burdened by his bust

huge false breasts leave these men helplessly weak

Many men love looking at big breasts, but they don't like them so much when they learn just how bothersome having huge boobs can be! They soon come to hate the wobbling weight, begging to wear a bra simply for support, but that won't stop them suffering the humiliation of having people stare at their shameful curves - even before they discover the difficulty of finding clothes to fit them! Will they have to work in a blouse as well, or will stockings and panties be the means by which the women in charge emasculate them even more?

When it comes to putting a misbehaving husband or even an errant employee in his place, bigger is certainly better! In these stories about men having to wear huge false breasts to show their submission, there can be no ignoring the size of the silicone, with the biggest of bras barely capable of containing boobs that rival those of the most well-endowed of women. A man's back and shoulders won't be all that aches, however, when he's burdened by his bust.

The longer that a man has to wear big false breasts, the more he'll want to be spared their maddening wobble and cumbersome weight, with even the sturdiest of bras barely reducing the challenge on his body as his conspicuous curves call the eyes of all around. Is it more unmanly to have to suffer an uncontrolled bounce or to surrender to colossal cups and straining straps? The humiliated men in these stories don't get much choice in the matter, having to wear what they're told as they learn what it's like to be a well-endowed woman. Each is going to suffer shame because of the sizeable silicone, burdened by his bust.

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