a love of lingerie

for these couples, women's underwear isn't just for the girls!

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Do you love lingerie? These couples certainly do - so much so that the men wear it too! Whether it's a boyfriend finding himself dressed in women's underwear for the very first time, a man taken shopping in frilly pink panties or a husband who has to wear a bra to work, you'll find it all here in this exciting collection of erotic feminization stories. There's nothing like having a man don a little satin and lace to spice things up, with women's underwear keeping him on his toes wherever he wears it - as these men are about to discover!

Far from just the wives and girlfriends who dress up in these stories about men wearing lingerie, with bras and panties proving just as powerful when he wears them for her pleasure! Each of these exciting tales distils the very essence of erotic feminization into a scenario that's as plausible as it is passionate, featuring loving couples whose respect and affection for one another becomes ever stronger as a result of sharing a love of lingerie.

If you've a penchant for panties, you're sure to enjoy finding out what women's underwear does for these couples - both in and out of the bedroom! From a woman taking her first tentative steps towards dressing up her man to a husband who accepts wearing women's underwear for his wife as a fact of life, they're all drawn closer by the unique power of this most intimate of attire. If you love lingerie, you'll love a love of lingerie!

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