taming the caged beast


It's impossible to cover every subtlety and nuance of such a rich subject in a book of this size, but I hope the introduction presented here has given you enough to get started on your own journey into male chastity. Reading about its benefits is one thing, but enjoying them first-hand in your own relationship is quite another. Whether you choose to have your husband wear a male chastity device on a regular basis, or simply as an occasional means of spicing up your sex life, I hope you find it as rewarding as the countless other couples who enjoy this exciting and invigorating practice.

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If you've enjoyed reading this book, do get in touch! Whether you've been inspired to try some of these ideas yourself or care to share your own story, I'd love to hear from you. Maybe you'd like to let me know what worked well for you and your husband, or perhaps you'd welcome some practical advice on how to overcome particular problems with keeping him chaste. Even if you've simply spotted a typo that should be fixed for the next edition, your comments and criticism are greatly appreciated. Why not send me an email and let me know your thoughts?

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