find the atmosphere to their taste stick around, whereas those who don't move on in search of a more agreeable community.

It's easy to dismiss the more outlandish or preposterous of claims when you know what you're talking about, but more subtle exaggerations or distortions may slip past even the most veteran of experts, let alone someone new to a particular subject. Even on mainstream sites, it often requires a degree of lurking in order to recognise the resident cranks and trolls for what they are, rather than accepting everything they say at face value. That's especially the case when part of you wants what they are saying to be true - the thought that someone, somewhere has escaped the humdrum banality of everyday existence for a far more interesting life spent living out their dreams can prove surprisingly intoxicating when you share similar aspirations yourself, no matter how unlikely such tales might be in the cold light of day,

Suspending critical judgement when it comes to other people's fantasies wouldn't be so much of a problem were it not for the fact that believing them too much can skew your own desires in undesirable directions, causing problems in the real world for those unable to distinguish the difference. The married sissy who longs to serve as his wife's maid may find his ambitions hampered by the delusion that he must be her slave twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, his erroneous belief that that's what is expected of a proper maid serving only to deny them happiness. The woman who might have been prepared to see her husband don the attire and attitude of a domestic servant on occasion, perhaps as a way of spicing up their bedroom activities, is turned off by his intensity, unwilling to humour him at all thanks to his insistence that her maid lives up to some unlikely role model. Wanting to be cuckolded or forced into homosexual activity because that's what others do online, the opportunity for a mutually rewarding arrangement is lost - or worse, the would-be cuckold discovers that satisfying men really isn't all it's cracked up to be.

Are there cuckolds who are kept in chastity and expected to serve as sissy maids all day, every day - like it or not? What about sissy babies who wear nothing but pretty party dresses over their diapers, paraded around in prams and breastfed in public? How about sissy secretaries who go to work in skirts and blouses, their job involving nothing but satisfying their boss's urges and submitting to strap-on wearing colleagues? All things are possible, but the more unlikely the claims, the more likely it is that someone is simply making things up rather than objectively relating their situation - especially if they claim to have no choice in the matter, but nevertheless regale readers with regular, detailed accounts of the humiliations they endure as though loving every minute. With experience, it becomes all too easy to spot the tell-tale signs of outrageous fantasists, but even then one shouldn't take anything for granted - the boundary between truth and fiction is often blurred online.

Although it may be impossible to trust anything you find online absolutely, let alone take it as a prescription for how you should live your own life, it's nevertheless possible to use even the most ridiculous of fantasies to sound out your own desires. If one of the unlikely scenarios we painted a moment ago caused you to stir in your panties, give it some thought and see if you can figure out what appealed in particular. Equally, if your stomach turned at the thought of certain aspects of them, a single detail putting you off the entire picture by its mere inclusion, that too is a useful thing to be able to pin down. Don't just limit your consideration to what we'll be discussing here, but take a glance at your bookmarks or leaf through your collection of pictures and stories and see if you can spot any patterns about what does it for you.

Like losing yourself in a thrilling action movie, there's nothing wrong with having fantasies so long as you don't take them too seriously. You don't have to become a superhero or a secret agent in order to enjoy their fictional escapades on the big screen - indeed, there would be something very wrong if you came out of the theatre with the belief that you could dodge bullets, let alone fly. In a sense, sexual fantasies are like wanting to win the lottery - it's okay to daydream about what you might do with your unexpected millions, but quitting your job or buying a flash car before the draw in the misguided expectation that your ticket will see you right is unlikely to end positively. There's nothing shameful or wrong about such fancies, provided you're able to recognise them for what they are - nothing more, nothing less.

It's not just sissies who have sexual fantasies - everyone does, although few are prepared to admit to them openly. Many women are also secretly submissive, fantasising about being dominated by strong, powerful men who use them as mere sex objects. Others daydream about doing it in public or with strangers, participating in orgies or simply involving someone other than their partner. As the plethora of erotic telephone services and websites attests, there are many men for whom the thought of barely legal virgins or much older “mature” women is a turn on, not to mention threesomes, uniforms and prostitutes, among many, many more. In the safe world of fantasy, they're free to indulge desires that would be too risky or have too many consequences in the responsibility laden reality of a world with domestic and marital commitments, sexual diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

All that's before we introduce fetishes to the mix. It's worth taking the time to idly explore a niche interest that wouldn't ordinarily appeal in order to get a greater sense of perspective regarding your own desires. There are countless other sexual kinks and quirks that are perfectly harmless yet seem rather daft to an outsider. Nevertheless, their devotees are just as passionate about pursuing them as sissies are about all things feminine and submissive. Such subcultures have forums and blogs of their own, not to mention a similar share of fantasists and daydreamers - from balloon fetishists to furries, doll aficionados to latex lovers, you'll find all sorts online. There are those who dream of becoming dolls and those who claim to live as a dog full-time, quite apart from those who argue the relative merits of popping balloons versus not. They share many sociological similarities with subjects closer to a sissy's heart, containing the same mix of truth and fantasy, but stripped of the erotic associations of one's own desires, it's far easier to see such things for what they are rather than getting caught up in arousal.

Sometimes what separates sexually appealing fantasies from real world turn-offs is simply a matter of degree. A man might fantasise about becoming a full-time sissy slut, forced to wear skimpy miniskirts and tight tops whilst being treated like a cheap whore, but actually find that doing so for any length of time is less appealing, even in the safety of a loving relationship. The occasional bedroom role play may be sufficient to satisfy those particular desires, with his trashy tart's attire coming out with his wife's strap-on from time to time but otherwise not impinging upon their lives - however much the thought of adopting such a role full-time might offer an enticing escape from life in the office. Moreover, approaching his wife with the suggestion that they fool around with such ideas occasionally stands a far greater chance of receiving her support than insisting on becoming a permanent sex slave kept chained to the bed. The same is true for chastity devices - despite what some might claim online, you don't have to wear one all the time for them to be a great deal of fun for an hour or two, as is also the case with donning lingerie and a whole lot more. Often a little is far better than too much.

Of course, fantasises can also contain aspects that one would never want to become real, not least because of the long term consequences. Being publicly humiliated may be an immense turn on for some sissies, but few are likely to want all their friends and families to know about their secret desires - after all, if they did, they'd be wearing their pretty dresses openly in front of everyone. Breaking taboos is thrilling when undertaken with the safe control that a fantasy offers, but becomes quite a different matter when done so indiscriminately - as the difference between being caught wearing panties by a bunch of giggling college girls in a lingerie shop versus the elderly male residents of a nursing home demonstrates. The same goes for being blackmailed or cuckolded, let alone more permanent physical changes such as breast augmentation or castration. We'll be looking into the reasons why some sissies find the thought of being emasculated arousing in a moment, but for now it's worth reiterating that being turned on by the thought of something doesn't mean you have to live it out for real - fantasies and realities are quite different.

Bearing that in mind, let's take a look at some of things that often appeal to sissies, hopefully shedding a little light on their allure in the process. Make a mental note of anything that chimes particularly for you as you're reading, and see if you can spot any deeper patterns in your own desires - whether as fantasies or things you'd like to make real.

What do sissies wear?

When they're all dolled up, one look is all it takes to recognise a sissy. There's no mistaking the exaggerated, stereotypical attire of the sissy maid, with billowing petticoats and satin apron, nor the overly sexualised apparel of the sissy bimbo, complete with whorish make-up and killer heels. Sissies often accentuate the feminine aspects of their appearance to a point far beyond where most real women would feel comfortable, becoming a caricatured cliché that stands out from the crowd rather than blending in as one of the girls. Unlike transvestites who seek to pass as women in public, many sissies relish such hyper-femininity for the feelings it engenders in them, allowing them to distance themselves as much as possible from anything masculine. Moreover, such ludicrously exaggerated attire lets anyone around them know that they're neither man nor woman but something quite different. The over-the-top outfit of a sissy maid or sissy baby acts as an unmistakable symbol of submission to a mistress or nanny dressed in regular women's clothes, even without her donning the equally excessive and symbolic garb of a traditional dominatrix.

Feeling feminine needs firm foundations, such that many sissies have a special love of lingerie. There are few articles of attire that are more womanly than a matching bra and panties, festooned with ribbons and lace - a world apart from the mundanity of men's underwear. While women might prefer a plain, practical everyday bra or comfortable cotton panties, sissies generally opt for fancy, frilly affairs - whether it's girly pink satin or sultry black lace, there's no denying its femininity. The intensely intimate connotations of women's underwear give it an unrivalled power that's just as potent on a man's body, feminizing him as soon as he steps into a pair of panties or fastens his bra behind his back. It's hard not to think of a woman wearing similar attire when donning lingerie yourself, with all the feminine and erotic associations that entails. Moreover, lingerie is unrivalled in the way it can be worn beneath other clothing, allowing a sissy to take a little part of his secret world with him wherever he goes - a practice known as “underdressing”.

Some sissies have a particular penchant for pretty panties, loving the smooth caress of soft material against their nether regions quite apart from feeling feminine. The different cut of women's underwear can leave a sissy feeling restrained even by regular knickers, especially when he becomes excited. Some like to wear tight, clingy panties for precisely this reason, delighting in the sense of restriction that control panties engender. Others opt for thongs that bisect the buttocks, their intimate intrusion leaving the wearer in no doubt as to what he is wearing. The string of a thong offers a safe and yet deliciously naughty way to enjoy the thrill of the taboo as the saucily pantied sissy breaks the traditional prohibition against men allowing anything up this most private of areas. Wearing such underwear leaves them feeling embraced by the feminine even when they're otherwise dressed entirely in masculine attire. Then there are special sissy panties of the kind adored by sissy babies - gorgeous rhumba panties bedecked with ruffles that are just begging to be shown off under a pretty party dress, a world apart from anything most women would wear.

There are few items of clothing more feminine than the bra. Intended to support a woman's breasts, the very nature of this garment means that most men don't have need for one. Even before being padded, the tight embrace of a bra has a powerful effect upon a sissy, with its underwires pressing against his chest and its straps pulling down upon his shoulders. A brassière is a complicated affair with intricate fastenings and adjusters that's paradoxically delicate and yet imposing at the same time. Fill out the cups, however, and it takes on a whole new meaning - not only making a sissy feel feminine, but giving his chest a distinctly womanly projection. Some sissies delight in wearing the biggest bras they can find, giving themselves breasts large enough to rival even the most well-endowed of women. Others are content with a more modest bust, albeit one that is distinctly unmasculine - enough to let themselves and others know that their chest has been feminized, especially beneath tight, clingy outerwear that shows off such womanly curves to maximum effect.

Bras aren't the only garments that can help give a sissy a feminine figure. More traditional foundation wear such as corsets, cinchers and basques are also firm favourites in this regard, not only pulling in the waist and emphasising the bust but imposing themselves upon their wearer both physically and psychologically. The rigid boning and stiff material of an unyielding foundation garment leaves the cinched-in sissy in no doubt that he is subject to its embrace, his body having to conform to the shape of his corsetry rather than the other way around! When tightly laced, a corset or basque can restrict not only the movements of a sissy but his breathing too, forcing him to take shallow breaths and making any kind of physical exertion extremely difficult. That's the very opposite of a macho man, but most befitting for the delicate lady or the helpless girl whom the sissy aspires to become. A corseted sissy has no choice but to adopt feminine habits in the process, his foundation wear imposing discipline upon its wearer for as long as he remains laced in it.

Some sissies are fascinated with vintage underwear beyond traditional corsets and cinchers. The longline brassière is a perennial favourite for many older men who delight in the nostalgic memories it brings back for them, picturing pin-ups from bygone days or reliving formative moments from their youth. Like the modern-day basque, a longline bra embraces the wearer's body far more than the regular kind, its intricate fastening traversing the length of a sissy's spine as it squeezes his body from chest to hips. Such attire is sure to put a would-be 1950s housewife in the mood for housekeeping, especially when worn with a girdle. Both panty girdles and the open bottom variety have largely fallen out of fashion as far as today's women are concerned, but nevertheless retain a strong following among sissies. It's easy to see why when one considers how such garments grip the groin and buttocks, an open bottom girdle forcing the wearer's thighs together, a panty girdle imprisoning his manhood beneath its firm yet feminine embrace. Some sissies opt to combine a longline bra and a girdle in the form of a corselette, a one-piece garment that squeezes them from shoulders to thighs as it imposes its image of traditional femininity upon them.

Many foundation garments come with suspender straps to support stockings, but a sissy need not be a devotee of old-fashioned underwear in order to delight in wearing women's hosiery. Indeed, many prefer pantyhose which requires no such support yet still clings to their legs with the same charge as traditional fully fashioned stockings. Quite apart from the erotic connotations, donning hosiery is like putting on a second skin, its enveloping closeness unmatched by anything that might be found in a man's sock drawer. The tactile sensation of wearing nylons is so powerful that the slightest of movements can be enough to trigger a tingling wave of electricity, let alone when such feminine legwear is deliberately caressed with erotic intent. Besides making a sissy feel special, the delicate nature of nylons requires extra care in order to avoid snagging. Constantly worrying about whether he has laddered his tights not only makes a sissy feel feminine as he emulates the behaviour of real women, but also keeps his mind focused on his feminization, relegating more mundane sources of stress to the sidelines in the process.

Of course, stockings are also a delight to look at - especially when held up by a saucy suspender belt that frames the wearer's intimate regions with sexy femininity. While more practical pantyhose has a certain appeal, there's no doubting the erotic connotations of stockings and suspenders, garments that bring to mind undeniably arousing associations for most men. It should come as no surprise that garter belts are disproportionately popular among sissies when compared to women in general, with such sexually charged lingerie practically de rigueur when it comes to feminizing a man's legs, no matter what might be worn on top. Even sissy schoolgirls often wear this most adult of hosiery beneath their dangerously short pleated skirts, no matter how out of place such a combination might be for their real world counterparts. It's not just sissies who are enamoured with such legwear - one only has to glance at more mainstream pornography to begin to appreciate the reasons behind its appeal, and indeed, to understand why many women are reluctant to consider wearing stockings and suspenders outside of the bedroom for fear of giving the wrong impression. A sissy has no such concerns - indeed, he may actively want to look slutty. Moreover, such hosiery offers practical benefits in the form of unrestricted access between his legs - no matter what the wearer is doing!

Fully fashioned seamed stockings allow some sissies to return to a time when women knew their place, the ideal accompaniment to a girdle for those wanting to take on the trappings of a traditional housewife, whose cooking and cleaning saves them from the stresses of the modern male world. Others have a fondness for hosiery with a reinforced heel and toe, perhaps developing a foot fetish that involves women wearing such nylons into one that sees them donning them themselves. Stocking enthusiasts may be partial to luxury stockings with deep lace welts that are as elegant as they are sexy - whether in seductive, smoky shades or skin toned and so sheer that no-one else need know they're wearing them. Alternatively, they may enjoy the sexual innuendo of saucy fishnets, putting them in mind of cheap tarts as they don such raunchy legwear, either in traditional black or whorish red. Indeed, some sissies delight in wearing ripped nylons, revelling in a trashy look that no self-respecting woman would ever consider but fits perfectly with their desire to feel used and abused.

Sexy lingerie is all that's needed for fooling around in the bedroom. Some sissies never wear anything else in terms of women's attire, yet look ever so pretty all dolled up in their frillies nonetheless. It doesn't matter if he's pleasuring himself or up to his elbows in soapy water, a pair of panties is all it takes to mark a man as a sissy - whether he's wearing other clothing on top, or naked save for his knickers. Add a matching bra and stockings or perhaps a naughty babydoll nightdress and even the most macho of men soon starts to feel ever so cute and girly - from the pretty innocence of virginal white satin to the sultry seduction of smouldering black lace. If all you want to do as a sissy is to dress up in the contents of a well stocked lingerie drawer, then you're far from alone - many men delight in women's underwear and the effect it has upon them, whether occasionally or as a more regular part of their wardrobe, without ever desiring to delve deeper into the world of women's attire.

Of course, many sissies do like to dress up further - indeed, some have very exacting requirements when it comes to uniforms associated with particular roles, as we'll discuss in due course. Putting these to one side for a moment, even a regular woman's wardrobe contains all manner of garments ordinarily off limits to a man - skirts and dresses, to name but two. Some sissies love to wear clingy little numbers that leave nothing to the imagination, with slinky fabric that follows every curve of their body in so far as the garment actually covers them - the kind of party wear that younger ladies wear to go clubbing, for instance, no matter how ill-suited such attire might be when it comes to disguising the masculine lumps and bumps of a six foot sissy. Add some killer heels and a little lingerie, and the sissy is free to pretend he's a simmering sexpot, turning heads just like the girls he's emulating. It's easy to see why a man might want to adopt such arousing attire, its carnal connotations clear.

Tight, clingy clothing isn't just restricted to clubwear, of course. A figure hugging miniskirt and blouse can be just as effective at emphasising the female sexual characteristics that a sissy seeks to possess, yet remain just about presentable in the office - especially in the dream world of work where secretaries are always sexualised to the point of being slutty. Some sissies take such things to extremes, wearing outfits that would be sure to get a real personal assistant the wrong kind of reputation. That means skirts so short that they show off the tops of a sissy's stockings, forever riding up so that their panties are perilously close to display - even before they bend over! Visible panty lines may be a fashion faux pas for real women, but many sissies delight in seeing them on themselves just as much as they would on an attractive co-worker, flirting with the thought of their underwear being discovered no matter whether they're wearing a tight skirt on top or just regular men's trousers.

Whether a fitted blouse or figure hugging T-shirt, a tight top demonstrates a sissy's stuffed bra to best effect, moulding itself to his feminine curves in a manner that's far more realistic than openly displaying his unlikely chest. While a close-fitting top disguises whatever artificial aids a sissy might have used to obtain his bulging bosom, it does nothing to lessen their shape. Quite apart from such practical benefits, a clingy, stretchy top puts the sissy wearing it in mind of busty beauties so confident as to similarly flaunt their assets, all but displaying their underwear as their chest catches the eye of any man who glances upon it. Whereas few women would choose to put on such a brazen display with their choice of attire, especially with regards to clothes they'll be wearing all day in more mundane environments, many sissies have no such qualms, opting to combine big bras with blouses so tight that any buttons they care to fasten are practically popping off with the strain.

Even the simple T-shirt has its place in the sissy wardrobe, especially those of a fitted, feminine style that cling to the chest. There's no hiding the signs of a black bra beneath a light coloured top, but even a white one will show through if the material is thin enough - and that's before adding any padding! Some sissies like to show off their lingerie even more by wearing strappy tops, stretching not one but two sets of exciting elastic straps over their shoulders - not only perfect for a mistress to ping, but forcing them to adopt the same habits as a woman in order to keep them from slipping. Others are fond of croptops or capped sleeve T-shirts, relishing such feminine design details to an extent that might seem disproportionate to those not similarly enamoured with such styles. Of course, regardless of the particular pattern, women's T-shirts are often embellished with adorable designs - few men would choose to have pretty flowers or cute hearts emblazoned across their chest, but for a sissy, such details can turn a plain top into a real treat for their feminine alter ego.

After all, you don't need to dress like a slut to be a sissy. There are many sissies who prefer longer, looser affairs, no matter whether on top or below. The swish of fabric around the ankles that comes from wearing a full length skirt makes a delicious change from trousers, allowing air to go right up the legs whilst still preserving the wearer's modesty. Whether it's the thin material of a pretty summer dress or a thick, woolly winter skirt, the resulting sense of freedom is quite palpable for many sissies ordinarily confined to more masculine legwear - either worn with hosiery or simply bare-legged underneath. Some sissies like to enhance this effect by adding voluminous petticoats to plump out their skirts, the layers of chiffon or taffeta serving to take them closer to the traditional hourglass figure that many crossdressers aspire to as well as rustling around their legs with the slightest of movements. Of course, not all long skirts need be loose - there are tight hobble skirts that force their wearers to take tiny, mincing steps, especially in high heels, serving to emphasise a sissy's submission as his clothes take control.

Warm, fluffy clothing can bring back nostalgic memories of childhood, as well as having an appeal of its very own for sissies who long to wear angora sweaters or mohair cardigans, often in pastel colours that are as soft and comforting as the material itself. Others have a penchant for cable knit skirts or tights, finding the tactile sensation of wool to be just as pleasing as satin or silk against their skin. Then there are woollen clothing's psychological associations, making a sissy feel secure when he's all wrapped up in its warm embrace or putting him in mind of those who wore such garments when he was growing up. There are even sissies who take delight in wearing fluffy slippers around the house, reliving the innocence of childhood in the form of footwear that would be exquisitely embarrassing for a man to be caught wearing by his contemporaries. Worn with satin pyjamas and a fluffy pink dressing gown, such slippers leave a sissy all set for a girly sleepover, letting him go to bed free from the cares of a more masculine world.

A woman's love of shoes can seem quite alien to her husband, but many sissies harbour a secret longing to partake in the mysterious world of feminine footwear. Unlike men's shoes, which are generally plain and practical, those for women tend to be as fancy and fashionable as the rest of her wardrobe, providing the perfect complement to any outfit - provided she can find the right pair! In addition, heels enhance a woman's femininity by pushing her bust and butt out, emphasising her natural charms in a manner that men simply can't help but instinctively respond to. Small wonder then that many sissies are drawn to stiletto heels, not only because of how such footwear accentuates their femininity physically but also renders them helpless and vulnerable as they totter around atop its perilous heights, putting the male wearer in a supremely submissive frame of mind. Whether securely strapped around his ankles or simply slipped on his stockinged feet, even modest heels can have a profound effect on a man, let alone the six inch killer heels of a streetwalker or a slut, the kind of stilettos that scream “do me” to all who see them.

Some sissies' interests take them into the realm of fetish wear, combining aspects of crossdressing and sexual submission with other predilections such as a penchant for particular materials. That can mean thigh high boots made of patent leather, latex stockings and suspenders or PVC maid's uniforms, to name but a few. Others have a propensity for the shiny softness of satin or silk, perhaps salivating over blouses or dresses cut from such luxurious fabric - quite apart from lingerie or nightwear. A flowing satin nightdress that runs off the body like liquid can prove exquisitely exciting in the bedroom, its smooth fabric a delight both to caress and be caressed in. Conversely, the diaphanous gossamer of an ethereal negligee can float away at the slightest provocation, yet serves to veil its wearer in a shroud of pure femininity - so insubstantial that he may not be wearing it, yet having a powerful impact on a sissy's state of mind all the same. Speaking of nightwear, a skimpy babydoll and matching thong may be far too exciting for a sissy to actually sleep in, but equally may be just what he needs to put the trials and tribulations of the day to one side, drifting off to enjoy girly dreams of satin and lace.

As with their crossdressing cousins, some sissies wish to look so feminine as to pass as women in public, whereas others are content with merely feeling like one in private. Either way, they might use cosmetics to help disguise their masculine facial features or simply to enhance the sensations that dressing up induces. Perhaps the most popular item of make-up for sissies is lipstick, with bright red lips proving perfect for pouting in the mirror, let alone engaging in more intimate activity. Along with overdone eyeshadow and copious mascara, sissies seeking titillation often opt for outrageously provocative extremes, laying their make-up on with a trowel to give them a whorish look that few women would actively seek to achieve. Nevertheless, more subtle use of gentler shades, along with appropriate foundation and rouge, can help soften a man's face to the extent that he appears more womanly than whorish. The same goes for wigs, which offer long blonde tresses or a natty black bob in moments no matter how closely cropped or balding the man beneath them may be. Conversely, some sissies delight in the contradiction of manly face atop an otherwise feminized body, eschewing cosmetics and hairpieces for the embarrassing knowledge that they're obviously neither a real man nor a real woman but an effeminate sissy.

It's impossible to exhaustively list every item of feminine attire that might appeal to a sissy in the space available here - indeed, practically anything you might find in a woman's wardrobe has its aficionados. All that's important is whether something makes an individual sissy feel feminine, no matter how mundane or unlikely it may be for a woman. If there are particular garments, styles or materials that do it for you, helping you relax or arousing you as soon as you put them on, make a note of them. It doesn't matter if other sissies don't share your fascination for certain kinds of clothing, nor have other tastes that aren't to your liking - just as real women dress differently, their clothing reflecting their mood, personality and the situation at hand, so too can a sissy forge his own feminine identify by means of what he wears.

What roles do sissies adopt?

For some men, being a sissy involves dressing up in whatever takes their fancy from their girly wardrobe, no matter whether that's merely donning some sexy underwear or putting together an entire outfit to feminize them from the skin out. Some choose what to wear with the same painstaking care a real woman might when dressing to impress, whereas others simply throw on the first thing that catches their eye. Whether they model different fashions in front of a mirror or simply pull something at random out of their lingerie drawer, there's no special meaning to their attire beyond making them feel feminine, however powerful an effect that may be. Were a woman to wear similar outfits, no-one would draw any conclusions about her other than making judgements about her taste in fashion and, perhaps, her modesty and sense of decorum.

Other sissies prefer more stylised outfits that go far beyond merely putting on women's clothes, donning uniforms that impose a particular mindset as they adopt the role associated with such attire. They're not just sissies but sissy maids, sissy secretaries or sissy sluts, with their clothing helping them to play the part. Besides making them look and feel feminine, their exaggerated attire encourages submission, emphasising the difference between a sissy and a mere transvestite. While a man needn't get dressed up in order to scrub a floor, being perfectly capable of performing such menial housework in a suit and tie if required, wearing a pretty little maid's uniform puts him in the perfect frame of mind for doing the cleaning. After all, it's hard for a husband not to do as his wife tells him when his very appearance leaves them both in no doubt that he's her servant, whereas if he's dressed as a bimbo, ensuring her sexual satisfaction naturally comes before his own needs - as befits his role.

Of course, a sissy need not be married or even have a partner in order to be entranced by the idea of being a sissy maid or sissy bimbo. The allure of the sexy secretary, naughty nurse or saucy maid is such that they frequently occur in erotica intended to appeal to men without the slightest inclination towards crossdressing or submission. It's easy to see why such stereotypical, overly sexualised fantasies are so fascinating for many men, let alone sissies, given how they practically drip with erotic associations. Such clichés are a world apart from real maids, nurses or secretaries, but their unlikeliness doesn't detract from their appeal to the sissy who longs to share in the powerful connotations of such roles - not just ultra-feminine to the point of being ludicrous, but overtly and intensely submissive too - perfect fantasy fodder.

Service roles that stress the individual's subordinate position have particular appeal to many sissies, as the examples we've already given illustrate, but the submissive crossdresser need not adopt every aspect of them. Indeed, their portrayal may be utterly implausible, yet still prove exciting and arousing nonetheless. While few executives or managers would appreciate the reality of being bossed about in the office by their co-workers, having to file mountains of paperwork or field phone calls from angry customers, the fantasy of the sissy secretary being bent over a desk or taken in the storeroom is quite a different matter. Likewise, many sissy maids do very little actual cleaning, preferring to spend their time serving in the bedroom or simply pleasuring themselves to the thought of being obliged to submit in such a uniform. A sissy bimbo may delight in dressing as trashily as possible but never want to entertain another so attired, sending out all the signals of promiscuity, yet paradoxically remaining perfectly chaste in the privacy of their own home.

Some sissies identify so strongly with a particular role that it becomes synonymous with being a sissy for them - their alter ego is more than just a submissive crossdresser, expressing itself solely in the narrower form of a dedicated sissy maid or sissy baby, for example. Others have a number of roles they like to pick and choose between as the mood suits them, perhaps being a sissy schoolgirl one day and a sissy slut the next, swinging from innocence to promiscuity as the fancy takes them and changing their attire and attitude to match. As with sissies and the wider crossdressing community, there are forums and blogs specifically for individual roles as well as discussions devoted to them in more general areas. Of course, asking a forum for sissy maids what it means to be a sissy is going to get a rather different response than one for sissy babies, just as transvestite support forums cater to a rather different audience to those focusing on submissive crossdressers' humiliation fantasies.

As the archetypal female servant, it's no wonder that the role of the maid appeals to many sissies. Undertaking the most menial of household chores for a mistress is an undeniably submissive activity, with the drudgery of cleaning requiring little in the way of decision making - however much elbow grease is called for! Following orders and doing as one is told is the lot of the maid, relieving the lady of the house of the burden of the housework no matter how degrading the task at hand - from cleaning toilets to washing dirty underwear, it's a maid's place to see to it that everything is spick and span. The uniform of a sissy maid is a far cry from the mundane tabard of a professional cleaner, however - whether a saucy French maid's outfit more suited to a farce or the traditional costume of a Victorian housemaid, it's sure to mark the sissy maid as a submissive, feminized servant. However erroneously, men have traditionally regarded cleaning as women's work, which makes doing the chores in a frilly apron a particularly emasculating experience for a male maid, up to his elbows in soapy water or on his hands and knees scrubbing a floor while his undeniably superior mistress looks down upon him.

Around the office, the sissy secretary is equally expected to do as he is told, taking care of his boss's needs while making sure to look as pretty as he can, all dolled up in a smart blouse and skirt - even if the latter is soon hitched up around his thighs, revealing the tops of his sheer stockings beneath. Many sissy secretaries dream about having to work for a stern female boss, perhaps becoming subordinate to one of their real life co-workers or even an office full of assertive ladies. That's a clear reversal of roles, with the sissy adopting the traditionally feminine position of the submissive, obedient secretary in contrast to the stereotypically masculine job of the executive. The delicious humiliation of such a scenario may be enhanced by being expected to serve far more intimately than any genuine personal assistant would ever contemplate, perhaps receiving erotic punishments for even the slightest infraction of office rules. Alternatively, even sissies who don't identify themselves as being homosexual may fantasise about being subject to the whims of another man whilst dressed in such embarrassing attire - perhaps even forced to satisfy him sexually during the course of their duties as befits a slutty secretary who knows he must keep his boss happy no matter what is asked of him.

The sissy bimbo is also no stranger to pleasuring others - indeed, the sexual promiscuity associated with such a role can prove a big attraction for many sissies. Whilst many women would regard being treated as nothing more than a sex object to be demeaning and degrading, the archetypal brainless bimbo is idolised by those sissies who see her simple, carefree life of endless sex as the perfect antidote to the pressures of a more demanding world, longing to have nothing more to worry about than looking sexy. The indiscriminate abandon with which the bimbo is free to pursue her sexual desires presents an appealing contrast to the guilt and repression that sissies often harbour about dressing up and behaving submissively. Moreover, bimbos are naturally pleasing to the eye, their exaggerated sexuality not only expressed but enhanced by the tight, skimpy clothing, pneumatic augmented breasts and overdone make-up that typifies them. For sissies who like to take on characteristics of the women they are physically attracted to, playing the part of the bimbo is quintessentially arousing even if the only person they're pleasuring is themselves.

It's difficult to draw a precise distinction between the sissy bimbo and the sissy slut, but the sissy whore has an additional element of degradation - performing sexual services not to satisfy their own carnal needs, but simply for the money, like a common streetwalker. Pleasuring men for whom the sissy has no natural desires, the role of the sissy whore might even involve being forced to act as a prostitute as part of an elaborate blackmail or kidnap scenario. It's an exciting fantasy that few sissies would want to live out for real, allowing them to assuage the guilt they feel towards their desires by imagining a situation where they have no choice in the matter. Indeed, sissies who harbour a degree of self-hatred towards their alter ego may delight in picturing her being cruelly abused, treated as a sex object without the slightest hint of compassion or tenderness. Like the sissy bimbo, sissy whores dress in the most overtly sexualised of outfits - fishnet stockings, towering stilettos and very short skirts, all designed to leave a man thinking of only one thing. As men themselves, sissies attracted to the role of the sissy whore can't help but take narcissistic pleasure in wearing such attire as they imagine being used for another's satisfaction without any care for their own.

Regardless of their real age, sissies are often drawn to clothing favoured by younger women - not least because the kind of trendy, fashionable attire worn by girls in their prime usually has rather more sex appeal than the more comfortable clothing chosen by an older generation not seeking to dress to impress. Such tendencies might attract caustic comments about mutton dressed as lamb were a woman to exhibit them, but sissies can get away with the most inappropriate of attire as a result of not even trying to pass as female in public. Indeed, some sissies find that dressing up becomes more exciting the more unlikely their choice of attire would be for a woman of their age, let alone a man. Here the roles of the sissy schoolgirl and sissy baby come to the fore, allowing the man adopting them to return to a lost youth, only this time one spent as a girl.

It's natural to have qualms regarding the sexualisation of children, but the stereotypical sexy schoolgirl is a world apart from any real child - merely an adult wearing attire with youthful connotations. Grown women may be found in the most implausible of school uniforms in nightclubs and bedrooms around the world, flaunting their mature sexuality in tiny pleated miniskirts, thigh high stockings and cropped blouses tied naughtily over their breasts, the entire ensemble exposing copious amounts of midriff and thigh. Some sissies choose to emulate this look, whereas others go for something rather more innocent - perhaps a knee length pleated skirt and simple white blouse on top of plain cotton underwear, training bra and Mary Jane shoes. In doing so, they put themselves in a distinctly junior position to their elders, for everyone knows that schoolgirls must do as they are told, being seen and not heard. Relinquishing the responsibility of a grown man, the sissy schoolgirl finds himself a student of all things feminine, soon to be taught everything he missed out on by growing up as a boy.

Taking age regression to its natural conclusion gives birth to the sissy baby, a helpless sissy girl completely dependent on others, who needs do nothing but look pretty in delightfully cute baby clothes - often pastel pink and frilly, as befits a little girl. Sissy babies might wear diapers or nappies in place of more grown up underwear, drink from bottles or play with toys in the safety of their crib. When not happily sucking on a pacifier or a dummy, a sissy baby might talk with a lisp and crawl around on the floor to the delight of their nanny. If they're naughty, act too grown up, or are simply desirous of being punished, they might receive a firm spanking from their babysitter, who might equally allow more mature aspects into their role-play - perhaps allowing the sissy baby to worship nanny's breasts or playing with his little pee-pee until his diaper or nappy needs changing again. Sissy babies share much in common with adult babies who have no desire to crossdress, with infantilism adding another fetish to the mix just as the sissy is more than a mere transvestite.

Some sissies dream of being graceful ballerinas or athletic cheerleaders, adopting the accoutrements of roles that they regard as encapsulating the very essence of femininity beyond all others. Whether their fantasy involves donning tutu and pointe shoes or pleated skirt and pompoms, they may relish the thought of their alter ego parading before an audience, some desiring acceptance and appreciation in their unlikely role, others craving the humiliation of being ridiculed as a boy forced to be a girl. Serving as a waitress in a restaurant, especially one renowned for objectifying its staff, can prove titillating for some sissies, whereas others fancy themselves as strippers or pole-dancers, transformed into creatures of allure and fascination for other men to ogle. Then there are the would-be sissy brides who, like every little girl, dream of their big day as they walk down the aisle cocooned in masses of white satin and lace, pledging to love, honour and obey amidst all the feminine trappings of a traditional wedding or taken by the bridesmaids as they teach the blushing bride a thing or two about marital duties.

The need to express one's submissive, feminine side can take many forms, with each sissy having his own idea as to what constitutes sissy heaven. You may find that one or more of the roles we've listed here rings true for you, or you may have female role models of your own - perhaps idolising a famous celebrity whom you feel epitomises what it means to be a woman. Equally, being a sissy may simply mean dressing up and having fun, following nobody's path save your own. Be sure to give some thought to such matters if you don't already know for sure - are you simply a sissy, or something more specific?

Sex and the sissy

The stereotypical cliché of an old-fashioned couple making love involves the wife lying back and thinking of England while her husband has his wicked way with her. In more modern versions of this fairy tale, the woman surrenders her less conventional orifices as well, selflessly allowing her mouth to be used for his pleasure or letting him take her from behind, the sexual satisfaction of her lover far more important than her own discomfort. Either way, it's the man who is expected to take the dominant role as far as intercourse is concerned, demonstrating his virility by aggressively penetrating his partner, who in turn accepts his advances with a stereotypically feminine submission. One need only glance at the pornographic offerings available on the top shelves of newsagents or online to see this ludicrous depiction of the perfect woman portrayed in countless different ways for men to masturbate to, however unlikely the average woman in the street would be to accept such shenanigans.

Men who have grown up on such a diet of submissive porn stars eagerly offering themselves orally and anally often have a rude awakening when they discover that real woman have sexual needs of their own, giving rise to another cultural cliché - that of men grumbling in the pub about why the wife won't give them a blow job or entertain their back door fantasies. Despite their differing desires, sissies are by no means immune to such sociological stereotypes, their sexual desires often being shaped by their belief that penetration and taking the lead during intercourse are inherently dominant, masculine acts, whereas being penetrated and passively accepting another's advances are correspondingly submissive and feminine. As a result, they're often drawn to sexual practices or situations that allow them to adopt the latter role, regardless of whether real women would consider such things to be an arousing part of making love.

The situation is complicated by the fact that, like men in general, most sissies are heterosexual, yet find themselves attracted to the thought of being penetrated and engaging in other feminine sexual activities - acts that would ordinarily require a male partner. The resulting contradiction sometimes manifests itself in the form of fantasies where a sissy is forced to engage in homosexual activity against his will, perhaps being made to suck cocks after he becomes an unwitting transsexual prostitute or some other equally convoluted set-up. Such titillating stores can prove immensely arousing as masturbatory material, but often leave the sissy turned on by them unsure of his sexual identity, still fundamentally attracted to women and uninterested in men, yet longing to engage in acts that blur the line. Is he gay? Is he bisexual? It may just be that he's a straight sissy longing to submit sexually, with all the complications that entails - a subject we'll be returning to at length in the next chapter.

Some sissies find compromises that allow them to adopt a more feminine role in the bedroom without raising awkward questions about their sexuality. Another man's penis is far from being the only thing that can penetrate a sissy or fill his mouth - artificial phalluses come in many forms, from vibrating dildos for solitary pleasure to strap-on cocks that allow a female partner to perform an undeniably masculine act, impaling a feminized sissy in a manner that leaves no question as to who is in control. There are few things more submissive than feeling a dominant mistress thrusting backwards and forwards deep inside you, but even the more passive sensation of being occupied by a buttplug can prove thrilling for many sissies, whether they take its imposition voluntarily or dream of doing so reluctantly at another's command. Such intimate intruders may be realistically shaped or of a more abstract design, depending on whether a sissy wishes to associate them with the real thing or simply feel taken.

Salivating over a strap-on or deep-throating a dildo are by no means the only ways for a heterosexual sissy to satisfy an oral fixation. Many sissies are drawn to rather more conventional forms of using their lips and tongue to pleasure their partners, dreaming of driving a woman to distraction by worshipping at the most intimate of shrines. The act of cunnilingus can prove just as arousing for the submissive man going down on his knees to please as for the woman receiving his devotion, his apparently selfless act of lovemaking turning him on psychologically even as he focuses on her needs physically, knowing that sexually servicing another without regard for one's own carnal gratification is the antithesis of the dominant male. Some sissies regard going down on a woman as being so unmanly that they could never possibly volunteer to do so, instead wishing to be reluctantly trapped between her thighs with their head held in place, having no choice but to earn their release by bringing their mistress to orgasm. Others relish it so much that they could happily spend forever eating out ambrosia, delighting in observing the fruits of their labours as the object of their adoration climaxes thanks to their efforts.

Some sissies delight in other bodily fluids beyond a woman's nectar. If one goes by what is represented in pornography, swallowing sperm is the pinnacle of feminine submission - a selfless act that shows the hungry mouth is eager for more. Whilst the taste of semen is often regarded as unpleasant, it's the psychological connotations of cum eating that clinch the deal as far as many sissies are concerned. Popular culture expects a dominant male to shoot his ejaculate deep into the orifices he has conquered by penetration, with the receiving of sperm being reserved for the submissive partner in intercourse. For a sissy to have to swallow his own cum, let alone that of another man, is an intensely emasculating act that can be both humiliating and highly arousing. Other sissies like to cum in their panties, feeling their slimy ejaculate ooze between their legs, or fantasise about wearing the unmistakable mark of the submissive cocksucker on their faces, covered with goo like a slut.

As we'll see in the next chapter, it's not uncommon for sissies to feel intense guilt after they've climaxed, or simply to lose their submissive urges - with their sexual needs satisfied, they're no longer driven to turn themselves on with feminine accoutrements and self-abasement. In order to stave off such feelings of remorse and shame, not to mention prolong the preceding excitement and anticipation, many sissies turn to orgasm denial, holding themselves back in order to make the eventual climax especially memorable rather than seeking to come as early and often as possible. That may mean they relish the thought of being kept on edge, wickedly teased by a sexy tormentor who pushes them to the very brink of orgasm again and again but never allows them to release their sexual frustration. Rather than relying on self-control, some sissies love the idea of being physically restrained from touching themselves, perhaps by means of a male chastity device or chastity belt. With their manhood locked away beneath impenetrable acrylic or steel, there's no danger of any unwanted ejaculation ruining their submissive state of mind, allowing them to enjoy being a feminized sissy thanks to being emasculated from the groin out.

Traditional chastity belts and more modern male chastity devices aren't the only forms of bondage that appeal to some sissies. Relinquishing control of their movements by allowing themselves to be tied up or otherwise rendered helpless lets a sissy cede responsibility for what happens to him, becoming utterly dependent on his captor until they choose to release him. A submissive sissy maid might fantasise about being kept on a collar and leash, perhaps chained to the kitchen sink to ensure he has no choice but to get on with the chores at hand. Having his hands tied behind his back might heighten the mood for a sissy slut, made to go down on his mistress whilst handcuffed such that only his lips and tongue may be used to bring her off - with the attendant challenge of removing her panties! Other sissies might long for their mouths to be filled with a ball gag or even their mistress's used underwear, reminding them that their place is not to answer back but to do as they are told.

Some types of bondage appeal to sissies because of how they enhance the feminine or submissive aspects of their behaviour or appearance. Wearing six inch stiletto heels makes it difficult for a sissy to adopt a confident, manly gait, but chain his ankles together as well and it's impossible for him to assume anything other than a dainty, effeminate mince, requiring the utmost concentration even to get from one side of a room to the other. A sissy whose arms and legs are bound to the bedposts must assume an entirely passive role as he lies spread-eagled on the bed, perhaps wearing nothing but sexy lingerie in an obscene pastiche of the submissive wife waiting for her husband to take advantage of her. He might be tied face down, not knowing until the very last moment whether he'll be taken roughly from behind or be subject to a spanking. Alternatively, he may be tied to the bed such that he faces his mistress, yet still have little say in whether she rides his face, teases the bulge in his panties or simply tests out her new cosmetics on such a helpless model. Either way, the sissy is entirely at the mercy of his partner, not only feeling free from any responsibility but very submissive too as she indulges his fantasies.

The guilt that sissies harbour towards their desires can lead them to wanting to be punished whilst dressed up, whether in the form of physical chastisement or more psychological humiliation. Some sissies delight in being laughed at or verbally abused, perhaps having the size of their manhood mocked or being called names that emphasise their effeminate nature. Whereas a macho man would waste no time in asserting his authority and putting his antagonists to rights, at the very least making an effort to avoid being on the receiving end of such abuse, sissies who crave degradation actively seek to be embarrassed and humiliated. They may find such indignities arousing or simply that being ridiculed makes them feel submissive and emasculated - the very opposite of a macho man who would never put up with such treatment from anyone, let alone from the sexually desirable women who are so often the source of such contempt and derision in many a sissy's erotic fantasises.

Some sissies long to be spanked like a naughty child, relishing the more mature connotations of this traditional punishment. With their skirt lifted up and panties pulled down around their ankles, they may delight in being bent over a woman's knee and receiving a stern paddling - so much so that such chastisement is the stuff of delicious fantasies rather than a genuine deterrent to bad behaviour. Others yearn to be put in uncomfortably tight corsetry or other awkward attire, especially that which makes them suffer in the pursuit of a more feminine figure or punishes them for being male - revealing more about their innermost feelings than they might care to admit. Whether self-inflicted or imposed by another, such physical pain can have a cleansing, cathartic effect, as well as allowing a sissy to live in the moment, leaving more distant worries behind as he struggles to withstand the discomfort at hand.

Of course, there are many practitioners of erotic humiliation, male chastity, bondage and discipline who delight in such activities for their own reasons, quite separate from any desire to be a sissy. There's nothing that says that an individual is restricted to having just one fetish, nor that a sissy's other erotic interests must necessarily revolve around wanting to be submissive and feminine. Even from this limited discussion, it should be clear that people's sexual drives can be very complicated, no matter what they're attracted to. By illustrating possible motivations for some of the things that often appeal to sissies, our intention is merely to offer food for thought. We're certainly not claiming that all who sissies who, for example, enjoy receiving a spanking, must do so for one particular reason, let alone implying that all sissies should want to be spanked in the first place - many do, but many others do not!

Indeed, it's perfectly possible for a man to be a sissy without that affecting how he makes love, his submissive, feminine side entirely separate from the passionate lover who takes the lead in the bedroom, just as his alter ego is distinct from the persona he puts on at work. Some men find themselves in such a situation simply because they are unable to tell their wife or girlfriend about their secret sissy side, but others lack any desire to have sex dressed as a woman, preferring to keep that aspect of their personality more chaste. There are others for whom sissy sex is an occasional indulgence, a means of spicing things up between the sheets, but not something they would forego more traditional intercourse for - just as one might enjoy eating chocolate cake on occasion, yet not want to live on a diet of it. Expressing a softer, gentler side by donning lingerie or acting as their wife's sex slave adds variety to their love life, but isn't the be all and end all of it - nor would they want it to be.

There are, however, some sissies who do equate having sex with feminine submission, having no desire to perform as a man at all in the bedroom, but that doesn't necessarily make them homosexual. They might regard themselves as being male lesbians, turned off by the thought of penetrating a woman as much as a gay man might be, but nevertheless otherwise attracted to female rather than male bodies - enjoying making love in all the same ways that a lesbian might, albeit one with different genitalia. Dressing up in feminine clothing may be an integral part of proceedings for them, or it too may be an adjunct that's not absolutely necessary - like icing on the cake, racy lingerie can liven things up for such a sissy and his partner, just as it might for any other couple, helping to put them in the mood for more intimate matters.

To complicate the picture, there are also some sissies who are gay, that is to say, they are solely attracted to other men, and some sissies who are bisexual, attracted to members of both sexes - being a sissy doesn't exempt you from the complexities of human sexuality! Equally, however, having submissively feminine desires doesn't automatically mean you must be homosexual or bisexual, just as you don't have to be a sissy maid or a sissy baby, wear a chastity belt or want to be tied up and beaten in order to be a sissy. There are some sissies who do all those things, and some who do none of them, but every sissy is different. It's important to discover your own desires for yourself, whatever they may be, rather than mistakenly assuming you have to squeeze yourself into someone else's pigeonhole - no matter how comfortable they may be appear to be in it.

Feminine fancies

There are all manner of things that sissies associate with being feminine - some of which real women might never give a second thought or even regard as being onerous aspects of being female. Some sissies adopt such habits in order to help them feel more feminine or submissive, no matter how unappealing or unlikely they might seem to the women being imitated. On top of this, there are attitudes, behaviours and mannerisms that are seen by some sissies as being stereotypically masculine, leading them to want to do the opposite in an effort to distance themselves from the male. Bearing these considerations in mind when objectively analysing the actions of others and one's own desires can prove fruitful when it comes to understanding the motivations underlying them.

For instance, a woman's anatomy necessitates sitting down to pee. Lacking the flexibility that a penis offers, she is unable to use a urinal, and her panties correspondingly lack any opening to facilitate this - not for any sexual reasons, but simply because there would be no point in having a fly. There's nothing particularly interesting, let alone arousing about this for her - it's simply a fact of life, going unremarked until she's caught short in the middle of nowhere or finds whatever facilities are available to be occupied or dirty and unhygienic. Nevertheless, many sissies find having to sit down to pee like a woman very exciting, turned on by seeing their pretty panties around their ankles in the stall whilst real men go about their business unhindered by their choice of underwear. Wearing panties not only feminizes a sissy in this regard, it emasculates him too, his behaviour becoming more feminine and less masculine as far as going to the toilet is concerned.

Similarly, some sissies are fascinated by feminine sanitary products - perhaps pretending to have their very own period that obliges them to put a pantyliner in their panties several days a month, or inserting a tampon anally despite the fact that its absorbent material really isn't best suited to this particular bodily cavity. Even purchasing such undeniably feminine products can be a real thrill for some sissies, relishing the embarrassment they feel at the checkout at being seen with something so unmanly - no matter how everyday for a woman. The same goes for buying hosiery and cosmetics, not to mention gossip and fashion magazines, with some sissies taking great delight in devouring such publications - avidly following the latest celebrity love affairs with an excitement matched only by their love of soap operas and slushy, romantic movies, all things they regard as being especially feminine. They might grow their hair long in order to look more effeminate or have a particular penchant for things that are pastel pink, loving the girliness of lace and frills.

Such things can seem odd, if not downright disturbing, to many woman - just as you might find a woman expressing the desire to have to shave her face every morning in order to feel more manly, alongside demonstrating her masculinity by competing in arm-wrestling tournaments whilst wearing oil stained overalls and spitting on sawdust covered floors. Few men relish the daily chore of keeping their facial hair tidy, let alone live up to such stereotypical clichés - even if some are mechanics and others like competitive sports. Similarly, for most women, periods are nothing more than a pain, whereas the assumption that being feminine must involve keeping up with the vapid nonsense presented in the media is as offensive as it is ridiculous. Nevertheless, such secret sissy pleasures are essentially harmless so long as no-one else is bothered by them, allowing a submissive crossdresser to relax and unwind in the meaningless world of light entertainment or carry a little part of his private world around with him.

Sadly, the same is not the case for everything a sissy might be drawn to. Some have more unhealthy desires that reflect a hatred for particular aspects of themselves - whether subconsciously feeling guilty about their sissy desires, or conversely loathing their more masculine attributes. They might fantasise about castration or being cuckolded, both of which may appear to offer an enticing escape from the responsibilities of being a man, albeit in a profoundly destructive and dangerous manner that is very different in reality to a sissy's idle daydreams. Equally, some sissies may wish to be subject to exceptionally cruel or bizarre punishments and humiliations to atone for their perceived sins. They may dream of being tattooed or branded to indelibly mark them as a sissy for all to see, or be forced to undergo breast augmentation or other surgical procedures to somehow make them more of a woman and less of a man. It's important to recognise such things for what they are and address their underlying causes rather than getting too carried away by the particular details, as we'll discuss in more detail in the next chapter.

For now, however, it's worth giving further consideration to the more positive sissy desires we've been discussing. We'll end this chapter with some questions to help you gain a deeper appreciation of exactly what kind of sissy you are. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers to any of these, nor are your options limited to just the words on offer - if there are other things that do it for you, feel free to write them in alongside. It may help to keep a notebook of sissy thoughts that you can turn back to, jotting down answers and indeed, further questions, that come to mind during the course of your musings.

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