chaste and chastised

these crimes against chastity won't go unpunished!

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The men in these female led relationships know they shouldn't try to cheat their chastity belts, but sometimes temptation gets the better of them and they try to break the rules. Whether they attempt to achieve an unauthorised orgasm, disrespect their keyholder's decisions or simply fail to do as they are told, the outcome's sure to be the same - a punishment that'll put them in their place, teaching them that male chastity requires mental commitment beyond merely suffering cold steel.

When his cock's locked up, there's no excuse for a man not to obey the wishes of the woman who holds the key - especially when she isn't afraid to employ psychological discipline and physical discomfort to help him learn his lesson. Surrender, submission and self-control become the watchwords for these humbled husbands and belted boyfriends, finding no relief but plenty of frustration as they pay the price for their crimes. Follow their fortunes as they come to terms with being chaste and chastised.

Employing punishment for positive purposes, the loving ladies in these stories about men being disciplined by their wives and girlfriends while in chastity have only their other half's best interests at heart, knowing that sometimes a keyholder has to be cruel to be kind when it comes to keeping a cock locked away. Combining male chastity with correction that's firm but fair, both parties in these female led relationships benefit when bad boys get their just deserts while denied thanks to being chaste and chastised!

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