At brassièred, we believe that men benefit from expressing their feminine and submissive sides - as do their wives and girlfriends! That's why we offer helpful how-to guides on topics ranging from erotic feminization and lingerie discipline to male chastity and men as maids, as well as exciting erotica that sets a good example. Whether you're looking for tried and tested advice on how to transform your own relationship or searching for sexy stories about loving couples that are as plausible as they are passionate, you're sure to find something at brassièred for you!

Please note that this website discusses sexual submission, chastity and crossdressing. There's nothing pornographic here, but there are a number of photographs of my husband crossdressed, as well as descriptions of sexual submission in the context of loving relationships. If that's not your kind of thing or you're likely to be offended by such material, you may wish to browse elsewhere.