padlocked until playtime

submissive women frustrated by female chastity belts

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When a woman is stopped from having sex, she wants it all the more! It's hard for a girl in heat to think of anything else when she's hot to trot, with her predicament made all the more agonising when she's prevented even from playing with herself. No matter how hungry she might be for something stiff inside her, however, a chastity belt will make sure she stays unsatisfied, saving even the most promiscuous of women's passions solely for the man who keeps her key.

Whether aroused at the office or feeling horny at home, there's no doubt that the four heroines in these stories about female chastity will remain denied and deprived, each becoming desperate for dick because of the device locked around her body. Forced to endure the frustration of steel after being made to wear a chastity belt by her husband, a submissive wife learns that a good girl does as she is told and lets her master take the lead, having no choice but to stay chaste when her pussy is padlocked until playtime.

However lustful these ladies may be, their chastity belts ensure that they'll save their inner sluts for the men they love, preserving their virtue against even the most powerful of passions until they're finally let out to play. Kept under lock and key by dominant men who are as stern as the steel they command, the submissive women in these female chastity stories are powerless prisoners of impenetrable metal. Forced to suffer sexual frustration for what feels like forever, they know there's no hope of pleasure until their master permits it, unable to satisfy unbearable urges thanks to being padlocked until playtime.

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