Chapter 8: How do I deepen his brassière discipline?

Although simply having to wear a bra will do wonders for your husband's behaviour, not to mention his general attitude, there are a number of ways in which his discipline may be deepened, resulting in it becoming more effective as well as easier to implement. In this chapter, we shall look firstly at how to reinforce the psychological significance of being made to wear a bra, before turning to how to make brassière training more permanent, as well as how to feminize a man further, either as a punishment or on a more routine basis. Such advanced techniques are by no means necessary if you do not feel them to be appropriate for your own situation, and are presented here merely as ideas for those readers looking for ways in which to take things further.

How do I reinforce the significance of his brassière?

There are two important aspects of a brassière that come together to make it such a potent tool for control when worn by a man. Firstly, it is a singularly feminine garment - as discussed earlier in this guide, its very purpose means that a man has no need for one, putting the brassièred husband in a highly unusual situation from the moment he finds himself so attired. Secondly, quite apart from the immense psychological significance of being made to wear a bra, doing so results in physical sensations that are quite unlike any to be had from your husband's regular wardrobe. The stretch of elastic straps on the shoulders, the pressure of underwires on the chest and rich, sensuous materials topped with delicate lace all combine to form a presence that is almost impossible to ignore. Emphasizing these unusual aspects of your husband's bra wear, both physically and psychologically, helps to reinforce its significance, in turn reminding him of the reasons for being so disciplined, even once he gets used to wearing a bra every day.

It is difficult for a man to forget that he is wearing even the most comfortable of brassières, let alone one intended for punishment, but that doesn't mean you should make it any easier for him. Reminding him of its presence can be as simple as resting a hand on his shoulder and gently tracing the straps with your fingers. So subtle is such a movement that, even to the keenest of observers, it will appear merely as a gesture of affection, despite its secret significance. If you come across his strap adjusters whilst doing so, applying a little pressure to them sends a slightly more forceful reminder about what he is wearing. Along similar lines, you can trace the band of his bra across his back, or toy a little with its clasp if you like, not to mention its underwired cups. Provided no-one watching knows about your husband's feminine attire, he will be the only one to comprehend the meaning of such innocuous movements, allowing you to carry them out in public even in the presence of those you know.

In the privacy of your own home, your husband may well be wearing fewer clothes on top of his brassière, making such actions even more effective - doubly so if his bra is openly displayed, perhaps under a low-cut strappy top, or perhaps not even covered at all, because he will then be unable to look down without being reminded of his brassièred chest. Such exposure is simply asking for his bra straps to be snapped from time to time, randomly and without warning, so as to surprise him and bring his attention back to where you require it, something that is ideal if he has been brassièred as a penance for previous misbehaviour. There is, of course, no reason why you cannot snap his bra straps even when they are hidden under clothing - although this requires a little more effort in order to first find and then lift them, it can be just as rewarding. If he objects, simply remind him that many boys loved to mischievously snap girls' bra straps when they were young, and you are merely helping to even the score!

Be sure to verbally remind him of his brassière on a regular basis, making a point of emphasizing its uniquely feminine aspects such that he grows used to being told how “pretty”, “adorable” or “cute” he looks wearing it, words that he is unlikely to hear associated with him in any other context. As well as reinforcing the bra's significance for him, doing so encourages the adoption of a more submissive attitude whilst he is brassièred - after all, a pretty girl looking adorably cute in a sexy little bra is not expected to answer back, but to do as she is told, and whilst your husband may be far removed from actually being the pretty girl in question, the connotations of the words and the image that they help conjure up still have immense power.

Explicitly telling your husband the results you expect to see from his bra discipline will actually help bring them about - in effect, your words become a self-fulfilling prophecy. “You're much more submissive now you're wearing a bra”, you can tell him, “you won't be getting up to any more mischief”. Always phrase such expectations as statements of fact, never as questions, such that there is less opportunity for doubts to arise - ideally, use the past or present tense as though you are merely commenting on events that have already happened, leaving your husband with a sense of fait-accompli, unable to resist the inevitable. If you're concerned about him being unfaithful, you can tell him “The girls in the office won't be interested in a man who wears prettier underwear than them”1, whereas if you simply want him to get on with the chores, “You're wearing a bra so you have to do what I tell you”.

Should it not be appropriate to refer to his bra so directly, in public, for instance, or in the company of friends, you can still refer to his “little secret”, something that is sure to make him squirm, particularly if he is brassièred unbeknownst to those around him. If he starts to misbehave in such circumstances, you can obliquely refer to the consequences he should expect as a result, telling him “You know what you'll have to do to make up for that, don't you?”. He is sure to nod meekly and then fall back into line, for the last thing in the world he would want is for you to tell others exactly what you were referring to. In a more private setting, you can explicitly spell out the punishment you have in mind, emphasizing the discomfort and embarrassment he is sure to feel when you make him wear a bra to make up, or, if he is already brassièred, the particular punishment brassière he'll have to change into as a result of his misbehaviour.

Finally, you can insist that he always refers to his brassières in a specific way, using the correct terminology to describe them and showing appropriate reverence for such delicate lingerie. Although we have used the words “bra” and “brassière” interchangeably throughout this guide, strictly speaking the former term is an abbreviation of the latter, albeit one that has become so prevalent that one rarely hears the full form used these days, particularly amongst those of a younger generation - “brassière” is a word that has sadly acquired connotations of being somewhat old-fashioned. Nevertheless, that does not mean that your husband should not be encouraged to use it when referring to his own - a useful rule for him to follow is that “women wear bras, men wear brassières”, something he should be reminded of whenever he fails to use the appropriate term. If he is also expected to describe his own brassière in detail when referring to it, such that only “I have done all the chores. Please may I remove my black 38C underwired brassière” permits him to take off the garment in question, he will soon become quite familiar with exactly what he is wearing. Whilst this approach may initially seem unnecessarily dominating, it works wonders for emphasizing the significance of his feminine attire, and is well worth persisting with.

[1] Actually, the office gossips are sure to be very interested in discovering that his wife makes him wear a bra, but not in a sense that a philandering husband would enjoy!

How should he fasten his brassières?

Until now, you may not have given much thought to the question of how to fasten a bra - like most women, the chances are that you have done it so often that it has become little more than a subconscious routine, something not helped if, like the author, you are often still half asleep when getting dressed in the morning! For the newly brassièred husband, however, it requires much more concentration - not yet having had the experience that comes from years of bra wear, the hooks and eyes of the clasp can prove remarkably fiddly to clumsy male hands, being unlike anything to be encountered on his regular clothes.

If you only intend to brassière your husband occasionally, there is something to be said for fastening his bra each time yourself, having first helped him slip the straps over his shoulders, such that the practice of doing so remains a mystery to him. This encourages a sense of helplessness, reinforcing the idea that when and where he should wear a bra is entirely at your discretion, being something he has no control over whatsoever. Unfortunately, it soon becomes tiresome to have to do so if he is brassièred more regularly, and since one of the principal purposes of bra discipline is to make your life easier, this is counter-productive. It is worth, therefore, spending a little time teaching him how to put on a brassière himself, such that he can do so unaided thenceforth.

Figure 8.1: Two ways of putting on a brassière: a) having looped the bra around the waist backwards, my brassièred husband fastens its clasp at the front, prior to rotating the entire garment around his body; b) having slid the straps up his arms, he feels around blindly behind his back until the hooks meet with the eyes.

If you are only familiar with the way you put your own bras on, it may come as something of a surprise to learn that there are two distinct approaches to doing so. The first is to loop the bra around the waist backwards such that the clasp is at the front, as shown in Figure 8.1a, where it may easily be fastened before rotating the brassière around the body until it is the proper position. The shoulder straps may then be pulled up the arms, and final adjustments made as necessary. The second method involves sliding the straps up the arms first, then holding one end of the bra in each hand before bringing them together behind the back, blindly feeling around until the hooks meet with the eyes, as Figure 8.1b demonstrates. A fair amount of practice is required before this can be done with any degree of speed or accuracy, something that can put many women off, but this only serves to make it more appropriate for the purposes of brassière discipline. Whichever way you choose, however, your husband should be expected to keep on trying until he has become quite adept at doing so - being able to fasten his own bras is a skill that is essential for the regular wearer, no matter how long it takes to acquire.

Equally if not more important is how your husband removes his brassières. Many men have difficulties undoing the clasp of a woman's bra at the best of times, a problem that is compounded when they find themselves the one wearing such an awkward garment! Each of the methods previously outlined may easily be reversed - you may wish to insist that you release him from his brassière each time, for instance, or you may prefer him to fumble around with his hands behind his back until he finally frees himself from its feminine embrace. Needless to say, he should never be allowed to do so without your express permission, being appropriately punished should he even attempt it. To emphasize the significance of his attire, you may wish to adopt a more formal routine, having him ask or even beg for release before you grant him his freedom. If he has been brassièred as a result of misbehaving, he should be expected to apologise or thank you for his well-deserved punishment as part of such a ritual.

How should he look after his brassières?

Because of the delicate nature of lacy lingerie, not to mention the damage that an underwired brassière can wreak should a wire become loose inside a washing machine, it is essential to wash such garments by hand. Such is the level of drudgery involved in doing so, however, that a surprising number of women choose to forsake the expert advice of both clothing and appliance manufacturers, sticking their bras in with the rest of their clothes so as to avoid the extra effort required to wash them separately, albeit at the cost of a shorter life for the garments in question and the risk of costly repairs to the machine. Lacking pride in their intimate apparel, such women tend to end up wearing dreary, drab and often grey underwear as a result - most unattractive!

The thought of even more hand washing to do in the form of your husband's bras is unlikely to appeal, but there is absolutely no reason why it should be your responsibility to ensure they are kept spotlessly clean - after all, he is the one getting them dirty! Having him look after his own brassières emphasizes the fact that they are his, and his alone, as well as instilling an appropriate sense of respect for his lingerie, which will in turn reinforce the effects of his brassière discipline, quite apart from meaning that you need no longer concern yourself with such a tedious chore, freeing up time for more important matters or simply for just relaxing!

You may wish to set aside a particular day of the week as “wash day”, and insist that he washes the previous week's dirty lingerie on that day, thus ensuring he is never lacking a clean brassière to wear. As most men are, sadly, quite ignorant when it comes to how to wash clothes at all, let alone by hand, it will almost certainly prove necessary to instruct him in the correct procedure the first few times, but he should soon become quite adept at what is essentially a rather simple chore. Once he can be trusted to wash his own brassières satisfactorily, you may even wish to have him wash yours as well. Needless to say, he should be appropriately brassièred throughout, as doing so will encourage a docile state of mind that is ideal for carrying out such a menial task. Provided the weather is nice, he should be expected to hang the newly washed lingerie out to dry once he is finished and to bring it in again afterwards, something that can prove intensely humiliating if the washing line is not particularly secluded.

Once properly dried, his bras should be kept with the rest of his underwear, as separate from your own lingerie as, say, his trousers are from yours. Doing so encourages him to regard them as belonging to himself, rather than merely being borrowed from his wife, something that is important regardless of how many brassières he has - even for a single bra!. Once your husband has acquired a fair number, it is not unreasonable for him to have a separate drawer for them, particularly if he also has other lingerie such as knickers and stockings, although larger items such as basques may be better suited to being kept on a clothes hanger in his wardrobe. Naturally, it should be his responsibility to ensure that his lingerie drawer is kept neat and tidy, with each garment carefully folded and appropriately placed such that neither he nor you ever have difficulty finding the particular brassière you want him to wear. Should you ever find it in a state of disarray, you can empty its contents out onto his bed and expect him to tidy up the resulting mess, so as to encourage him to take better care of his lingerie in future.

How can I take him shopping?

Shopping for lingerie can be a sufficiently nerve-racking experience for a man at the best of times, as he finds himself plunged into a world which is quite alien to him, caught up in an overwhelming atmosphere of femininity, the likes of which he is unlikely to find anywhere else. It is difficult for a woman who inevitably finds herself preoccupied with the more practical concerns of finding something that both looks good and fits well to appreciate just how daunting such a shopping trip can be for a man, not knowing the embarrassment he feels surrounded by countless racks of frilly “ladies things”, bringing with them myriad choices regarding matters he invariably knows nothing about. Small wonder that, faced with such an awful dilemma, many men pick the first thing to catch their eye before hurrying to the checkout, regardless of how inappropriate such a choice may prove in the cold light of day.

Whilst such a shopping trip may be bad enough for the man who has, out of his own volition, summoned the courage to buy something sexy for his wife, he can at least console himself with the knowledge that he will soon be rewarded for his pains, enjoying seeing her feminine figure clad in his gift, not to mention helping to take it off afterwards, no doubt in an erotic context. The brassièred husband has no such delights to look forward to, knowing that he alone will be the one who must wear his purchases, and will thus find having to buy bras for himself a most excruciating punishment. Merely the threat of being put in such a horrendous situation should prove quite enough to keep even the most errant of husbands firmly in line, but like any threat, it must be carried out from time to time for it to have any meaning. There are two principal ways in which this may be achieved.

The first is to have him accompany you shopping, suitably brassièred, of course. You may wish to make a detour via the lingerie department as part of regular trip to the shops, or you may set out with the intention of it being your sole destination. It is not uncommon for men to be seen shopping with their wives, invariably with a taciturn reluctance that borders on sheer unhelpfulness, as though they would rather be anywhere else but there. To all outward appearances, therefore, your husband's presence will not seem out of place, and no-one seeing him there will think anything of it, since only you and he know the true purpose of your trip. Your husband, on the other hand, is sure to be extremely nervous about the situation, not knowing what humiliations you might choose to spring on him. He is entirely in your power in such circumstances, having been escorted straight into the lion's den, and knows that he must behave perfectly if he does not want to make matters any worse. The docile, submissive state of mind that wearing a brassière brings about in a man, as powerful as it may be, is nothing compared to that engendered by the lingerie shop.

Although your husband will be convinced that all around are watching him, not only seeing straight through his clothing to his brassière underneath but also knowing exactly what you have come to buy him, in truth it is unlikely that anyone will give him a second glance, having shopping of their own to attend to. There is certainly no reason why you can't engage him in conversation about the relative merits of particular garments and which styles or colours he prefers - however mortifying he may find such topics, no-one will pay him any attention. If you are feeling mischievous, you can comment more obviously on what would suit him best, highlighting aspects of design from the perspective of his discipline. He's sure to blush with embarrassment when you tell him that “Those cups will need padding - they're far too big for your flat chest, dear” or “You'll never be able to hide that under your shirt!”, and to squirm uncomfortably when you ask “You're the one who'll be wearing it. Which do you prefer?”, let alone if you're holding the lingerie in question up to his body whilst doing so. He should be expected to carry prospective purchases around until you are ready to head to the checkout, at which point, naturally, he should be the one to pay for them. Your husband may well be quite frantic to leave, but there really is no need to hurry - take the time to look for something for yourself whilst you're there!

The second approach is to have your husband go shopping by himself. Most lingerie outlets are more than used to dealing with men who are not only clueless about female underwear, but very nervous when it comes to purchasing it, and will be more than happy to help him with his brassières provided he behaves appropriately. Although many shops are relatively open-minded, being used to catering to the transvestite community, it is important to remember that the shop assistants are just people doing their job, and as such should not be expected to get involved with humiliating or punishing your husband - anyone who has worked in such a shop can tell you that they get more than their fair share of perverts seeking to fulfil their bizarre fantasies, but that is not what brassière discipline is about!2 Consequently, your husband should not mention who he is really shopping for, instead focusing on what he is looking to buy in terms of style, colour and size. It may be helpful for him to pretend that he is buying something for you, which in a sense he is, but the shop assistant is unlikely to care either way, provided she achieves a sale at the end of it. There will be no problems so long as your husband maintains a professional interaction throughout, avoiding the awkward difficulty that will undoubtedly arise if he blurts out “my wife makes me wear bras and I have to buy another”.

Figure 8.2: Two possible purchases from the lingerie department, the first being far more appropriate for the male shopper pretending to be buying for his wife: a) a delicate pink lace bra and matching knickers; b) two padded multiway brassières.

To begin with, it is best that your husband purchases something that would plausibly pass as a sexy gift for his wife - the pretty lace brassière with matching knickers shown in Figure 8.2a would be far more appropriate than the two plain padded multiway bras pictured in Figure 8.2b, for example, the latter being something that few women would welcome as a gift! As your husband becomes more experienced at shopping for lingerie, however, there is no reason why you cannot have him buy more unusual items, such as several everyday bras or his-and-her brassières in the same style but different sizes. Such choices can hardly be explained away as gifts, which may cause a particularly keen shop assistant to ask him about them, but your husband can simply tell her that “they're fine” without further explanation - she merely wishes to avoid him buying the wrong thing, and does not need or want to know the true purpose of the garments in question, nor how humiliated your husband must feel by being made to purchase them.

[2] It should go without saying that expecting your husband to try on bras in the shop, let alone having him professionally fitted for one, is utterly inappropriate, however popular such themes may be in some of the lurid stories to be found on the Internet, invariably written by fantasists who thrive on the idea of the humiliation and embarrassment that would result. The authors of such ludicrous nonsense never seem to consider how awkward such a situation would be for the shop assistant they insist on involving in their twisted imaginations, a professionally trained individual who merely wishes to be left to do her job!

How can I make his discipline more permanent?

All of the techniques discussed so far in this guide have involved the use of a brassière as a means of training and disciplining your husband. Although he may find himself unwilling, or indeed, unable to remove his bra, perhaps as a result of it being locked in place, or perhaps simply because he fears the inevitable consequences of doing so, there is fundamentally no reason why he cannot go from being brassièred one moment to completely braless the next. With the exception of the temporary marks that wearing such a garment for any length of time leaves on the skin, there are absolutely no lasting physical effects that result from being brassièred, however significant it may prove to be psychologically. Many women appreciate this aspect of brassière discipline, allowing them to brassière their husbands as and when required, whilst still permitting them to be “all man” when the circumstances demand it.

There are, however, some circumstances in which a more permanent effect is desirable. If your husband has been unfaithful to you in the past, for instance, you may wish to “mark your territory”, as it were, so as to make it impossible for him to betray you again without having to deal with some very awkward questions from his would-be scarlet woman. Ordinarily, keeping him locked in a bra is quite sufficient for this purpose, but there may be situations where this is not as practical as it might be, for example, in a particularly hot and humid climate. Moreover, an extra guarantee of his continued fidelity never goes amiss, and the additional humiliation that results is thoroughly deserved by a philandering husband, not to mention serving as a useful, albeit somewhat severe punishment for a faithful one too.

Neither of the techniques we are about look at are completely permanent, in so far as their effects may be reversed given sufficient time, but not are they fleetingly transient - several weeks or months will be required before their traces will completely fade.

Make him shave his chest

Figure 8.3: Before and after: a bra looks much better on a cleanly shaved chest.

There is something distinctly incongruous about a brassière, the most feminine of garments, resting on a chest that is covered with undeniably masculine hair. For a more appropriate background on which to display your husband's lingerie, the hair simply has to go! With a suitable choice of bra and padding, it isn't hard to achieve a delightfully feminine effect as a result, but any bra will look far more pleasing on a hairless chest, as Figure 8.3 illustrates. The beauty of doing so is two-fold, for as well as the obvious immediate effects, it will take several weeks of neglect before the hair grows back completely, during which time your husband will be keen to avoid exposing his body, particularly to those women for whom “my wife makes me shave my chest” is sure to prove a passion killer! That is not to say that you should neglect the situation for so long, however, unless you intend it merely as an occasional punishment - regular attention will ensure that he remains free from hair and thus free from temptation too.

There are a number of ways in which a man's chest hair may be removed, although sadly all have their shortcomings. It may be shaved off with a razor in the usual fashion, a process that is relatively quick and painless, but does nothing to prevent regrowth, requiring repetition on a daily basis in order to avoid stubble that is both unsightly and uncomfortable. Depilatory creams may be used for a beautifully smooth chest almost immediately, although this may disappear sooner than anticipated thanks to the thickness of such hair, whereas the relatively high cost of such creams can prove discouraging. For a longer lasting effect, it is necessary to mechanically remove the hairs, either by waxing or by using an epilator, both of which will be excruciatingly painful the first time they are used, but are well worth persevering with as they soon become much easier to tolerate. Whichever method you choose, it is helpful to do it yourself to begin with, but once your husband is used to having a hairless chest, it is not unreasonable to expect him to keep it that way, in much the same way he looks after his facial hair.

In addition to his chest, you may also wish to have him shave his armpits, so as to avoid tufts of hair detracting from an otherwise spotless appearance. If his lingerie drawer includes hosiery, his legs will look so much better if they are kept smooth and hairless, as well as allowing him to wear hold-up stockings without them falling down as often! Another area you may wish to consider is his pubic region - as well as proving intensely humiliating for most men, an adulterous husband will have a hard time explaining why he is cleanly shaved down there, his bare genitalia clearly signalling his submission to you. Certainly, the psychological significance of any kind of shaving should not be underestimated - without their body hair, most men feel unnaturally naked and thus rather vulnerable.

Observant readers may be wondering why my brassièred husband retains his chest hair in the majority of the photographs in this guide, given the obvious improvement in appearance that results from keeping him clean shaven. The answer is quite simple - it is the bra that is important as far as brassière discipline is concerned, and a bra is just as effective on a hairy chest as a bald one. It simply would not have done for readers to have been left with the impression that shaving the chest is in any way necessary for bra training - it is not, as the hairy photographs should clearly demonstrate!

Make him sunbathe wearing a bra

Figure 8.4: There's no way my husband could claim these tan lines were caused by anything other than having to wear a bra. It may take several months for such embarrassing marks to fade completely, during which time he won't want to expose his body to anyone else. Best of all, unlike a bra, it's impossible to remove them.

As any woman who has done so knows, spending too long in the sun has the unfortunate effect of imprinting an outline of one's clothes onto the body in the form of tan lines, a problem that can be particularly pronounced where straps are involved. To prevent such unsightly marks developing, care must be taken to change either the clothing worn or its position relative to the body on a regular basis, allowing the sun to have its bronzing effect uniformly. However fashionable they may be, tight fitting bikinis and clingy strappy tops are best avoided by the avid sunbather unless circumstances allow her to loosen them, if not take them off completely, before soaking up the rays - the result is otherwise quite unattractive!

By far the worst garment for sunbathing in, however, is the brassière - its very purpose means that it must closely embrace the body, with its band, cups and straps alike, all tightly hugging the wearer's figure. Few women would choose to spend any length of time in the sun wearing nothing but a bra, for quite apart from issues with their modesty, doing so would result in the most obvious of tan lines. Whilst such marks are merely unseemly on the female body, their presence is utterly damning on a man, undeniably proclaiming to all who see them that he has worn the most feminine of garments - not just briefly, which might be easier to explain away as a joke, but for long enough to have left an indelible reminder. If you are worried about your husband being unfaithful, or have concerns that he may be able to remove his bras and get up to mischief unimpeded by their disciplinary influence, you need worry no more - bra tan lines offer the perfect answer, being impossible to remove.

On a hot summer's day, making him wear a bra in the sun for just a few hours is often enough to leave an imprint of its outline behind, particularly if he is otherwise untanned. Figure 8.4 shows the delightful consequences of doing so. For best results, have him wear a plain brassière with a tight band and relatively wide straps, ensuring that there is as little slack as possible in either so as to prevent any movement. The less the bra can move relative to the body, the clearer and sharper the resulting tan lines will be, and thus your husband should be encouraged to keep perfectly still during the process, ideally lying horizontally on a sun lounger, in order to maximise its effects. After his tan lines have begun to form, it is easy to line the brassière up with them on subsequent occasions, allowing the contrast between tanned and untanned skin to be deepened over time without the loss of any clarity.

Once formed, it can take several months for the tan lines to fade completely, particularly if no additional tanning is permitted without the same brassière. If you are fortunate enough to live in a climate that is hot and sunny in the summer, your husband may find it difficult to keep his bras hidden without sweltering under additional layers of clothing, making a bra tan an ideal compromise - he can either wear a regular bra to work, or a tan one, provided he co-operates suitably. There is, of course, no reason why he cannot wear both should you so decide!

How can I feminize him further?

A brassière is quite sufficient when it comes to imposing discipline, but it is far from being alone in having such an effect. Although the bra is supremely suited to this purpose, thanks to its uniquely feminine nature, practically anything that would appear out of place on a man may be used similarly, be it as subtle as making him paint his toenails a delicate pink or as blatant as having him wear a wedding dress and veil! Provided that being discovered by others in such an unmanly state would prove embarrassing, humiliating or shameful, any kind of feminization is likely to have the desired result, keeping an otherwise errant husband firmly on the straight and narrow. We have looked at the brassière throughout this guide because, of all female garments, it is by far the most effective for discipline whilst still being easily hidden under male clothing, but there is no reason why you cannot feminize your husband in other ways too.

Perhaps the obvious place to start is by making him wear women's knickers in place of his male underwear. As with his bras, you may choose to have him do so occasionally as a punishment, or insist that he wears them whenever he is brassièred - after all, a woman looks better in matching lingerie, so why shouldn't he? Many men have something of a fascination with knickers, thanks to their closeness to the female sex, so do not be too surprised if you discover that he finds the prospect of wearing them quite arousing, at least initially. In practice, he'll find them somewhat uncomfortable - not being designed for the masculine physique, such underwear is tighter at the front and offers less support than its male counterpart, as well as proving problematic when he needs to use the toilet3. Thongs are particularly challenging for men because of this, with the back strap tending to end up pulled tightly between the buttocks, something which can be rather perturbing for the male wearer. Fortunately, provided his trousers are thick enough to avoid a visible panty line, no-one need ever know what he has on underneath - so long as they stay up, of course!

Hosiery is also easily hidden under regular clothing. Tights are practically invisible provided they remain covered, allowing them to be easily added to his working attire without any risk of discovery. The sensation of having his legs clad in clinging nylon is quite unlike anything else he will have experienced, making them impossible to ignore - even the slightest movement will remind him of their presence. Far better, however, is make him wear lace topped stockings with a suspender belt4 to keep them up, thus completing his lingerie ensemble. Such stockings are often found in men's erotic fantasies, and for good reason - they are infinitely sexier and far more feminine than a plain old pair of tights. Given the eagerness that many men show for their wives wearing such hosiery, it is only fair that a brassièred husband should have to wear them too. A little care should be taken to ensure the fasteners of his suspender belt do not give themselves away in a similar way to the bumps of a bra's strap adjusters, but this is generally not a problem provided his trousers are thick enough - even if they are not, people are unlikely to notice. Hold-up stockings offer a compromise that avoids this problem, although your husband's legs will need to be clean shaven for them to actually live up to their name, so as to avoid his hairy legs causing them to fall down all the time. If he is going to be wearing hosiery on a regular basis, he should be shaving anyway, purely for aesthetic reasons!

We looked briefly at foundation wear in the form of longline brassières and basques earlier, but both pale in comparison to a proper boned corset. An entire book could be devoted to the use of corsetry for discipline purposes, a subject that is impossible to do justice in the limited space available here. Nevertheless, being trapped in the suffocating embrace of a tightly laced corset makes for a superbly effective punishment, forcing the man wearing it to adopt a much improved, straighter posture as well as paying more attention to his movements, the restriction imposed on his body preventing him from behaving otherwise! Despite their high price, it is essential to avoid skimping on the cost of a decent reduction corset, rather than choosing any of the cheaper but vastly inferior alternatives that simply fail to have the same effect - for a man who is already wearing all the lingerie a woman does, it is an investment that is well worth making. Some effort may be required to keep a corset hidden under clothing, but it is possible for your husband to wear one daily without it ever being discovered, should you so desire, along with the rest of his regular underwear.

Around the house, there is no reason why a feminized husband should wear any male clothing at all. We have already looked at the benefits to be had from having him wear nothing but lingerie in the privacy of your own home, but this can easily be augmented with other items of women's clothing. From the tiniest of miniskirts to long, flowing dresses, from tight, strappy tops to delicately embroidered blouses - the choice is endless, and however you choose to dress him, whether it be prim and proper or cheap and trashy, it is sure to have the desired effect. Any boisterous or overly masculine aspects of his personality or behaviour will seem a world away once he is immersed in feminine attire, for there is a lot of truth to the old adage that “clothes maketh the man”.

Shoes with even modest heels will cause a man to take smaller, daintier steps, but for a greater effect, have him totter around precariously in a pair of ludicrously high heeled stilettos, which are sure to keep him from going anywhere in a hurry! Such spikes are popular with the transvestite community, and thus there are specialist online retailers stocking up to six inch heels, even for the largest of male feet. If you are unsure of his exact size, go for an open toed style to begin with, which will allow for some margin of error - whilst a little discomfort is to be expected or even desired from such shoes, it is important that they should fit reasonably well, particularly if your husband will be spending several hours in them at a stretch.

Figure 8.5: Two maid's outfits: a) a skimpy little number evidently intended as bedroom attire; b) a more formal uniform that would not be out of place for serving tea to visitors. Whichever he has to wear, he'll soon be doing as he's told!

Any discussion of feminizing a brassièred husband further would be incomplete without mention of a maid's uniform, an ideal choice of outfit for a man who is expected to perform the household chores. Making him wear such a uniform whilst doing so will put him firmly in his place, helping him fall quickly into the role of a docile, submissive servant who must do what they are told without grumbling - it is hard for him to do anything else when he is so dressed. Because of its eroticization, the stereotypical French maid's uniform, usually comprising of a short, flared satin dress with a frilly apron, is available in a wide range of styles and varying degrees of decency, with the cheaper, skimpier versions being more appropriate for wearing in the bedroom than for actually cleaning in. Although being able to see his knickers and the tops of his stockings may have some merit in so far as making your husband feel vulnerable is concerned, it is well worth spending a little extra to get a more formal uniform that would not look out of place on a genuine housemaid, ideally accompanied by layers of rustling petticoats - Figure 8.5 highlights the difference. At a push, however, a frilly apron on top of a plain black dress may prove sufficient - such an apron can work wonders even by itself, particularly if it is of the full-body variety.

[3] Having to sit down to pee may seem the obvious thing to do when wearing underwear without a fly, as well as avoiding any arguments about how to leave the toilet seat, but for some reason, men find it rather demeaning to be expected to do so, a side-effect that can be taken advantage of should you make him wear women's knickers as a punishment.

[4] Americans may be more familiar with the term “garter belt”. For those with short memories, knickers are known as “panties” in America, whereas tights are referred to as “pantyhose”. American readers may find it entertaining to have their husbands use the British terminology, British wives the reverse!

How can I introduce brassière discipline to others?

Many women are so delighted by the improvement that brassière discipline brings about in their marriage that they want to share its wonders with all the women of the world, or at least, those friends of theirs they know to be suffering as a result of badly behaved or uncaring husbands, who would surely benefit from its magical ability to reform even the most wayward of men. Unfortunately, doing so is easier said than done - in practice, it can be just as hard for a woman to tell others that she makes her husband wear a bra as it is for him to do so, and for similar reasons. She may be afraid that people, not knowing that bra discipline takes place in a loving relationship, will judge her and her husband harshly, believing her to be a cruel, unloving wife for imposing such discipline, and him to be a spineless, effeminate pantywaist for submitting to it. Although readers who have made it this far will understand that this is far from the case, those with whom you may wish to share your husband's secret with will not have had the benefit of being slowly introduced to the idea, such that simply telling them “I make him wear a bra” may come as something as a shock!

Consequently, unless you are fortunate enough to have particularly close, open-minded friends with whom you can discuss such matters without fear of ridicule, you may find it difficult to bring up the subject of bra discipline out of the blue. Instead, it is better to test the waters first in order to determine how receptive particular friends might be - many of the same techniques discussed in an earlier chapter for acclimatizing your husband to the notion of men wearing bras may be employed here, but by far the easiest is simply to wait for an opportune moment at which to introduce the idea, adopting a half-joking tone to counter any unexpectedly negative reactions. It may well be that your friends comment on the change they have noticed in your husband's behaviour (“that's because of our little secret”), or express their frustrations with their own relationship (“he wouldn't do that if he were a woman”), both of which can provide an opening for a discussion of the merits of making men wear bras. Regardless of how you raise the idea, however, it is important not to push too far too fast - an entire chapter of this guide was devoted to persuading readers of the merits of brassière discipline, not to mention countering their misconceptions, and one cannot convey all of that in a single conversation, however much you feel bra training would be beneficial for the couple in question.

There is, of course, no reason why your husband should know who you have told about his feminine attire. Your friends may smile knowingly at him, perhaps looking more carefully at his chest or back in an attempt to make out the invisible brassière they know must be there, but however uncomfortable this may make him feel, your husband is unlikely to challenge them for fear of being wrong and the humiliation that would inevitably follow. “Has my wife told you that I have to wear a bra?” is not something a brassièred husband can ask - the stony silence that could result simply doesn't bear thinking about! There is a lot to be said for maintaining such discretion - not only does it keep him guessing as to who might have discovered his shameful secret, but openly telling him will have a profound effect on how he relates to those concerned. No longer are the women in question merely his wife's friends, with whom he might make small talk at social occasions but otherwise be uninterested and unconcerned by - instead, they have acquired power over him, able to shame him with their knowledge of what he has been made to wear. For this reason, it is best not to share his bra discipline with male acquaintances, unless they too find themselves forced to wear a bra by their wives.

Should you not feel confident enough to approach someone directly about the benefits of brassière discipline, an alternative approach is to send them a copy of this guide, doing so anonymously such that they need never know who sent it. This is far easier than you might think, being simply a case of putting a copy into a padded envelope and popping it into the post - with any luck, the introduction at the start of this guide should do the rest, not only explaining why such an unexpected gift has been received but hopefully persuading the recipient to try brassière discipline for herself. Such an approach is ideal for when you do not even know the woman in question, but have instead been troubled by the behaviour of her husband - a lecherous colleague, a sexist manager or even an overly friendly acquaintance, for the chances are that his wife will be similarly upset by it, and is sure to welcome anything that could improve the situation. He is unlikely to show such disrespect for women once he's wearing a bra, and whilst you may never see him doing so, the change in his demeanour resulting from being so disciplined should be apparent for all to see.

This guide also makes for quite an entertaining wedding gift - something that can be laughed off at the time as the kind of odd, questionable taste joke that every wedding benefits from, whilst simultaneously planting the seeds of a far more serious suggestion to the newly-wed woman. It may end up sitting on a shelf gathering dust until the recipient is more receptive to its contents, but who knows what might happen as a result when the bride and groom start fooling around with her lingerie one night?