Chapter 7: How do I enhance his breasts?

Merely because your husband does not have breasts of his own does not mean that the cups of his brassières cannot be filled by other means. Doing so has two primary effects - firstly, it increases the size of his bra, making it more prominent and harder to hide, and secondly, it increases its weight, making him more aware of its presence. There are a number of reasons why one might wish to enhance your husband's breasts in this way:

The amount of padding you choose to add to your husband's bras is entirely up to you, and may range from the barely perceptible to the downright ludicrous. A lightly padded brassière that gives just the slightest hint of feminine curves may easily be worn in public without issue, provided your husband's chest remains reasonably ambiguous and the bra itself does not show. Thanks to increasing levels of obesity among the general population, it is not uncommon to see men who could genuinely do with wearing a bra to support their natural breasts, let alone for discipline purposes. So long as you do not excessively stuff his brassière, such that his chest becomes out of proportion with the rest of his body, it is unlikely to garner much attention, contrary to what your husband may imagine! Should he be appearing in front of people he knows, a little more care is necessary so as to avoid drastic changes in appearance, but there is generally no reason why you should not have him wear a very lightly padded bra to work in place of his regular brassière if you so desire.

Should you not be concerned about other people, for instance, in the privacy of your own home, you may choose to give your husband breasts that are of a size more appropriate for a woman than a man. You may wish to make them just large enough to be undeniable, but otherwise small by female standards, allowing you to tease him about their size. Alternatively, you may choose to make his breasts a similar size to your own, so that you may comment on how he now has breasts like yours. Similarly, if you are in the unfortunate situation of knowing that your husband has been unfaithful with another woman, he may be appropriately punished by having to wear a bra that is the same size as hers. After all, he clearly wanted a pair of breasts that size! Likewise, if your husband has an unhealthy fascination for pornography involving women with larger breasts, another option is for him to have to wear an enormous bra himself. It does him no harm to realise just how awkward and cumbersome such breasts can be, as he will soon discover if he is expected to perform household chores whilst wearing the weight of a fully filled F cup bra.

If you are making your husband wear a padded brassière as a punishment, you may choose to vary its size depending on the severity of the punishment you wish to administer. If he has been good, he may be allowed to wear a lightly padded A cup brassière around the house, knowing that he would be expected to change into a heavier C cup bra if he were to misbehave, with the threat of being locked into the overflowing cups of an uncomfortably tight F cup bra reserved for particularly bad behaviour. Whatever the size of his new breasts, however, they are sure to have the desired effect, proving to be embarrassing and humiliating for him, whilst making his bra training even more effective.

There are a variety of methods for actually filling the cups of a brassière, to which we shall now turn. Each has various advantages and disadvantages, with some being more suitable for a small increase in breast size, others more appropriate for larger cup sizes. The reader is encouraged to experiment until she finds the best solution for her own particular situation.

Natural breasts

Figure 7.1: My husband is a most flat-chested individual, but brassière discipline would be just as effective if he had rippling muscles or were grossly obese.

Some men have modest sized breasts naturally, sometimes as a result of obesity or medical conditions such as gynecomastia. My husband cannot be counted among their number - he is a most flat-chested individual! Figure 7.1 illustrate this, and may be used as a reference to determine how much the methods outlined below add to his bust.

Let me take this opportunity to dispel any association between genuine bra discipline and some of the lurid fantasies that are to be found in all too great an abundance on the Internet. It is sadly far too common to find ludicrous stories in which men are given huge breasts without their consent, either as a result of being forcibly medicated with female hormones, or by being forced to undergo breast augmentation surgery. Such serious medical interventions have no place in brassière training, and the writers of such nonsense do a great disservice to the public image of the transgendered, crossdressers and those practising brassière discipline alike. Were the authors of such stories not invariably lone fantasists, their wives would be well advised to show them the truth about what bra training is about, something that would soon cure them of their bizarre imaginations.

Padded bras

Figure 7.2: This bra allows the amount of padding to be varied using a small pocket. In the first photograph, the left-hand cup is in the process of being filled.

Some bras, particularly those with a smaller cup size, have a small amount of padding in them. With some, this is fixed in place, but others feature a little pocket to which padding may be added or removed, as is the case with the A cup brassière pictured in Figure 7.2. Although the amount of padding is small compared to some of the other methods we will be looking at, it can still prove to be psychologically effective, as your husband will be disproportionally aware of its presence, particularly if he is regularly reminded that he is wearing a padded bra in order to give him larger breasts. Such bras are easily worn in public without additional risk of discovery, however much your husband may worry to the contrary!

For bras with a pocket, the removable padding may be sewn in place if you are concerned that your husband may try to remove it. A small amount of additional material may also be added if desired, although the space available is generally insufficient to allow for much increase in volume.



Moulded cups

Figure 7.3: Although small, the moulded cups of this 34A brassière are still quite distinctive under a tight top. Looser clothing would allow it to be worn in public.
Figure 7.4: Like all bras with moulded cups, this 36B one poses problems for my brassièred husband, who is unable to flatten them down for any length of time.
Figure 7.5: The moulded cups of this 38C strapless brassière would be well suited to being padded with additional material, although are shown here empty.

Women who wish to wear a brassière under a tight fitting top without displaying any seams through their clothing may opt for one with moulded foam cups, sometimes referred to as “T-shirt bras”. The moulded cups of this type of brassière are intended to match the shape of a woman's breasts, with the foam padding offering increased comfort, even for those with a larger bust, where one might otherwise not expect any additional size to be desirable.

Ironically, such bras have quite the opposite effect for a man, for although the cups contain only minimal amounts of padding, their moulded shape prevents them from being flattened for any length of time. Instead, provided the cup size is not too large, it retains the form of the breasts it is intended to mould, giving the impression of a modest bust line, particularly under a tight top. If the cups of such a bra are left empty, your husband may briefly labour under the delusion that he can flatten them, but he will soon discover that this is a futile exercise. Alternatively, they may be filled in one of the other ways outlined here, with the moulded cups serving to smooth out the imperfections in cheaper breast imitations such as socks or balloons. This can be particularly advantageous with the larger cup sizes.

Figures 7.3, 7.4 and 7.5 show my brassièred husband wearing moulded cups in sizes 34A, 36B and 38C respectively.




Figure 7.6: Rolled up socks give my husband somewhat lumpy breasts, but have the benefit of being readily to hand, next to the bras in the underwear drawer.

Although pairs of rolled up socks do not make a particularly good substitute for natural breasts, lacking both the shape and the weight of the real thing, they do have the key advantage of ready availability, most likely sitting next to the bras in the underwear drawer. Because of this, socks have been used to fill the cups of many a man's first bra, regardless of whether he has simply chosen to wear it himself for crossdressing purposes, or has been cajoled into doing so by his wife, either as part of a sexy bedroom game or a more deliberate introduction to brassière discipline.

A second key advantage is that, unlike most of the other forms of padding discussed here, socks can easily be sewn into a bra with little more than a few stitches, keeping them in place and preventing them from being removed - something that simply isn't possible with liquid filled forms. Such an approach is particularly advantageous when used with a bra with moulded cups, with the socks serving to keep the cups from becoming flattened, and the cups serving to hide the otherwise lumpy appearance of the socks.

In Figure 7.6, the socks neatly fill the A cups of my husband's bra.




Figure 7.7: Even small water balloons such as those filling this A cup brassière help to give my husband an understanding of what it is like to have breasts.
Figure 7.8: Larger balloons fill this C cup brassière, and whilst not perfectly realistic, they still give him quite a satisfying jiggle when he moves about.
Figure 7.9: The beauty of water balloons is that they may be easily made in all manner of sizes. Here my husband suffers the weight of a whopping E cup bra.

To truly give your husband an idea of what it is like to have breasts of his own, it is necessary for him to understand why most women, particularly those who are well-endowed, have to wear a bra to provide support for their breasts. This is something that cannot be achieved simply by padding your husband's brassière to fill it out - it is essential that his new-found chest should have weight as well as size if he is to gain a true appreciation for what women must endure on a daily basis.

Water filled balloons provide a cheap and easy way of simulating the weight of real breasts. By stretching the neck of a balloon over a tap, it is relatively straightforward to fill it with water to whatever size is desired, although a little care should be taken to ensure no air remains. Size can be quite deceptive, as it is surprisingly easy to overestimate the amount of water required to fill a particular brassière. For larger sizes, it is wise to use two balloons for each breast, one inside the other, to help minimise the risk of leakage.

To illustrate the ease with which a range of cup sizes may be produced, Figures 7.7, 7.8 and 7.9 show my brassièred husband wearing A cup, C cup and E cup breasts respectively. The balloons do not fully mould themselves around my husbands chest, particularly at smaller cup sizes, and thus the appearance of his breasts is not perfect. Nevertheless, the realistic weight makes for quite a satisfying jiggle as he moves about.



Breast enhancers

Figure 7.10: These silicone breast enhancers neatly fill my husband's A cup brassière. Under looser clothing, their presence would be far more ambiguous.

Colloquially known as “chicken fillets”, these silicone breast enhancers are intended for women who desire a slightly larger bust, and claim to increase the size of the breasts by up to one full cup size. They will also do the same for your husband's breasts, regardless of how flat chested he may be. Unlike larger breast forms, they are relatively inexpensive, costing no more than the price of a nice bra, and are ideal for giving your husband breasts that are just large enough to be noticeable, but otherwise small by female standards. Made from the same material as the larger forms, they have a realistic weight for their size, and will mould themselves to fit the cups of your husband's bra provided it is not too big, as Figure 7.10 demonstrates.

With the breast enhancers in place, my brassièred husband is able to fill the cups of an A cup brassière, something which, although unremarkable for a woman, is of immense psychological significance for a man. There is no denying his feminine bust line under a tight T-shirt, but were he to wear a looser top, he would present a more ambiguous appearance, allowing such breasts to be worn in public without excessive risk of discovery.

One may also purchase “gel bras” that have cups filled with a similar material.



Breast forms

Figure 7.11: The nipples of these silicone breast forms can be clearly made out through my husband's top, giving a most feminine appearance to his 36D bra.

Although expensive, silicone breast forms provide the most realistic option when it comes to giving your husband the experience of having breasts, both in terms of appearance and weight. Such forms are available in a range of cup sizes and styles, and may be purchased from various specialist online outlets. Note how, in Figure 7.11, the nipples of the breast forms are clearly visible even through outer clothing - there is no way that my brassièred husband can deny the feminine curves of his 36D bra!

Medical adhesive may be used to attach the breast forms to the chest, preventing them from falling out or otherwise being removed. Having his breasts remain attached to his chest even when he isn't wearing a bra is psychologically very effective, giving a real appreciation for just what it is like to have to wear a brassière for support purposes. Even if he is permitted to take off his bra, the weight of his chest still requires support! Sadly, medical adhesive can be rather messy to apply and remove, but fortunately such forms can also be worn simply by placing them in the cups of a bra.