up to his thighs in nylon

losing manly leg hair for ladies' legwear

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From the top of his lace trimmed thighs to the tip of his stocking clad toes, there's nothing quite like nylons to make a man feel feminine. When a husband submits to wearing sheer hosiery to satisfy his wife, there's no doubt that he'll find himself falling under its spell, as the heroes in these stories about men wearing stockings discover when they don ladies' legwear for the women they love.

Sharing bathroom beauty secrets in addition to sexy stockings and suspenders, there's no turning back once these submissive husbands get shaved, plucked and waxed, surrendering hair for hose as they get feminized from the waist down. Whether they're made to wear stockings under their trousers in secret or find themselves in nothing but hosiery and heels, you can be sure they won't escape the electrifying effects of having legs like a lady. No matter how he ends up wearing stockings for the first time, a husband in hosiery finds submission comes naturally when he's up to his thighs in nylon!

The clinging embrace of nylon is nothing compared to the hold these women have over their husbands once they make them wear hosiery, using girly garter belts and sexy sheer stockings to bring out a softer, more submissive side to their men. Indeed, helping him lose his leg hair in favour of feminine legwear is only the first step towards further feminization for these loving couples as they get horny in hosiery together. If you're a sucker for stockings, you'll love these stories about what happens when a man gets up to his thighs in nylon!

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