an introduction to modern female chastity belts

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wear a chastity belt? If the idea of padlocked panties appeals, you'll be pleased to know they're more than just a medieval myth, with modern designs capable of making your dreams come true. Whether you delight in submission and denial, want to show commitment to someone special, or are simply looking to spice things up between the sheets, surrendering your body to steel needn't be difficult - however sexy it may be!

enchasté is a comprehensive guide to modern female chastity belts, in which you'll find everything you need to know about these fascinating instruments of frustration - from the reasons why so many women are attracted to them to the practicalities of wearing one for real. As well as learning what to look for when buying, you'll find a host of tips on how to make a chastity belt work for you and your relationship - no matter whether you're longing to stay locked or want to inflame passions so much as to dash for the keys!

The book begins with a discussion of what a chastity belt does for its wearer psychologically as well as physically, showing how locked steel can make you feel sexy, secure, submissive and special. After exploring the varied reasons why women are drawn to such means of preventing sexual intercourse, the first chapter moves on to dispel the misconceptions that abound about chastity belts. If you're still picturing clunky contraptions from the Middle Ages, you'll see just how different a modern belt can be, as well as learning some of its limitations - not least that one can only be worn if you want to.

The design of modern female chastity belts is then considered in detail, giving you the information you need to choose one that's right for you. As well as exploring the differences between mass-produced and custom-made belts, the various styles of waist, front and rear are also looked at from the perspective of comfort and security. Smaller, but no less critical details such as locks, linings and the need for adjustability are also given attention in this fully illustrated section, which closes with advice about where to buy.

The following chapter is devoted to how to start wearing a chastity belt, beginning with measuring yourself to make sure you get a good fit. There's no shirking the realities of steel underwear, with a frank discussion of cleaning and hygiene - and how that, along with often overlooked issues such as sleeping in metal, may affect how you fulfil your fantasies. The necessary compromise between safety and security is also explored, with suggestions presented about how to keep your chastity belt both comfortable and concealed - a must if you're wanting to stay locked in metal while you and your partner are apart.

There's much more to wearing a chastity belt than such mundanities, as the last chapter of the book shows. Whether you're looking to make the metal more meaningful, or simply want to have fun with frustrating steel, there are plenty of ideas to play with, including games that are guaranteed to get you wet if sexual submission is your thing. From creating an “unchastity belt” that will keep you desperately on edge with its padlocked plugs, to enjoying even greater denial by surrendering to still more in the way of metal restraints, you'll learn how a chastity belt can form the basis of exciting bondage - as well as add an extra dimension to your bedroom role-play, no matter what you like to be.

From start to finish, enchasté takes a realistic approach, forgoing the implausible, the ideological and the fantastic in favour of recognising that every woman is different. Your reasons for wanting to wear a chastity belt may be particular to you, but the information presented will prove just as useful whether you're looking for submission, self-discipline or simply a sexy time!

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