padlocked, pantied and pegged

four men frustrated, feminized and filled by the women they love

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Is it more emasculating for a man to be prevented from enjoying an erection, to be put in panties, or to be penetrated like a woman? The helpless husbands in these stories about sexual surrender don't get to choose when their dominant wives bring together all three for a singularly submissive experience. Blending erotic feminization, male chastity and strap-on sex, it's clear who's in charge when men are padlocked, pantied and pegged!

Just because a man's cock is locked away doesn't mean a couple can't play with something stiff, but when her dildo replaces his dick, you can be sure his wife will have the upper hand! The tables are turned in these tales of role reversal, each with the woman leading the lovemaking as her husband gets taken like a girl, dressed in sexy lingerie and denied any chance of an orgasm. Whether sucking her strap-on in stockings or bending over to be banged in a bra, he'll feel his frustration all the more for being feminized as he's filled for her pleasure!

Submissive men pull down their panties for penetration in these stories about strap-ons and sissies, lying back in lingerie as they let their wives take more than just the lead! There's no doubt as to who'll get to come and who won't when these dominant women forget what's locked in chastity in favour of cocks of their own, keeping their husbands helpless and horny while they have their wicked way with them! Featuring caring couples whose loving relationships are made even more passionate thanks to dildos and denial, padlocked, pantied and pegged shows just how exciting such erotic emasculation can be!

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