crossdressing creatures

pets who love to play in lingerie

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Letting himself be dressed in lingerie is just the start of a man's submission when he becomes his wife's pet, as the husbands in these stories about erotic animal role-play are about to find out! Whether his mistress wants to turn him into a puppy or a pussy, you can be sure she'll make him look pretty, pampering her plaything with satin and lace before having him perform for her pleasure.

Nothing demonstrates a sissy's surrender more keenly than adopting the role of an adorable domestic animal, all dolled up in dainties as he accepts his place at the feet of his owner! From the discipline of dog training to the leisurely life of a collared cat girl, there's no doubt as to who's in charge of these house pet husbands when they're turned into sex kittens and kennel hounds for the amusement of their wives. Feminization and pet play come together to make for exciting stories of sissies who worship the women who own them, kept on a leash and in lingerie as crossdressing creatures.

There's no question about the affection that the women in these stories feel for their sissy pets, rewarding their devotion with the love that only an owner can bestow upon an animal. Strengthened by unconditional surrender and spiced up with sexy lingerie, the very special relationship that exists between these supremely submissive men and the women who so completely control them serves to bring these couples ever more closer together. Combining feminization with pet play in the most exciting way, if you love sissy kitties and lingerie lapdogs, you'll want to check out these crossdressing creatures.

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